Thomas Peterffy, Dracula or the Swedish Chef?

You might have noticed, if you live in Washington, DC, or a few other choice cities that have been forced to endure it for an entire week, multiple times a day, an ad by, Thomas Peterffy, a man born in Hungary who thinks that Democrats are on the track to turning America into a Soviet satellite.

You can watch his ad below.

After listening to the ad for 9,000th time, you stop asking yourself why a grown man who grew up in Soviet-occupied Europe would refer to a brutal communist proxy state as simply “socialist,” and star worrying more about whether his accent reminds you more of Count Dracula or the Swedish chef.

In order to answer that question – the latter, not the former – I’ve posted all three videos.

First, the ad:


Next, Count Dracula:


And finally, the Swedish Chef:


Feel free to weigh in the comments as to who this ad most reminds you of.

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  • John

     Wow, you visited communist Europe and took it in school, well then, case closed. That trumps a guy who lived through it, escaped, and succeeded in living the American Dream.
    It’s understandable that when you can’t handle his message that your only response is to make fun of his accent. Typical hypocrite leftie. 

  • Pagefromhistry

    Please remember how we got here, public’s lack of personal responsibility.  Bankers couldn’t have paid themselves BIG OUTRAGEOUS BONUSES if people had lived within their means & not entered into loans they couldn’t afford. Come on Americans, take responsibility for your action.  AND YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!!!!  Responsibility leads to freedom of choice.

  •  lol

  •  True, and rent is cheaper in Budapest.

  •  We seem to be on the same wavelength.

  •  True, having worked in Detroit for years I can testify that no city looks like that devastation and that was twenty years ago. DC around the Capitol used to look awful, but seems quite gentrified now.

  • I think John is considerably smarter than a fart joke, but he does recognize the humor equivalent of hot air.

  •  Like!  Thank you.

  •  Would you laugh at comedy? It’s a thin when you come to political memes, which are totally open to satire and ridicule. Same for religion.

  •  Thank you. I remember hiking through the former Yugoslavia back in the day, which had cobble stone highways and cameras every several miles.

  •  Hang on, The Swedish Chef is whipping you up a shit sandwich.

  • TJ

    It ranks up there with fart jokes. It’s something you expect from 5th grade boys. I think you’re smarter than that.

  • nobonesl

     Has mass-trading of securities in microseconds via computer even been good for America?
    Where were Mr. Peterffy’s computer programs during the 1987 stock market meltdown?
    I would really like to know.

  • nobonesl

     Are Tea-Baggerz really human?

  • nobonesl

    How come so many billionaires seem like obstinate, obtuse scumbags?
    Must go with the territory.

    What is it about making a billion dollars that destroys the soul so hideously?

  • nobonesl

    How come so many billionaires seem like obstinate, obtuse scumbags?
    Must go with the territory.

    What is it about making a billion dollars that destroys the soul so hideously?

  • Well done :)

  •  Not anal at all. Didn’t realize, just fixed it, thanks!

  • Well there was so much to mock and so little time.

  • I don’t think you know what socialism is.  The French government is socialist ,and has been before, and you know what, it’s a pretty spiffy place over there, you ought to visit and buy some prescription medicine that’s sold for 1/5 the price there because the government there actually negotiates with pharmaceutical companies, which is actually quite a capitalist move that our government, especially the Republicans, refuse to do.

  • No, I think it’s shockingly funny, and incredibly un-American, that anyone living in this country would be so deluded as to think that America is turning into a Soviet satellite. I find that offensive to America, and I find it offensive to the memory of everyone who died under brutal communist regimes.

    So you’re right, it’s not funny at all.

  • I don’t love DC, but am not quite sure how you can compare Detroit and DC, unless you mean cities that are predominantly black.

    Do you?

  • Well first of all Im from Chicago, we make fun of everyone’s accent.  And if he were Latino, of course I wouldn’t make any jokes – I’d leave them to Gabe Ortiz :)

  • Yeah, well I’ve actually visited communist Europe, and studied it in grad school, a lot, so please let me say with all sincerity that you’d have to be high in order to think that America has similarities to a Soviet satellite.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  • Kathy

    I agree with him completely… and admire that he would spend so much of his own money to  TRY and point out where we are heading to the working people funding the bottom sucking free loaders of this once great nation…. It is truly sad where we are headed…but today`s simple minded people that never really had to work hard in their life
    will apparently have to learn the hard way….. It is just sickening where this country is now….. I am ashamed of the genreation that ruined it. 

  • Jack

    The man made millions developing stock trading software . Too Bad he flunked civics class.

  • TJ

    I love you John, but really, this post is quite obnoxious. As a Hungarian-American, born in this country of immigrants from the same country as Mr. Peterffy, growing up in a union family devastated by the Reagan-era decimation of the American labor movement, as a committed Democratic party member, I whole-heartedly disagree with Mr. Peterffy. He came here, he made a butt-load of money, and that’s great. His opinions are reflective more of the line of business in which he made his fortune.
    But if he were Mexican, would you say he sounds like Speedy Gonzalez? Do you think it’s appropriate to make fun of an immigrant’s accent?  I expect more of you.

  • K_L_Carten

    I seen one of the ads on you tube, and why is he calling what was clearly communist rule socialist.  After that I just skipped it, because if he can not be factual or know the difference, then I can’t listen to a dumbass. I  will listen to anyone, and if they make an intelligent argument, I will listen.  Don’t mean I agree, but I will hear them out.  Saying that I can’t put up with too much crap when it’s not factual or trying to manipulate me.  I couldn’t really figure out what he was trying to do or  say in the add.  Was he running for election?  Was he a rich guy that wanted to whinge on how he should be a greedy old guy?  I don’t know because he just talked about socialist country that in one ad don’t name and in another he does.  When I seen the second ad and he names the country, then I knew he was full of it.  Socialism isn’t Communism, two different economic systems, and very very different, so he discredited himself with his statements.  I like democratic socialism, it brought this country many great things like co-ops, Social Security, workers rights, and so on.  We need more socialism and less of this greediness of I got mine.  We are all in this together!

  • goulo

    I agree; I was quite sadly surprised to see the main point of this post was “ha ha, this foreigner sure has a funny accent!” Not something I’d expect from a progressive website. Very disappointing and uncool.

    The next time a Republican is criticized for some racist nonsense, they can just point at this blog post and say “See? Democrats do it too!” :/

  •  I love socialism: Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, infra structure, food stamps, education and much more!  I just love the fact that Tea Party morons and Republicans pay for these programs through re-distribution of their hard earned wealth and taxes.

  •  Loser troll 

  • Ben_3571999

    You’re an idiot.  This country will soon look like Detroit, or D.C. if Obama has his way.

  • Ben_3571999

    Yeah Jim..who needs freedom of speech.  You shouldn’t be allowed to voice your opinion.  (Especially you)

  • So… not only are you mocking someone for his accent (while confusing “chef” and “chief”), but you think it’s shockingly funny that a Hungarian immigrant sounds like another Hungarian immigrant (Bela Lugosi)?

    Such trenchant analysis.

  • uspattys

    Its the most infuriating ad. He’s talking about a bygone age, he doesnt mention the country and he’s not really making any sense. I know Hungary and I know my friends there would think this guy a real embarrassment. Its pure rebel rousing BS.

  • Gbh

    They’re not bad mouthing success, they’re badmouthing your failure to pay any Phuccing taxes yout goulash eating fascist!

  • Murrayhill930

    The difference is in the numbers of people who hear you.

  • John W Ehrhart

    LOL so you are OK with socialism since its not “brutal communist”?  I for one think socialism is bad enough. 

  • Murrayhill930

    One major difference between America and Budapest-in America we can vote.

  • Jordan

    Very mature to mock someone’s accent.

  • TuxedoCartman

    Am I being too anal to ask you to fix the title? I’m familiar with the Swedish Chef, but not sure they have Chiefs in Sweden or not.

  • Fake Sigi

    As a Hungarian American, allow me to say that this post is fail. He actually sounds like Attila.  

  • Michael Mayo

    funny to see the reaction from you dem’s, and to the guy who wants to limit private ads I ask: what’s the difference between spending your own money for an ad and standing on a soap box in the town square exercising your right to free speech? Or do the dems want to take that away too…

  •  and the faint mustache….ROTFL

  • I’ll go there. I cracked up when he said, “Sooosaaliz’um.”

  • I see no reason to mock a guy’s accent when his message itself is sufficiently scorn-worthy and laughable.

    I guess he’s completely forgotten what ‘Socialism’ actually means.

  • MikeinSanJose

    Rupert Murdoch, Oily Taint, and now this guy.  Why are so many foreigners so concerned about the affairs of this nation?

  • we’ve been seeing this idiotic commercial in Wisconsin too.

  • Jim Olson

    I want to know how much Petterfy paid for this, and how much the Koch brothers paid for this ad.  We need to take all of the private money,  *all* of it out of the elections.  Presidential election should be publicly funded.  

  • Pjb863

    I thought it was more like one of the Gabor sisters with a bad hangover and bad hair…..

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