Stephen Colbert on Romney’s pledge to abolish FEMA (video)

Last night, Stephen Colbert covered Mitt Romney’s desire to abolish FEMA and transfer its disaster relief responsibility to the states (and private sector).

Colbert’s response:

“Right, we should make disaster relief the sole responsibility of the states. Who better to respond to what’s going on inside its own borders than the state whose infrastructure has just been swept out to sea?”

Here’s the entire segment:

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  • Privatize disasters. Those with the most money get the help. Sounds american to me.

  • Outspoken1

    Well, privatizing the military has worked out so well [sarcasm]!

  • Naja pallida

    That’s what we did with BP and their oil spill.

    Really though, disaster management addresses infrastructure and basic emergency relief, like temporary shelter and food, but in the long run, the average family is going to be entirely reliant on their insurance provider to compensate them for their losses. So in a way, we already do privatize disasters. There is a reason why most homeowners insurance policies do not include flood damage, or earthquake damage, or mudslide damage, or tornado damage, and you have to buy separate policies for those kinds of things. 

    How many people affected by what is termed a “hundred year flood” do you think have enough insurance coverage to actually fully return themselves to the situation they were in before pretty much everything they owned was destroyed? Most of those people will be lucky if they see a fraction of their previous economic value return. Even the people that do have decent insurance coverage will be lucky to milk it out of their insurance company, which will fight paying out every single claim tooth and nail… and everybody in their area, if not all of the insurance company’s customers, will most likely see  dramatic hikes in their premiums immediately following. Many may not even see any kind of return from their insurance company for years, until all the red tape gets processed.

  • Yes to privatization of disasters!  Because you want a company who will cut corners to maximize profit when dealing with a disaster response! It just makes sense.

  • Jim Olson

    Why does the box that has Schrödinger’s Candidate in it say “Property of Pandora” on it?

  • Or better still, a for-profit disaster relief corporation whose bottom-line motivation is…well, their bottom line.

    Mitt Romney says so. Well, he did at one time anyway. Today he says he’s in favor of FEMA doing what it’s already doing. I imagine tomorrow he’ll have an entirely different position which he may or may not deign to share with us.

    Mitt Romney: Schrödinger’s Candidate

  • cole3244

    the right cut with a knife, the left cut with humor.

  • Republican clownz.

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