The 16 deadly faces of Soledad O’Brien

Earlier, I posted a video of CNN host Soledad O’Brien going after GOP Rep. Joe Heck for making a contradictory argument for why he and his fellow Republicans are objecting to the expected nomination of Susan Rice to be our next Secretary of State, supposedly because of something with the Benghazi, Libya attack that took the lives of four Americans, including our ambassador.

But this wasn’t Soledad O’Brien’s first brush with political hackery.  Back in August, she stood up to GOP bully and Romney surrogate, John Sununu, who was peddling the old lie about President Obama cutting Medicare (he didn’t).  O’Brien ripped him to shreds.

She’s got a thing for the truth, our Soledad.  And that’s why I’ve got a gay-man crush on the CNN morning host: What can I say, we like our women with beauty, brains and a bite.

(Okay, we like our men that way too.)

So with no further ado, here are the 16 deadly faces of Soledad O’Brien. I’m sure there are more, but this is a good beginning primer for anyone planning to go on her show and spout a bunch of bull.

Honey and Sunshine Soledad

Sultry Sol: It always begins and ends with a smile.

Suspicious Soledad

The deadly beauty queen. You’ve just said something stupid, and Soledad noticed.

Soledad Who’s Got Your Number

“My name is Soledad O’Brien. You killed my father. Prepare to die.” At this point, Sol’s got your number. She’s come to the conclusion that your stupidity isn’t a glitch, it’s a feature.

Consternation Sol. The trap is set. It’s now only a question of when, not if.

BAM! She Pounces

Are you freaking kidding me?

The Grinch

Wuh? You did not just say that to me.

I am so not buying your BS.

You said what?!

Then the Hands Come Out: Otherwise Known as “Sol-splaining.”

Seriously PO’d Sol. When the hands come out, she’s ticked.

Chopping Sol.

Incredulous Sol.

Nit-picky Sol. “Now I’m going to explain this to you like you’re an idiot, because you are.”

Heartfelt Sol.

Sol with hand and pen = Duck!

Bambi Sol. Once she’s done with you, and all that remains of you is a pile of broken bones, out comes Bambi Sol to thank you for coming on the show.

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18 Responses to “The 16 deadly faces of Soledad O’Brien”

  1. ksimms says:

    Also, I’ve been a fan of Soledad since her KRON days in San Francisco in the early ’90s. She’s my homegirl! And “Sol-splaining” is hilarious.

  2. ksimms says:

    Maybe it’s sexist to say, but female journalists seem to be way more prepared than their male counterparts in general. David Gregory is especially embarrassing. This was also the case with the Presidential and Vice Presidential debates. Maybe as a group they know they have to try harder for less opportunities. Hopefully this will be a trend. You can’t be falsely equivocal when one side is lying.

  3. samizdat says:

    Put a smile on my face…which is a good thing in the am.

    Oh, and my, my, my…she’s hot. Dark hair, dark eyes. She’s got this hetero-man’s number.

    And yes, it is sad and frankly, dangerous, that she is apparently one of the few on the idiot box capable of competent rebuttal.

  4. mr_ed says:

    Rachel Maddow and staff do their homework, too. She often starts an interview with a statement about the subject and asks the interviewee if it’s true. If confirmed, she proceeds. If not (rarely), she tries to correct it in a manner similar to O’Brien’s. Also excellent TV. These women work a lot harder than the men. We watch their shows with big smiles as they take it to their ill-prepared guests.

  5. Payday loan lenders says:

    This is so funny. She is so suitable for acting. I just love her. I should try these at home. She is a good face maker.

  6. mooresart says:

    Great work John! This is why I love your site and keep coming back for more.

  7. No, but this was earlier this year, pre-trend. When he jumped on the RNC chair, it was real, and good. I give him credit for that one.

  8. Joe Bosse says:

    Matthews? he’ll jump on any trend, it gives him a thrill up his leg.

  9. Thanks guys. Yeah, I’ve always been impressed with her, back in her MSNBC days when she was hosting that tech show (long time ago). But damn she’s gotten good. And smart. The way she dissected what the congressman said. Most hosts would throw up a contrary straw man, let the congressman NOT answer it, then move on. She just dissects them. It’s amazing. Amazingly honest. And good television. This might be the beginning of a trend, with Matthews doing this a bit more, and a few other hosts (Carol Costello did a great job standing up to that religious nut a few weeks ago: ) Hopefully it’s a trend. Glad you liked :)

  10. cole3244 says:

    very cool, amazing, and spot on. i don’t fall in love often but i’m falling.

  11. hollywoodstein says:

    She and her staff do their homework, and anticipate the hack responses, so she is ready to lower the boom when the hackery begins. When her guests aren’t total hacks, her preparation makes for a better discussion. She’s a gem, but the fact that she is the exception rather than the rule is one of the reasons we are in the state we are in. Would that there were more like her.

  12. BeccaM says:

    I’ve had a major girl-crush on her, like, forever.

    The captions, btw, are brilliant.

  13. Dumbo says:

    John, some of your best work there.

  14. iamlegion says:

    This. This is beautiful.

  15. cathy says:

    someone on cnn should try. i am delighted its her. she is also very cute.

  16. PeteWa says:

    very funny post, love the captions.

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