Romney rally jokes about Hurricane Sandy flooding NYC

Yes, that whole thing about over 100 people dying, and billions of dollars of damage from Hurricane Sandy, is hysterical.

This man is a top Romney surrogate.  He spoke at the Republican convention.  And he’s making jokes at a Romney rally about New York City being devastated by Hurricane Sandy

Artur Davis, a former Democrat (from Alabama), is now doing his best to fit in with the intolerant extremists who now run the Republican party.

And by the way, “Al Gore” was proven right about climate change.

LA Times:

“Now four years ago, ladies and gentleman, the president sounded so good. Remember the rise of the oceans, which began to slow, the planet would began to heal,” Davis said. “Now I don’t know about the oceans; ask Mayor Bloomberg and Al Gore about that.”

The bigger issue now is whether President Obama and the Democrats will actually reach out to people like this after the election.

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