Thomas Peterffy, Dracula or the Swedish Chef?

You might have noticed, if you live in Washington, DC, or a few other choice cities that have been forced to endure it for an entire week, multiple times a day, an ad by, Thomas Peterffy, a man born in Hungary who thinks that Democrats are on the track to turning America into a Soviet satellite.

You can watch his ad below.

After listening to the ad for 9,000th time, you stop asking yourself why a grown man who grew up in Soviet-occupied Europe would refer to a brutal communist proxy state as simply “socialist,” and star worrying more about whether his accent reminds you more of Count Dracula or the Swedish chef.

In order to answer that question – the latter, not the former – I’ve posted all three videos.

First, the ad:


Next, Count Dracula:


And finally, the Swedish Chef:


Feel free to weigh in the comments as to who this ad most reminds you of.

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