Touching video: Obama comforts distraught marina owner in NJ

I just saw this on MSNBC and had to find the video. This is the best I can find, if you turn your speaker up you can just hear the woman speaking. Her name is Donna Vanzant, and she owns the marina that the President was visiting. Apparently she started crying when she met the President, and he gave her a huge

I transcribed a little bit of the video:

President Obama comforting Donna Vanzant, New Jersey marine owner hit hard by Hurricane Sandy

President Obama comforting Donna Vanzant, New Jersey marine owner hit hard by Hurricane Sandy.

OBAMA: (Sees Vanzant, turns around, walks over to her. At this point, I think the woman was already crying and Obama saw it, that’s why he came over.)

How are you? Are you okay? (Obama comes closer and gives her a hug.)

It’s tougher here. We’re gonna help you, we’re gonna help you get it all together, all right? I promise, promise. You’re gonna be okay. Everybody’s safe, right?

VANZANT (nods).

OBAMA: That’s the most important thing, then we’re gonna get this whole thing set up. I got my guy Craig (Obama, still hugging woman, yells for Craig).

CRAIG: Yes sir.

OBAMA: This is the owner of the marina, right here. I wanna make sure that she knows that we’re gonna immediately make sure that she gets the help she needs to get this all back together again.

VANZANT (Voice breaking, President still holding her): Thank you, thank you.

Here’s a great AP of the President comforting her.  These kind of moments matters in campaigns.  They’re difficult to fake, but they’re also difficult to prepare for – imagine Mitt Romney confronted with a crying woman.  What would he do?  One suspects: Not this.

Below is the video:

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