Scientists confirm sea levels rising 60% faster than projected

Don’t get me wrong, the experts are no Bill O’Reilly or Fox News loving crazy religious figures, so they don’t have the stamp of approval from Roger Ailes or Rupert Murdoch. So there’s your caveat. They’re merely peer-reviewed experts who have won over fellow experts.

Although there are fortunately some Fox News viewers who are waking up to the realization that they’ve been swindled, most are still well behind the curve on climate change. Perhaps the flooding of the New York subway system was a wakeup, but it’s not as though reality has ever dented their ignorance shell before.

As the NBC video segment below mentions, we should expect Hurricane-Sandy-like storms at least once every 15 years. Much of southern Florida and the Gulf Coast has a serious risk of being underwater if the problem is not addressed.

The big problem now is the continuing battle with outlets like Fox News who deny science for political purposes.

Murdoch fails to understand (or care about) the real problems of real Americans. Then again, I’ve often asked myself, to paraphrase Sarah Palin, whether he’s a “real” American at all.

NBC News:

“Global warming has not slowed down or is lagging behind the projections,” lead author Stefan Rahmstorf, a researcher at Germany’s Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, said in a statement. “The IPCC is far from being alarmist and in fact in some cases rather underestimates possible risks.”

The experts added that the faster sea level rise is unlikely to be caused by a temporary ice discharge from Greenland or Antarctica ice sheets because it correlates very well with the increase in global temperature.

The IPCC earlier estimated that seas rose by about 7 inches over the last century, and its most recent report, published in 2007, estimated a range of between 7 and 23 inches this century — enough to worsen coastal flooding and erosion during storm surges.

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