Sarah Palin and the great turkey slaughter

One of my all-time favorites. I remember seeing this and catching it before it went viral. Classic Palin. Keep an eye on the birds in the background while she’s speaking.

MSNBC was having a field day with it – check out the changing chryon beneath the images, and then the actual video after:

MSNBC has fun at Sarah Palin's expense during turkey slaughter

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  • No mercy for the Fail’un Palin.

  • Please, stop giving that loser Alaskan Turkey the time of day.

  • I always felt that if any one moment summed up Sarah Palin’s failed run for the vice presidency, it was this video right here.

    Word salad for the cameras, utterly oblivious to the bloody carnage going on directly behind her.

    My favorite part is when the turkey farmer keeps glancing over at the camera as if saying, “I gotta get this work done. You people sure you don’t want to go do that interview somewhere else? No? Okay…”


  • Phil

    A grown-up version of little Wednesday Addams – all dressed in black. I see she lost the pigtails though…..

  • Dave of the Jungle

    America’s Bird Brain.

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