GOP civil war: Where Kochs, GOP go from here

I was fortunate to be able to discuss the post-election GOP civil war with Mike Papantonio of Ring of Fire Radio recently. Here’s the first half of that interview:

The reference post is here — “Shut down” Limbaugh and Trump, GOP’s Steve Schmidt tells “party leaders” — but that’s just the launch point.

Mike’s question — can 10 billionaires run a party (and by extension, run a country) — was answered in the second half of the interview. Great question. Short answer: Yes, in my opinion. Subscribers to Ring Of Fire can get the full interview. (It’s a worthy subscription, by the way; this is one of the best progressive broadcasts in the country, has been since Air America days, and like all good progressive media, richly deserves your support.)


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  • A reader in Colorado

    Who are you gonna get support from for things like “Ring Of Fire Radio” if “progressives” in Congress and elsewhere explicitly go along with people impoverishing the very people you ask to give support? Obama’s all about asking “sacrifice” from progressives in the world. Democrats are all about asking “skin in the game” from progressives in the world. Me, I’m worried about food and going without health insurance.

    Let Republicans support Ring of Fire Radio, because liberals have no money to do it, because Democrats and elected progressives sold them down the river. Oh, that’s right, they won’t!

    If you sell out your own base – and here I’m using the “phonetic you” referring to Democrats and people who are party apparatchiks, they eventually aren’t going to have enough money to support you back.

  • NMRon

    Where do they go from here? Hell, perhaps? Or maybe jail?

  • Mighty

    There is no civil war. There is a theater production for all to see but that is it. In front of the cameras many will try to appear calm and reasonable. They know the party image needs an uplift. But that is all. Its a farce, a sham. They will never change.

  • One set of billionaires bet heavily on a certain horse to Win, but most of them already had Place tickets on the other one. Just listen to all the “serious” financial pundits and DNC leaders go on about how the current fiscal situation is a “cliff” that urgently needs long-term cuts that won’t actually do anything for 10-20 years. And how lifting or removing the payroll income tax cap never crosses their lips, nor does a financial transactions tax, nor elimination of the carried interest exemption, nor treating capital gains over a certain amount like regular income.

    The Billionaires’ Coup goes on. They may have lost a particular battle, but the war is far from over. And in that, they’re winning.

  • nicho

    The corporatists have only lost a battle. The war will go on — maybe in a different form, but it will go on. They’ve been trying to destroy the middle class for 80 years now, beginning with the Business Plot of 1934. Sometimes, they’ve been underground. Sometimes, they’ve been more open, like now. But they’ve made steady progress. And they’re close to finalizing the coup. The middle class has been all but hollowed out. Cities, states, and the federal government have been brought to their knees financially. The billionaires are close to winning. They’re not going anywhere.

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