Romney staff refusing to let frostbitten children leave PA rally

This is happening right now at Mitt Romney’s rally in Pennsylvania.  Apparently it’s freezing, and Romney’s staff is refusing to let rally-goers leave. People are begging reporters for help.

Absolutely incredible.

From the NYT’s Michael Barbaro:

From USA Today’s Jackie Kucinich:

My God.

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583 Responses to “Romney staff refusing to let frostbitten children leave PA rally”

  1. Sal says:


  2. Moderator4 says:

    Sal, your comments are welcome here, but we do not know if you realize that very, very few people except the few Moderators here read comments on threads that are six months old. We would recommend that you comment on newer threads if you would like for your views to be known to the AmericaBlog community.

  3. Sal says:

    This country is run by elites and name who live by different sets of rules than we are forced too.

    This shows they don’t even try to hid it.

    Bobby Brown Serves Nine Hours in Jail for Third DUI
    While California is known for having some of the toughest DUI laws in the nation, it seems Bobby Brown has been let off easy. He was released Wednesday after serving nine hours of his 55-day jail sentence for driving under the influence.
    L.A. County sheriff’s spokesman Steve Whitmore told the media that Brown was released early due to jail overcrowding and good behavior.

  4. Marcus2012 says:

    The New York Times may not be pro romney, but that journalist sure as hell was.

  5. Steve Dave says:

    The author, John Aravosis – Hosts an internet television show called DemsTV; Launched campaign against Cheney’s daughter simply for being the daughter of Dick Cheney; Went after Ford Motor co. for pulling its support for gay advertising (Ford temporarily removed their print ads from a couple of “gay friendly” magazines along with a slew of other non-gay related magazines, but apparently it’s a crime to do what you want with your company’s money). Also founded AMERICAblog (liberal news blog, dedicated to gay rights activism). – There is no way at all that this reporter is in any way biased, nor would he ever have any motivation to exaggerate negatively against Romney. You should take everything he says at face value and never question anything, regardless of the source, as long as it reinforces your beliefs. Blindly following a political party and not thinking for yourself, while claiming to be “open minded” and “progressive”. You people are ridiculous.

  6. Steve Dave says:

    People, the election is over. You can stop with the whole “Romney is the devil” propaganda. The exit was not blocked, nobody’s children were held captive. The people who were stopped were trying to exit through a security-guarded bus exit that was for the campaign staff. This is common practice – try going to a concert, then telling security you’re going to go ahead and exit through the backstage area. Good luck with that. Every time somebody makes a tweet claiming a politician tried to murder a bunch of babies, you don’t have to take it at face value and use it as proof of their hatred of humanity. If a news outlet tweets that Obama personally tear-gassed a platoon of returning soldiers, would you take to the internet in outrage? No, you would call bullshit and move on. So many people out there believe everything they read on the internet, as long as it supports their party and/or defames their opponents. You are total sheep with no minds of your own.

  7. Steve Dave says:

    Wait – you think the New York Times supports Romney?

  8. Vinny Aboud says:

    Daddyvice, that is a joke, Romney’s staff won’t even allow wide camera angles, because there were so few people at most of his rally. The man is an ageing ken doll, and just as stiff.

  9. Gary Smith says:

    “Romney 20k plus crowds; Barry 2K”. – Fail. Election suggests you were wrong. Can you say President Barry

  10. Jen is silly says:

     “People with functioning brains wait to form an opinion until they see more facts.”

    Which is exactly what you and everyone else here is doing. Oh wait. You might a dictionary yourself, friend.

  11. Moderator3 says:

    Should I have posted my reply in some other language than English? I was writing about capital letters, not cold or Romney.

  12. Alan says:

    They wanted to leave because it was extremely cold.
    They did not want to leave because they disliked Romney.
    They were obviously there for Romney, then when it got cold and late, they wanted to leave.
    However, they were not allowed, for whatever reason.

  13. Moderator3 says:

    Using all capital letters is a form of online yelling. It’s considered being very rude. If you feel this strongly about something, use all bold letters.

  14. Slkdjaslk says:


  15. Skldjaskl says:

     wanting to leave the rally has nothing to do with not liking romney.

  16. Mceu says:

    Why did they go to Romney rally if they don’t like him? CASH

  17. Wow.  I wonder if these people have voted yet.

  18. Keithfrench says:

    Why did they go to Romney rally if they don’t like him!! Sounds like they are just trouble makers!!!! I think the meanness is with the Dems!! Quit talking about yourselves so much!!

  19. tobyspeeks says:

     Like all you fox news parrots and the George Soros story? And btw, this story hasn’t been debunked except by you paid for commentators who post your hate filled lies all over the internet to force what you believe on to others. Get your head out of the sand you self righteous moron.

  20. yestradamous says:

    I suspect the real story, because there’s ALWAYS more to the story, is that a few people were told they coudn’t leave from a specific gate, because it was too close to the entrance to the stage, but there were 6 other ways out of the place they were free to take.

    So sick of the lying. Republicans are so mean they want frost bitten children. So stupid.

  21. MimiReed1234 says:

    Except that the real story was posted later–the staffers immediately led the people who wanted to leave out through unsecured exits.  And no, there wasn’t any danger of frostbite.

  22. KZ says:

     We cannot let you leave the line for the Gas Chambers. Because were Nazis.

  23. bearclawws says:

    I was there with a friend and we had a great time. Didn’t have any problems or see anyone have any problems. Weird. @jfkucinich is a reporter covering politics for USA Today, that might explain it. But in her defense I studied her tweets. She said this, “People are literally sneaking out gates now bring told they can’t leave way but if you look at the photo, which is the only photo she took with a negative tweet for evidence, doesn’t really show anyone doing anything but people standing.

  24. r3verend says:

     Well its Romney. It fits in the bigger picture of how he is acting so why should people really question it?

  25. michaelj72 says:

    sounds like PA is going to go for mittomney big time after something like this.

  26. karmanot says:

    500 + comments. Looks like Kolob trolls are on the roll.

  27. James Darley says:

    I love how this story has been debunked six-ways-to-sunday yet libs are still posting about it as if it’s the Gospel. Tomorrow they’ll be asking, “ZOMG, why isn’t Eric Holder investigating this??!??!?!!”


  28. James Darley says:


  29. Dt Sabo says:

    you mean taxpayer money

  30. Dianne Smith says:

    Seems to be posted by an Obama supporter. All the ads were for Obama and in the background of the video taken inside of what looks like a city office, there is a Sherrod Brown poster. Nice tryAnd I am sure Mothers would dress their kids for the weather duh

  31. Dhickman20 says:

    Why is anyone surprised at the arrogance (what cold?) or the desperation (stay until you freeze to death) on the part of republicans especially when Romney is in charge?

  32. Butch1 says:

    Finally, they are visible for a moment. What is going on with Disqus?

  33. Butch1 says:

    “Haven’t you noticed?” No need to be snotty about it. I am very aware of the way the republicans are treated differently by the police as well as the way democrats or better yet, liberals are treated.  I think many of the police ARE republicans.

  34. Butch1 says:

    Thanks, I couldn’t think of the correct term.

  35. EvoQY says:

    Did You and all these Other People NOT SEE the posts made by People that were actually there ???? They said this is a TOTAL Lie, they were there at this event and anyone and everyone that wanted out could get out any time they wanted to. Listen I am not voting for Romney but You People would believe just about anything, My Lord, what Boobs you all are. If you read the sky was pink because Obama said it was; would you believe it ? I am Voting for Neither Liars, nor Cheats and am Voting for Gary Johnson. Both Romney and Obama are both Idiots. You Liberal mindless automatons think Obama is great, but Obama Started an Illegal War with Libya, Obama is killing lots and lots of Innocent people in Pakistan with his Drone Bombs. Romney is just a Plain Plutocrats intent on burying the Poor and Middle class. But you are all laughable if you believe this story about not being allowed to leave a Rally…LMAO…at least 5 people have posted that this is a lie that they were there…Boobs, no wonder we keep getting Idiots elected to the Presidency !

  36. Blueclearsky says:

    so let me get this straight…Romney has an unbelievably successful rally in PA –then the Jackie (daughter of the kooky Dennis Kucinich) tweets that people are being held against their will at the rally and we are supposed to believe it? Really? Dems are losing it srsly!

  37. Blueclearsky says:

    so let me get this straight…Romney has an unbelievably successful rally in PA –then the Jackie (daughter of the kooky Dennis Kucinich) tweets that people are being held against their will at the rally and we are supposed to believe it? Really? Dems are losing it srsly!

  38. Surly says:

    No, children gain or lose heat faster than adults do because they have a higher surface area to volume ratio.

  39. How does it feel to be on Romney’s plantation?

  40. Kelsy says:

    When the mother asked to leave, she should have been allowed to leave. Whether or not she was “lying” about her daughter being frostbitten. It has more to do with the fact that people were not allowed to leave, and I think people are trying to ignore that by calling others liars. Stop for a second and actually use your brain, guys. No matter what the weather situation was, NO ONE should have been told they could not leave if they wanted to leave.

  41. Kelsy says:

    Even if it WASN’T that cold, it is still wrong to hold people – especially children, in like that and refuse to let them leave when they are asking to leave. And you, I’m assuming, are either a teenager or an adult and therefore will not experience hypothermia or frostbite as quickly as small children will. Do some research. 

  42. Marjjory42 says:

    What city in PA are you in?

  43. Perhaps your words got a little jumbled. (shuffle, shuffle)

    “This compassion in Romney is nonsense, and his caring for others is obvious total nonsense.”

  44. silas1898 says:


  45. Snarki, child of Loki says:

    Kindly apply that same standard to religion. 

  46. Rick Stevens says:

    Let them eat cake – or freeze to death. If they can’t take it then they are inferior and deserve the frostbite.


  47. I wonder how many Romney supporters at this rally will now vote for Obama tomorrow after a taste of how Romney will be treating them if elected; left for dead out in the cold.

  48. Jake, low 40s IS hypothermia weather, especially for children. And it seems to me that people would only be at this rally if they supported Romney. So your explanations are specious, at best. But I wouldn’t expect anything else from a Romney-bot.

  49. well, I hope they didn’t vote early

  50. Jake says:

    Wrong. I was at the event. My friends were at the event. Yeah, it was cold, but low 40s is not considered “frostbite” weather. Moreover, the spot at which my friends and were they gladly let out anyone who asked. Either the writer experienced what was the anomaly or the writer can’t come to terms with the fact that Romney just might win tomorrow. Probably both. 

  51. Fleur says:

    With that kind of attitude, you practically refuse to acknowledge ANY news they shove to your face, because, hey, “I didn’t see it myself, that could be untrue!”

  52. big pun says:

    you idiot they where jumping out of their skins because they were probably freezing to death! you republicans are in such denial about how stupid and ignorant you are …you just suck!

  53. GrumpyDave says:

    Of course, mom may have actually meant “hypothermic”, which does not require sub-freezing temperatures.  I’ve done a lot of camping and other outdoor activities over the past 59 years, and I’ve seen cases of hypothermia in what I would consider rather mild conditions.  One can become hypothermic and not realize it, and it can be very dangerous.    A parent concerned over their child’s well-being may not always choose the right words.

    I wasn’t at the event, so I don’t know whether people were actually retained or not.  I did hear that Governor Romney was very late to his own rally – although it was due to weather-related flight scheduling problems.

  54. big pun says:

    totally agree with you nora !it probably was police stopping peeps from leaving! republicans are liars hopefully this will wake these republicans up to the fact that republicans are evil !

  55. big pun! says:

    im totally with you on this one confus! thats exactley what they did! but it back fired and thats what ya get when you go to a rally for romney republicans just suck!

  56. bornagaindem says:

    sadly even those with frostbitten children will probably still vote for Romney

  57. jessekanner says:

    …while at the same time believing they are ‘free’. It’s perfect.

  58. Lyssi4 says:

    Thats Mitt Romney for you, total ass

  59. ajcarpy2005 says:

    Frostnip, the first stage of frostbite (not permanent damage) will occur before more serious damage. It is still uncomfortable feeling. Frostbite/Frostnip can start occuring after long periods of time in higher temperatures but if it’s really cold will happen faster depending on the starting core temperature, how much fat mass you have, how large you are, how many layers you have on, the wind chill, etc.

  60. Powerofblues says:

    This is the only country where the poor will vote to make the rich richer…..just don’t get it.

  61. Confused says:

    Confus –

    Is it possible that people were exagerating the entire event?

    Or are you going to spread a lie about how much these reports personally witnessed?

  62. ... says:

    NO SHIT… but it would still have had to been below 32 degrees for frostbite to have taken place for any humanbheing…. PEACE!

  63. ErrorTime=idiot says:

    I will respond the same way you did to  rachel’s response… “how do you know what happened, you couldnt have seen everything”,

  64. Really? says:

    Yknow that still doesn’t mean that this isn’t wrong. Them Having frostbite is a detail, THE STAFF DIDN’T LET THEM OUT. THAT’S WHATS FUCKING WRONG HERE. 

  65. Sephd19 says:

    Kids’ body temperature are different from adults’ body temperature. PEACE!

  66. ErrorTime=idiot says:

    wow you are telling rachael to “get educated”…. Frost bite only occurs in temperatures below freezing (take into account the wind as well) and this was not nearly the case in PA lol, this whole thing is a joke…

    the mother may have indeed said “my daughter is frostbitten,” that doesnt make it true….

    its just like when people say, “Obama is good for America”

  67. Confus says:

    Do you think that Romney’s prospects will be improved If you and the people you work with in Chicago vote for Romney?

    Unfortunately, for Chicago, you live there.
    Fortunately for America, you are not voting in Colorado.

    Has it occurred to you, “Kman,” that your co-workers have not told you they voted for Obama because they are afraid you will go 2nd Amendment postal when Romney loses?

  68. Confus says:

    Kman, you said:


    Evidently, you are a novice Republican troll. 
    Skilled liars do not quote quantities that are patently impossible.

  69. LanceThruster says:

    I’m Mitt Romney…and I approve this indefinite detention.

  70. Confus says:

    Republicans voters, especially the Christian fundamentalists, tend to be extremely deferential to authority.  

    One of the most important reasons Republicans attend dogmatic churches and vote Republican is a compelling need to have authority figures tell them how to live their lives. 

  71. Confus says:

    It is called “false imprisonment.”

    The people held against their will have a civil cause of action against the stadium, the organization(s) that ran the event, and the operatives, but if no one was harmed, they probably won’t recover enough to pay their lawyer.

  72. Confus says:

    What was the wind-chill factor?
    How long were the children exposed?
    What were the children wearing?
    When did the children last consume something?

    Don’t know the answers do you?
    That’s because you Republicans are inveterate liars.

  73. ErrorTime says:

     You know that kids do get colder faster and easier than you right? Why else would you see a five year old with a heavy winter coat while the parent wore something much lighter. And I’m sure after standing outside for hours on end will take it’s toll on you. Being frostbitten at 42 degrees is highly unlikely but spend enough time outside, and yes it will happen. How about you stop pointing the finger at the “liars” and get educated about the human body?

  74. Confus says:

    Rachel Lin –

    Is it possible that in a stadium different gates were being handled differently and you just did not see the events described?

    Or are you going to lie about how much you personally witnessed?

  75. Confus says:

    The GOP’s notion of “freedom” —

    – caging citizens and children to make a Republican candidate look more popular. 

    Contemptible creatures those Republicans be.

  76. Heywood Djablomi says:

    AH HA HA HA HA HA!!!!! A hugely positive and  historic rally happens for a Republican candidate and you immediately see a Gulag! AH HA HA HA HAAAA!!! Is  to detract from the 95% drop in Obama’s crowds? Even the
    Boss couldn’t get the same crowds he gets in Chicago for Obama. Pathetic.

  77. Butch1 says:

    I’d love to be able to reply but Disqus has been acting up for the past five days and right now it is intermittent and I cannot even see the comments when I sign in.


  78. Rachael Lin says:

    I was at this rally.  This ‘news’ story is complete garbage.  People were leaving early all around me.  Yes, it was cold.  Frostbite?  Not a chance.  Everyone was allowed to leave whenever they wanted.  Stop the lying.

  79. Chris Bowen says:

    Shore thing is obviously someone that the GOP targets. If you look at his posts he has tons of poor grammar and spelling, but is apparently well off enough to have a personal generator and plenty of fuel to power his house and cars. My only thought is that he is in an area of under-educated wealthy people.

  80. Chris Bowen says:

    Weapons of Mass destruction! And what is a muslin?

  81. Mmiller0268 says:

    Stupid where do you think the State of NJ is getting the money to help you and other residents.  FEMA is a federal agency that falls under the President’s jurisdiction. 

  82. tsuki says:

     You are a liar.  No wonder you are a Romney/Ryan supporter.

  83. tsuki says:

     That is a GREAT response.  After Elena, Mother was without electricity for two weeks, but, that was in 1975 and the responses were slower. 

  84. tsuki says:

     What are you worried about?  You have things stacked to the ceiling.  Why don’t you share?  Then your community wouldn’t need help.

  85. tsuki says:

     Been there, Lauren.  It does get better.  Sometimes, it does seem like it is taking forever, but when you look back on it, you’ll see a lot was done in a relatively short time.  Basics first.

    One thing we still talk about since Ivan, is the mile long convoy of hugh trucks full of workers from PECO Electric heading this way on I-10.  They hit the gas as soon as the wind returned to normal.  The Red Cross was set up the next day, and county emergency management had shipments from FEMA.  No one checked for political correctness.

    Of course, we had little in the way of communication other than word of mouth.  Things were happening that we did not know about. 

    I cannot do much for you except send money to the RC, and hope for the best for you. 

  86. Kyle says:

    But hypothermia is very very possible and since when is is ok to force people to say at a rally? If i want to leave a political rally for whatever reason I sure as heck have the right to do so and no one has the right to tell me I can’t.

  87. Wait, what is FOX saying? We all know they’re “Fair & Balanced”. /snark

  88. cjm69 says:

    Thankfully, most voters have *more* intelligence than a five-year-old, and understand that it’s frankly delusional to say Obama “does not want [businesses] to make money.” We’re also smart enough not to imagine that a complex modern economy operates in such a way that any one person, even the president, can directly determine whether businesses either [A] make money or [B] decide to hire.

  89. Chris Bowen says:

    Temp does not matter, all that matters is if you are in the cold long enough for your core temp to drop low enough. You may not get frostbitten, but parents have a history of overreacting when it comes to their kids, but it is very possible for a kid in 42 degree temp to get hypothermia.

  90. Stan Johnson says:

     How so? For stating an opinion as you just did. Are you also a troll?

  91. Greg Estep says:

    Cold is not the question here… since when can’t you leave a ralley when ever the hell you want to…

  92. Anonymous says:

    Unless you were there, shut your face.  This actually happened exactly as described.

  93. Amused says:

     She’s too busy reading Snooki’s “A Shore Thing” to be actually educating herself.

  94. tsuki says:

     As you are called on the lies, they get more elaborate. 

  95. Bored says:

     According to you, you’re doing just fine.

  96. MyrddinWilt says:

    Oh thats not a secret. Obama stopped off at a McDonalds on his way from the airport.

  97. Yawn says:

     So why are u bitching then? Go back into your self sufficient hole and shut ur trap.

  98. birdmechanical says:

    Some people being excited doesn’t mean that there weren’t other people wanting to get out and not allowed to.

    Whatever you think of NYTimes, USA Today is not really a liberal paper.

    Just let some facts be facts. Just go, hey, don’t do that staffers, and move on. You don’t have to be politically defensive about this.

  99. MyrddinWilt says:

    So you now claim to be hoarding fuel that your neighbors could have used and posing a fire hazard to your neighbors.

    Romney really needs to raise his game and start hiring more intelligent comment trolls.

  100. Jaye Powell says:

    Temperature was 42 when Romney arrived.  Hardly weather to have been frostbitten.  Dems lying as usual.

  101. Just passing by says:

    Hey there pal,

    don’t worry, you’re cetainly not alone with your opinion. We actually have quite a lot coverage on the american presidental elections here, as it will greatly influence many countries. Not just the average person is afraid Ronmey might win, our politicians are very worried as well, because in terms of forgein afairs Romney is as blanc as a sheet of paper and nobody really knows what to expect, because he keeps saying different things on a daily basis.

    Yours Truly,
    from a country where 5% would vote for Romney and 92% would vote for Obama, if they were allowed to. I’m not making this up.

  102. Amused says:

     This is coming from someone who’s name tag is the title of Snooki’s book…

  103. Nora says:

     The police are probably barring the gates. They protect Republicans. It is Democrats and liberals who get arrested, or haven’t you noticed?

  104. tsuki says:

     No, I goggled, and it is.  Romneybots are making up excuses already. 

  105. EdM01 says:

    You think he’s going to stop at 9 million!? FYI, his debacle of a foreign debutante tour this summer (remember his cock-ups in London?) included an endorsing or a near-endorsing of an Israeli strike on Iran. This will inevitably bring on World War III as Russia comes to iran’s aid and BILLIONS will perish in the nuclear holocaust that will ensue.

  106. tsuki says:

     I think you misspelt oblivious. 

  107. tommo says:

    Wow, you said “Barry’s only drawing about 3% the crowd that Romney and Ryan are”.  You really need to step out of your Murdoch propaganda / hate radio bubble now and then for air.  Obama’s rallys are much bigger than Mitt / Lyin’.

  108. tsuki says:

     Michael Barbaro is Dennis Kucinich’s daughter? 

    I just goggled.  More than Dennis Kucinich’s daughter are reporting.  And of course, as a gopbubblebot, I know you are entitled to your own “facts”.

  109. tommo says:

    And your proof that she’s wrong?  Hmmmmm?  Go back to your Murdoch propaganda / hate radio bubble.

  110. tommo says:

    And your proof that she’s wrong?  Hmmmmm?  Go back to your Murdoch propaganda / hate radio bubble.

  111. You won’t be able to get out of the nightmare of a Romney presidency either if you have been duped into voting for him.  Is there any doubt a Romney administration would favor the rich and increase the income gap in our country? Mitt is a pariah in Mormon Clothing and will stop at nothing to expand an empire of greed for the rich in this country by expanding tax cuts for the 1% of the wealthiest Americans. He’s out to gut the Middle Class for every red cent he can get. Will his sacred Mormon underwear grant him the protection and money to buy this election? See for yourself as Mitt dons his tighty-whities sent down from the Good Lord Himself at

  112. Get Educated, Friend. says:

    Obama wants to tax people who live in absolute luxury, who make hand over fist, who don’t need, by any stretch, the ludicrous amounts of money that is being made – made off the backs of hard workers who are paid minimum wage; From Businesses, like Walmart, who’s corporate practice can literally level a small towns finances and screw with local economies.

    Small businesses are safe, ya hulkin’ doof.

  113. X2Reload says:

    This is DemoCRAP, Dennis Kucinich’s daughter reporting this.  She has absolutely NO BIAS in reproting here or for USA Today.  YOU PEOPLE THAT BELIEVE THIS, I have ocean front property for sale in Oklahoma…

  114. serves em right, maybe this will show them who mittens really cares about, you don’t hear this shit from obies crowds…

  115. MeowMix says:

     And the there are these people….

  116. PhineusJTruthy says:

    This is what happens when you go see Mittens without em.

  117. PhineusJTruthy says:

    This is what happens when you go see Mittens without em.

  118. Butch1 says:

    They cannot hold people against their will. Isn’t that kidnapping? Someone should call the police, that will stop it instantly. ;-)

  119. KMAN says:

    You’re wrong, most of the people I work with are lifelong democrats (chicago); they’re voting for Romney. If my coworkers voted for barry last time, they aren’t admitting to it.

  120. Celebrant says:

    Keep in mind the people trying to leave were Repuglicans. No Democrat worth his weight in salt would attend a Romney rally.

  121. Dana Stepp says:

    I dont even like Romney, but I have a hard time believeing that if my kid was getting frostbite, or becoming hyperthemic…that anyone or a fence would have stopped me form exiting…IJS.

  122. Dana Stepp says:

    I dont even like Romney, but I have a hard time believeing that if my kid was getting frostbite, or becoming hyperthemic…that anyone or a fence would have stopped me form exiting…IJS.

  123. drzoon says:

    as usual Shore Thing… you fell for a Romney lie (i see now that lying is not called “mitting”). That “revenge” statement was so out of context it might be as big of a lie as Mitt’s “jeep moving to china” and Ryan’s ” three hour and something marathon. 

  124. Nope obama is still a dope says:

    Yes, sure Captain Panic probably the same reason obama will not release his college transcripts because they prove he was kenyian born and muslim…and got scholarships based upon both of those facts DUH

  125. mc squared says:

    because NO one immediately formed the opinion that this is complete and utter truth…

  126. babygirl963 says:


  127. Shore Thing says:

    Actually, babygirl963, I am not a girl. We are up and running on the Internet because we had electric crews coming in volunteering services from all the red states in this country: texas, south carolina, tennessee. I am actually smart though have a generator….lots of gas, and fire wood.

  128. FoodForThought says:

    Now, Shore Thing, don’t you think you’re being a bit hypocritical here?  In one of your comments above you stated “…this is AMERICA and I will say what I want and the beautiful part is that you can’t stop me”, which I wholeheartedly agree with.  But tell me, do you know, I mean, truly know, anything about Islam?  Have you read the Quran?  Do you know the story of Muhammad? Do you associate with Muslims?  Do you have any devout Muslim friends? 
    The reasons I ask are simple.
    1) You are being hypocritical by claiming that you can state whatever you want because this is America and we have certain freedoms.  One of which is the freedom to practice any religion we choose without persecution.  So even if Obama is a Muslim, what does that matter?  How, exactly, is he sympathizing with terrorists? And why, exactly, does being Muslim automatically associate with terrorism?  I suggest you read up on the subject before you talk about something like that unless you want to be seen as an uneducated fanatic.

    2) If you knew about Islam at all, you would realize that the vast majority of the religion practice in complete peace with absolutely no intention of harming anyone.  Muhammad taught tolerance, taught kindness because “Allah is surely merciful”. 

    I know you are going to say that you have nothing against Muslims, that you were just saying that Obama bends over backwards with terrorists because he (supposedly) is a Muslim and sympathizes with Muslim extremists.  But please, I beg of you, show me the proof of all these fanatic ramblings of yours.  Show me proof of what you are saying is more than what you’ve gathered from your own opinions or watching Fox News.  Give me concrete evidence so that I can believe you.  Prove it to me.  Otherwise, all you are is just a pinhead with an inflated sense of ego.  And that’s unfortunate.

  129. Snooznlooz says:

    To “Nope  nobama still a dope”  ” I do not believe Romney has ever supported the forcible expulsion of babies from their momma’s womb”  Then you need to check out SteriCycle, a company Romney had controlling interest in and made millions from that provided services to abortion clinics. They cremate aborted fetuses and Mitt rakes in the profits.  Could be why he won’t release his tax returns!

  130. babygirl963 says:

     Ok, sounds like these people are there.

  131. MUSLIN?! says:

    Dear Shore Thing,

    To call the President a muslin is a very big deal, especially since he refrains from publicly discussing his fabric preferences. What does this mean? Are you a muslin scholar? Can you tell us about other presidents or elected officials who might also be muslin or–GOD FORBID–satin, which is surely the gayest of fabrics?????????????

    A concerned citizen

  132. babygirl963 says:

     Shore Thing, Romney did nothing during your disaster.  He sent can food that you could not open. He did not have enough compassion to come see you.  Just admit it you are for Romney, you have a right to your opinion, but don’t lie when the Governor who supports Romney calls you a liar.

  133. MUSLIN?! says:

    quoting “Shore Thing”: “[obama]… is a muslin and a sympathizer”



  134. babygirl963 says:

     But yet and still you are able to post!!!!! Someone help me understand.  Food is needed more so than internet, how in the heck are you on here posting, if you do not have something?

  135. KMAN says:

    This article is cdddrap, cdddrap, I tell yoo! All the people there were cheering and almost jumping out of their skins with excitement. The rally that had people leaving early in droves was the barry rally, after clinton spoke, people all started leaving about 1/3 through barry’s hate speech.

  136. small business man says:

    k fig you are partially correct. Government does not create jobs….businesses create jobs. Again if you had the intelligence of my 5 year old you might be able to understand that business’s are against obama because he does not want them to earn money and wants to tax the crap out of them. Romney wants to help us small business owners and helping small business’s help to create jobs. Got news for you, if obamacare does not go I have to fire more people who I will simply no longer be able to afford.

  137. babygirl963 says:

     Thank you Lauren, restore the wise words from a woman.

  138. babygirl963 says:

     Sweety, it was always said,it is better to keep your mouth shut, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.  How are you able to be on the internet.  Silly woman. 

  139. Nope nobama is still a dope! says:

    and I am suppose to want people to support the murder of innocent babies….I have NEVER seen a fetus that was pro abortion. I do not believe Romney has ever supported the forcible expulsion of babies from their momma’s womb….here is a concept: use a condom…..and stop killing innocent babies. Liberal logic kill baby’s in momma’s womb and keep child molester’s and child killers free to rape and kill more kids….liberals are really scary 

  140. Wia Beshar says:

     i think if it was a matter of just finding an appropriate exit or something, this wouldnt be an issue. i think the more pertinent thing is that these people came of their own free will and should be able to leave in the same manner

  141. Extreme Moderate says:

    No, they didn’t ship in thousands and thousands of gallons of gas. They shipped in over 30 MILLION gallons. 

    My girlfriend’s family lives in NJ, and a tree went through the house next to theirs. Yesterday a crew removed it. Estimated it at 75,000 pounds. And they got power back yesterday. That’s pretty damn good response, considering the extend of damage. 
    Some people get help earlier than others. That’s ALWAYS the case, unless you have sufficient disaster crews to immediately deploy to ever street in the area. which nobody does. So there will be early winners and late losers.

  142. Captain Panic says:

    So… are you complaining you didn’t get a chance to turn down aid that Romney wants to dismantle utterly? Or are you saying that when it’s in your governor’s hands, it will be done better. You know, because somehow your governor will get the military to bring in over 30 million gallons of fuel, equipment and personnel from other states to help repair the power infrastructure, etc.?

    I know that’s what you really mean. Because you understand this so well.

  143. Wia Beshar says:

     these people are really just spoiled children – they think and act exactly the same.
    wasnt surprised to find out that a majority of white men without a college degree support romney as well as that its people who vote republican compose a majority of those benefitting from food stamps

  144. Captain Panic says:

    Yup, you can say what you want. Romney is an excellent example of this, too. He stands up for the right of free speech! Why, one day he’s against abortion, which is his right to say, and the next day, he’s not against it! That’s FREEDOM!!!


  145. Nope says:

     lern ta spel gooder.

  146. Shore Thing says:

    “shutupshorething” You are the reason this country is lousy these days…this is AMERICA and I will say what I want and the beautiful part is you can’t stop me(unless the commi obama has his way)….and if you would like to try and stop come on down to Barnegat, NJ and I’ll show what it’s like to get your ass kicked by someone Jersey Strong!

  147. Shore Thing says:

    stock piles of gasoline….in my shed……and lol it was not freezing. and btw I have heat it is called a fireplace, never said I didn’t…I said people in my community. I am certain you have at least a high school education and you can comprehend that…right?

  148. K Fig says:

    RMoney, who says as an Elected Official member of the Government he will “CREATE 12 MILLION JOBS”, also reminds us that “GOVERNMENT DOES NOT CREATE JOBS”.  Your Flavor Aid is ready.

  149. K Fig says:

    Humor!!! I love it. 

  150. Deborahlchamberlain says:

    That would not happen at an Obama rally:)

  151. Mathematicaster says:

    Or security concerns.  Badly handled, though.

  152. Shore Thing says:

    Food for Thought, I am well aware how things work. I also know in his little photo-op he demanded FEMA do everything without delay or hassles….not true. You say one man does not control the country, of course not, and I thank God he doesn’t. I find it amusing at best people saying it is not obama’s fault when they were quick to blame bush. At the very least maybe Romney will put Americans back to work!

  153. sighhh says:

     So the fact that Romney has been lying his way through this entire election doesn’t have any effect on you? Politifact came out saying that Romney lies 58% more then all the other candidates combined?

    And what about the Jeep lie? His quick change of opinion on cutting FEMA right before the storm? This guy has been documenting them all and you can find them here:

    I’m a college student and my mom is battling cancer. Without the help of government programs like pell grants and the protection that “obamacare” gives (Both to be cut by Romney by the by) my mother wouldn’t be on the road to recovery and I wouldn’t have the opportunity to pursue higher education.

    So please, turn off Fox News and go find a more neutral news source sometime before the elections tomorrow.

  154. Proud Gay American says:

    This is my opinion. Obama has helped many purple andI was one of them (Not talking about the Northeast problems) When he did the stimulus package, i got a big tax break and will a good income tax check. When i lousy my job i got unemployment, Obama gave me stimulus checks so I’m very thankful!

    Now as far as the Northeast is concerned. If you were strictly told to evacuate and you didn’t, that’s your own fault and in my opinion the last to be helped especially on the coast of all these states! Now with you saying you don’t want no ones help except your community, Goodluck trying to build without the governments money. If you talked so much about the Presidents and you don’t get help then that’s your fault. Karma is teaching you a lesson. Most of you don’t like him because he’s black. The problem isn’t with just the President/Government, the problem is with these stupid Americans who have there heads up there butt, who is filled with hate and a,lot of them are religious freaks. Btw I’m an American so as an American this country disgust me, the people do. You want so much but if it’s not the change as you want it, you bitch! If you’re so unhappy then leave this Country. Just one less piece of shit person we don’t need. Thank you :)

  155. FoodForThought says:

    You’re against Obama.  Fine.  We get it.  But to say that he doesn’t care about NJ because you “are a conservative community” is, forgive me, a bit dumb.  Even on the most basic level candidates care about all the communities because they need their popular vote.  But, I think more than just a “photo op”, the president went to see the devastation for himself.  The government is sending aid, and yes, it is a slow process.  It is much slower than I would prefer as well.  But the thing that many, and it seems that you, Shore Thing, are one of them by what you’ve said, do not seem to realize is our country is not ruled by one man.  The president is an important part of our government, yes.  But he is not the sole decider about everything that goes on.  That being said, no matter what ANY candidate WANTS to do if he/she is elected/stays in office, do you think realistically everything is going to turn around and everything will be fixed?  This economy has been headed steadily downward since 2000.  It is not one man’s fault.  And no man nor woman is going to be able to magically fix everything in four years.  Whether it is Obama or Romney who is elected in the end, our problems will not be solved. 

  156. Jen L says:

    OK, so you were there last night. Supposedly. Let’s just assume that you were, for the sake of argument.

    Did you see everything that happened everywhere in the entire area? You see, that’s the only way that you could reliably state that this is a lie and propaganda.

    So either you’re lying or you’re God.

    Look, everyone! God’s here trolling for Romney!

  157. I’ll be sure to let my friend whose house in Belmar was destroyed that the hotel room FEMA paid for her to stay in is a lie.

  158. BarbaraL says:

    This is nonsense.  Romney is obvious in his compasssion and caring for others…total nonsense.

  159. Jen L says:

    And so the solution, according to the Shore Thing, is to vote for the guy who is worse in the areas that he complains about. Romney is refusing to state anything for the record because anything that he says will be used against him by voters.

    You’re projecting again.

  160. Jen L says:

    Wait, you don’t like liars so you like Romney?

    BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA that man gets busted lying several times per day and has stated that he won’t let his campaign be dictated by something as silly as “fact checkers.”

    With all of the conflicting information that you’ve given in the last few posts, as well as all of the misinformation in your last few posts, you’re either:
    blinded by bigotry
    paid for this terrible trolling (and I do mean terrible as in low quality)
    completely delusional

  161. Jen L says:

    People with functioning brains wait to form an opinion until they see more facts. You, on the other hand, decided that this is hyperbole before more facts are in, then attacked a group as gullible and stupid.

    Oh and by the way, “acting like it’s the Apocalypse based on five tweets by two journalists?” Nice hyperbole.

    You might want to look up “projection.”

  162. Dankjk says:

    ” take responsibility for your own lives, thats not the governments job, its yours”

  163. Geraldwalsch says:

     I don’t believe Romney would have any place in a disaster area unless he were there to volunteer time and sweat to the recovery efforts. The President has a responsibility to tour the site and see first hand the damage that was done to gauge the response that he needs to send in. Whether people like it or not (and I’m sure the President doesn’t no matter who the President is at the time) the press (with cameras) follow him everywhere he goes. I can’t say whether he treats this tour as a “photo op” or not because I’m nowhere near the inside. All I can say for sure is that I expect a President to work, and touring disaster sites that require his attention is part of that. I know that when he is doing his job that the press will be there snapping photos, asking questions, and probably getting in the way during the process.
    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not telling anybody how to feel about President Obama or trying to tell you that your opinion of the man is wrong. I don’t have that right. I just hope that you look at the world, and the people in it (The President included) with an open mind and try to see the bigger picture. Are there photos of the President touring New Jersey because he thought it would be great for his bid for re-election, or are there photos of him touring New Jersey because the press thinks they need to be attached to his hip (again, no matter who the President is at the time) every time he takes a step? For my part, I think it’s because the press is obnoxiously obtrusive, but I accept that I could be wrong.

  164. Snowy says:

    I need context.  I’m not Romney fan, but this could very easily be hyperbole.  Were they trying to leave through a non-exit area?  Was there a security issue that required the guards to block anyone’s exit?  Was this widespread and/or prolonged, or was it for just a few people and/or in a short period of time?

  165. Geraldwalsch says:

     I hope that you don’t misconstrue the intention of this reply as a way of supporting the President or defending his impotence. I’m posting strictly to give factual analysis of WHY FEMA is slow to react during natural disaster events.
    FEMA was it’s own agency with a cabinet level administrator (meaning direct access to the President) before the creation of the Department of Homeland Security, and it was good at what it did. When DHS was formed many of our agencies were rolled into DHS and became departments of DHS. FEMA is one of those agencies. FEMA lost it’s direct access to the president to the DHS Director. FEMA also lost much of its funding and programs to the main priority of preparing for terrorist disasters (these are more commonly known as technological disasters) such as the events of 9/11/2001. FEMA is really a department of DHS now. DHS is who is failing the Sandy victims right now by not allowing FEMA to operate the best way it knows how and by not budgeting resources for the priorities that FEMA is responsible for.
    I know this information doesn’t help you keep warm or feed your families, but understanding why something is the way it is and how it happened (President Bush started the DHS and rolled all those agencies into it as well as prioritizing terrorism preparation over everything else) can make you more enlightened as you decide who to blame for not receiving aid you need (Hurricane Katrina victims are familiar with this) and questions to ask about what the candidates will do to fix this in the future.
    Again, I’m not trying to be biased at all or promote one candidate over another. Yes, President Bush is responsible for taking away FEMA’s autonomy. No, President Obama has not made any real attempt during his first term to separate FEMA and fund its purpose of responding to disasters. The most that has happened is to give some responsibility to Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to design temporary housing for disaster victims. This is another agency you should be trying to contact if you are without adequate housing as a result of Sandy.

  166. SillyMe says:

     You seem to have a pretty decent internet  connection there Shore Thing. You sure you’re in Jersey? Oh wait, maybe you’re still at that rally for Romney.

  167. MeowMix says:

     Right, and Paul Ryan was actually “cleaning” those pots and pans. (look it up)

  168. MeowMix says:

     Ok, so on one hand you’re complaining about how devastating the storm damage in your area is and that you have not received any help so far. So, how exactly did you make it all the way out to this rally in Pennsylvania with your four kids? Did you use the fuel that the Obama administration sent to hard-hit areas (like mine, btw, I live in NY and yea, we got some fuel trucks out here) or did Romney personally send out his caravan to bring you and your kids out there to freeze in the cold and pose as props at HIS rally instead of freezing in your house with no heat? C’mon, pick one story already!

  169. Abcd says:

    Ignore Shore Thing, his job as a political shill ends tomorrow. He’s just sad about it.

  170.  Very good point. It’s not only Romney supporters like this.
    It’s the ones who still haven’t “made up their mind” which is absolute bs. I really think these people are going to walk in to vote and flip a coin. I do feel that everyone should vote or don’t complain but these group of people should just not vote on the Prez if you haven’t decided yet

  171. MeowMix says:

     Patrick Howe, your “facts” are actually way off as well. The unemployment rate that Bush started with in his first term, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics was 4.2% At the end of his first term, it was 5.3%, an increase of 1.1%. At the end of his second term, the unemployment rate was 7.8%, an increase of 2.1% in his second term and an increase of 3.2% during his entire presidency. So, Obama took office with this 7.8% unemployment rate and as of statistics from October, the unemployment rate was 7.9%, and increase of 0.1% in the course of one term. What these statistics say to me is that Bush started the ball rolling in a really bad direction and the current administration has been doing whatever it can to keep things from getting way out of control and to bring things back to a place of stability and equilibrium before building back up again. That makes sense to me. So far, I haven’t heard anything from the right wing that makes sense (unless of course you go to the land of make-believe, that is). Oh, btw, here is the website for the Bureau of Labor Statistics in case you feel like doing your own research:

  172. ShutupShoreThing says:

    You really should stop talking.  

  173. Shore Thing says:

    Romney is not President yet…one more day. No help has come through that is a LIE. You spew all the lies you want but the aid is not there…..all the help coming through so far has been from the local community and say whatever the hell you want….I live here and I have seen, watched and heard. I don’t like liars so obviously I don’t like obama, case closed.

  174. Shore Thing says:

    we haven’t turn it down because we haven’t gotten ANY aid….hard to turn down NOTHING

  175. Shore Thing says:

    I was there…..and I have four children and no one was stopped from leaving….haha….people were fighting to get in much to the dismay of loony liberals….

  176. ChelsieSutherland says:

    When Romney was governor of my state, MA, we dropped to 47th out of 50 for job creation, with a job growth rate of around 1.5% (compared to the national average of 5.3%). The states we beat out were Ohio (lost most of it’s manufacturing at the time), Michigan (decline of auto) and Louisiana (Hurrican Katrina). Unemployment only started to get better near the end of Romney’s term, although this had more to do with high numbers of working-age adults exiting the state’s workforce, as MA had one of the highest levels of net out-migration of any state.  

    He made severe austerity cuts to local cities and towns in 2004, some by as much as 20%, and would have been more severe if the legislature didn’t override his veto. His “cuts” included: caps in payments to medical providers (limiting payments to hospital stays to 20 days, no matter how sick the patient), rationing access of higher-priced meds to Medicaid patients, and cutting Medicaid eligibility to 36,000 people. Police forces had been cut so badly in the early years of his governorship, that crime rates in multiple cities continued to rise, to the point where Romney offered to have the state police sent out to towns worst affected. The cuts also decimated MA’s mental healthcare system: closing hospitals and health centers, raising the patient-to-counselor ratio to unsafe levels, cutting mental health services to children, employment services to the mentally ill, and leaving the number of beds at DMH-run hospitals in MA at half the level they had been at earlier in 2004.

    When Peabody asked for an emergency funding of $5mil in 2004 for a project to stop it’s chronic flooding, as part of the funding package to help repair the city from the massive floods it had already suffered, Romney vetoed it.

    Because Romney had run on not cutting taxes, he attempted to close the budget deficit by severe cuts and raising fees.  When local gov had to raise property taxes to make up for cut in funding, and residents complained, Romney signed into law legislation that allowed communities to shift the burden of property taxes from residential property owners to businesses.

    He tried to veto raising the minimum wage to $8/hr in 2006, after claiming he wanted to index the minimum wage to inflation, but the legislation overrode him.

    He tried to bring back the Death penalty to MA.

    Not to mention that he was terrible at connecting or making any relationships with the local legislatures, often greeting them incorrectly. He has managed to make himself unliked and unwelcome everywhere he has been in power, and left office in 2006 with a disapproval rating of 60%. Upon the end of his term, Romney’s staffers purchased the hard drives of their state-issued computers, and all emails were deleted from the server – even though all emails are supposed to be preserved under the Massachusetts Public Records Law.

    There’s a reason no one in MA wants him back.

  177. MeowMix says:

     You’ll notice that this is being posted on non-mainstream media, if you choose to pay attention to reality and not propaganda. So far, I haven’t seen this or heard about it on NPR, the NY Times, or even Yahoo. Nobody is talking about it. So perhaps it’s true and the media is really run by conservatives with way too much influence. Btw, I work for some of these filthy rich conservatives who invested heavily in republican campaigns this year. Guess what they do? They run and invest in a bunch of media outlets.

  178. Zzzzzzz says:

    Aravosis acting like it’s the Apocalypse based on five tweets by two journalists. This kind of laughable hyperbole might be good enough for professional progs but it’s not good enough for people with functioning brains.

  179. Look, you obviously have a lot of hatred for our president, so no matter what he does, you’re going to hate him. At this point in time, we need to come together not just as a community, but as a country. We need federal support and anyone who says otherwise is kidding themselves. 

    First of all, the federal government has shipped in thousands and thousands of gallons of gas. That, along with the gas rationing, are why the lines are significantly shorter. Secondly, FEMA is providing temporary apartments and hotel rooms, FREE OF CHARGE, for those who lost their homes. This is not just talk. A friend of mine actually received this help. Thirdly, even our Romney surrogate Governor Chris Christie has applauded and praised the President’s response to Sandy. What do you make of that? These are called facts, Shore Thing. Facts.
    I’m curious what you would have thought if Romney had come and taken a “photo-op” tour of the devastation, rather than holding a “relief rally” in Ohio. I’d rather have a leader who comes here, sees what the damage is, talks to people. Call me crazy, but that’s leadership.

  180. Anaan says:

    Shore Thing, we know that’s you. Just have a tea and sit down for a bit, hoss.

  181. silas1898 says:

     Those shore counties are pretty red.  You wonder why they haven’t turned down all this Socialist aid.

  182. really? says:

    I disagree with you.  my father works for FEMA and they have a crap ton of people out there helping.  call it a “photo op” if youd like but the disaster cant be fixed in a day, or even a week for that matter.  sorry you werent the first to be in line, but youll get youre help, just like everyone else, just like the President said.

  183. Shore Thing says:

    Excuse me Lauren I live here too. The truth is obama used helping us as a photo-op and has not  come through with any help. The only help so far is people, churches etc….try to get FEMA to help you…haha what a joke. Get a grip because just wait and see what he doesn’t do….look at staten island….those poor folks are not being helped either. WE as a community at shore have lost and  there is no help from FEMA for us!! no credit cards for food we don’t have, no help with gas, NOTHING!! WAKE UP!!!!!!!

  184. silas1898 says:

     And Dirkson would lose a Republican primary today.  Let’s recap.

    Lincoln, a Republican, frees the slaves, the south is Democratic for a century.

    LBJ, a Democrat, frees the slaves again, the south is Republican for 50 years.

    Notice the pattern?

  185. Shore Thing says:

    Bush wasn’t trying to cover up like obama. he said this attack was over a video…he is a liar… was and is terrorism….wait obama wants to bend over for the terrorists because he is a muslin and a sympathizer….obama has bailed on Israel our strongest ally…..obama is a lying piece of garbage…he was all there for a photo-op in Jersey but it was an empty promise just like everything else obama does

  186. silas1898 says:

     And just how did he trick Christie into joining him?

    And then magically got Christie to thank him.

    I want those powers!

  187. Goosemarion says:

    forgot about the 40 or so american diplomats that died overseas when bush was in office.nevermind the thousands of american troops in the irac that died for convenient you shallow minded forgetfull turd .tell me, why isint mittins seeking gw bushes endorsement? please do tell ill be waiting right here.

  188. I live on the Jersey Shore and I must say, in this case, no: we can’t take care of our own. Communities have been decimated. Whole blocks are gone. Houses are destroyed. PEOPLE HAVE DIED. To assert that we don’t need the help of the federal government because we “take care of our own” is nothing short of offensive. To my friends who lost their house, they’re not relying on a church. THEY NEED FEMA. THEY NEED GASOLINE. THEY NEED HELP. The morale boost from President Obama being here was huge. My community cheered that a president is putting his money where his mouth is and is dedicated to helping us.

    This Jersey Strong mentality is fine, but when a climate-change disaster of this proportion devastates an entire state, the federal government is not only needed, but desperately wanted. Wake up.

  189. UncleBucky says:

     Dirkson, a Republican, helped to pass the 1964 Civil Rights Act. There.

  190. MyrddinWilt says:

    I suspect that most of the people posting in this thread to blame the parents are not parents themselves and have no idea what is involved. Kids have absolutely no common sense and trying to look out for all their wants is a full time occupation. Modern kids have to be fed snacks and given water, they demand sys-admin help for their electronics, they insist on wearing the pink dress or they throw a tantrum.

    Oh and you are not allowed to hit or slap them any more, use of a taser is right out.

    If I took my kids to a rally I would expect to be able to take them home any time I choose. ANY TIME. If someone tried to stop me I would call the police right then and there. Call 911, say that you are being held against your will and I guarantee that there is going to be a reaction. Talk to the secret service, they will have people on all the entrances and exits.

  191. Don Johnson says:

    Someone needs an economics class…

  192. MeowMix says:

     Wait a second…if you’re from Jersey, what were you doing in Pennsylvania?

  193. 2 leaves says:

    Sounds like a Romney script, nice copy job.

  194. Patrick Howe says:

    me tink your facts are bit off, during Bush’s terms unemployment avg. aroumnd 5%. in the last two months we lost “800,000” jobs. How many were seasonal losses?  Now for the last 4 years we had U2 unemployment around 8% to 9%, Last month they say they created 171,000 jobs, if you divide that number by the cities with populations of over 100,000 in the US, that equals about 600 jobs per city. Now thats the facts if you please

  195. Shore Thing says:

    Yvonne, we are not complaining that he hasn’t done anything to help. We are complaining because he used our state’s devastation for a photo-op and he continues to LIE. He never wanted to help the shore because we are a conservative community and he could care less…..what he should not have done was lie to the country and say he was gonna help and then not do it. NEWSFLASH….WE ARE JERSEY STRONG AND WE TAKE CARE OF OUR OWN!!!! Church’s are helping, people are helping, the state of NJ is helping, other states have come in to help…the federal government MIA!!!

  196. Shipper782 says:

    Well asshole obviously you do not know much more about reality than the other folks who think like you.  Obama has done great things for america and it is a pity that the lies you promote has blinded you to the facts in which are all around you.  Colin Powell who is one of your own obviously can see the facts better than all of us and since he cannot justify voting for a hate mongering liar than why should I.

  197. Nebel722 says:

    Yes, yes he is.

  198. Grammar Police says:

     What qualifies as a “uniformed” voter? Police, Military, etc… Or did you mean Uninformed?

  199. Yvonne says:

    Funny how the people who don’t want government to interfere in their lives are complaining that President Obama “Hasn’t done anything to help them”

  200. Starderup says:

     Similar to how Romney had to bus in supporters because the Univision interview simply held no interest for the students on campus. He also threatened to cancel that day unless they re-taped the introduction, because he didn’t want them saying Obama gave them an hour, and Wrongme a half hour..
    The mean spiritedness alone of this guy should be a big clue as to why he is totally unfit to lead this country.
    Obama/Biden 2012 – Romney/Ryan 1040

  201. Derpaderp says:

    Are you fucking retarded?

  202. Billy Bob McCheeseburger says:

    Stupid American here, who gives a shit what a moron embracing a stereotype thinks? Having trouble accumulating wealth in your shit country? :D

  203. frank says:

    read the enumerated powers of the president under the Constitution ..seriously. Do you think the president is a 4 year king or dictator with absolute control?

  204. Shore Thing says:

    Hmmm…obama=vote for revenge (lol) Romney=vote for love of country. obama=campaigns in 08 on “hope and change”….changes nothing, makes things worse and campaigns in ’12 on division, hatred, and scare tactics. Obama ’08 “people who have to use fear tactics to campaign do NOT have a record to run on….obama is RUNNING FROM HIS RECORD because the economy has NOT improved, housing has DECLINED, he has doubled the deficit, and college students are graduating college not being able to find jobs but are in a hell of a lot of debt……..

  205. Derigo1957 says:

    No, I’m thinking, “because he is the President”. Not much that “Shore Thing” can do. The President, however, has the world’s resources at his command. Jus’ sayin’.

  206. Anonymous says:

    I find it slightly disturbing that I can’t find a single comment that isn’t filled with hate toward one party or another.

  207. colleen2 says:

     They smell like losers

  208. zapata86303 says:

    Whereas, your educated self has such a strong command of English syntax and grammar!

  209. Shore Thing says:

    I find it amusing that concerned “parents” took there children out to a rally in the cold without properly dressing them for the event(sounds like someone should report them to the authorities for doing). People were fighting to get into the rally, they were not fighting to leave…in fact people were outside the fences watching the rally because they could not get in. This just shows liberals are liars just like their liar in chief…..benghazi obama lied people died. obama left our men behind to try to save his political career. we lost american lives because obama bends over to terrorists.

  210. Hemlockandhandgrenades says:

    HAHA, you people are so ignorant and so blind , you wouldn’t see a door if it splits your heads wide open….your comments keep me entertained…please, please for the love God, keep commenting….

  211. Flash!!! Obama cornholes Colin Bowel backstage.

  212. Acer says:

     Wheras you, by taking this moment to complain about politics instead of going outside and helping with the disaster, well, clearly you despise Obama for being SO DIFFERENT from you, because HE is the political opportunist. Right?

  213. Facts, not Fiction Please says:

     You bet,  Limbaugh, Beck, Hannity and the entire Fox News Corp are nothing but a bunch of lefty lackies….  Recent job reports of 100,000 plus per month are much, much worse than Bush’s stellar -800,000 jobs per month…….Come on,  try looking at facts….

  214. Deknyc says:

     sounds more like Jonestown. They cant leave without drinking the cool aid.

  215. Fireblazes says:

    It does not matter now the story is out there. I just find it interesting that this is one of the few stories on Ablog that attracted swarms of Romney trolls. Me thinks that you doth protest too much!

  216. Shore Thing says:

    We are from Jersey and we went to the rally last night because obama came to Jersey for a photo-op with the Governor and he has FAILED to send the help we in NJ need. Obama is a liar and he could care less about the people at the Jersey shore!!!!!!!

  217. Butmantaylor says:

    I love you and your brain :) sooooo truuueee

  218. john h Jersey Strong says:

    There is nothing worse than ignorant UNIFORMED voters. Four years of nobama=no damn jobs. four years of nobama=benghazi, four years of nobama=FAST AND FURIOUS. anyone who votes for nobama is ignorant and an uniformed voter….lacking education!

  219. Miles Taylor says:

    You do realise those are reporters at the event that are tweeting, don’t you? As I’d hate to think you were reinforcing stereotypes held in the wider world that Americans were stupid.

  220. john h Jersey Strong says:

    This is the biggest piece of horse crap I have ever seen. I was there last night and that is a lie and left wing propoganga….typical liberal LIES!!!!

  221. Mike says:

    Has the media become an extension of the left wing branch of our government?

  222. Nursehenri says:

    I cannot believe this. Just think what Romey will do if he is elective. Ism sure the budget will be cut. No one will get any incentives, he will hold on to them too. Saying bread and water is enough
    We need to pray for him and his staff.

  223. Tfire says:

    I’m sure his arrival caused the temperature to drop considerably.

  224. Shanghai14 says:

    …furthermore, no one gets frostbite in 10 minutes in 41+ degrees F

  225. Shanghai14 says:

    Are you people truly suggesting that anyone would be dumb enough to go out in PA in November and expect anything other than cold?  Come on people!  those parents did not take there kids out in the cold unprepared, this is a bull crap story and that’s the truth!

  226. Saljen says:

    Now you know how it feels to be a democrat in America.

  227. USAGuest says:

    We are silly americans wearing overalls and buying the white hype… im white btw and wear overalls, just not buying the slop anymore… Look at the state divides for party support- civil war like much?

  228. Shanghai14 says:

    And Obama isn’t?  misled like a little slave

  229. olandp says:


  230. Shanghai14 says:

    You know you are telling the truth when you get called a “nasty ahole” by a lefty! HAHAHA!  Keep telling the truth Danny!  They cant take it so they start being the follower children they are and call pitiful names.  what a shame.

  231. Jesse Davis says:

    Corey ‏@CoreyCWOMG! Romney campaign rally happening right now in PA outdoors, very cold, & Romney staffers are trying to force ppl to stay. [email protected]  Reply  Retweet  Favorite
    11hJackie Kucinich ‏@[email protected] that isn’t what happened

  232. Jesse Davis says:

    This has to be absolutely factual, I mean look at those tweets, totally cant be photo shopped  I mean whatever you do, don’t use that phone to call for help, to film what is going on or in the very least to beat the person that is endangering your child so that you can get to a safe place. 

  233. FritoLaid says:

    You forget the little bit of time he took away from the campaign to assist Christie, Republicans said he was disorganized and knew he was going to lose. You can’t win with you guys.

  234. Shanghai14 says:

    Only an idiot would take there kids to a rally without cold weather gear in the Penn State in November…no more to be said.

  235. olandp says:

    All they have to do is start chanting Obama,Obama, or start using facts, and they will be thrown out.

  236. Shanghai14 says:

    You nailed it Danny!  I had two friends there and they said the temp was around 41 degrees F….a jacket and mittens on any kid would prevent a chill and nevermind “FROST BITE” !  This crock of lies is obviously a lefty whirl of the dervish

  237. Prot says:

    Wat… try to understand american voters: Failed.

    How can people consider voting Romney? He’s one piece of shit and the whole world knows about it. I dont know if that stuff here is true or not, and i dont care. His speeches are true though. That should be enough to make him lose the Vote by about 99%…
    How can the “style” of a person, the hype and the advertisment be affecting enough, that it doesnt matter what candidates stand for?

    Thats simply not imaginable in nearly every other country.

  238. DOmega says:

    Serves them right for supporting that lunatic.

  239. Heidi says:

    Dear Anonymous Soldier, thank goodness the majority of our men and women who serve see what a wonderful President Obama is and will vote for our  POTUS. My husband served in the Persian Gulf War “82nd Airborne” under Bush Senior when you were wearing diapers. Do not try and make Benghazi and issue, no matter how you Republicants try and make it one…it will never be an issue. Under Republican President Bush, 3,000 of our American citizens were murdered on American soil and lets not forget how awful Hurricane Katrina was handled and how our people were left to suffer without help for days upon days…WHERE WAS YOUR OUTCRY THEN????? Like I said, Benghazi is not and never will be an issue. You also need to quit lying, our President has been very supportive and has visited with the troops many times and you are a LIAR!!!! ANONYMOUS SOLDIER, I WOULD SUGGEST YOU GO BACK TO SCHOOL BECAUSE WE THE PEOPLE WILL NOT CONTINUE SUPPORTING UNNECESSARY WARS JUST SO YOU CAN HAVE A JOB, NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!!!! MY HUSBAND A PERSIAN GULF WAR VETERAN  AND MYSELF ARE VOTING FOR PRESIDENT OBAMA!!!!

  240. Shanghai14 says:

    They failed to be accurate here, I had to Philli Friends who were there tell me this whole story is a cooked up crock of lies….just because the Dems print it doesn’t make it true.

  241. HEIDI says:

    Dear Anonymous Soldier, thank goodness the majority of our men and women who serve see what a wonderful President Obama is and will vote for out POTUS. My husband served in the Persian Gulf War “82nd Airborne” under Bush Senior when you were wearing diapers. Do not try and make Benghazi and issue, no matter how you Republicants try and make it one…it will never be an issue. Under Republican President Bush, 3,000 of our American citizens were murdered on American soil and lets not forget how awful Hurricane Katrina was handled and how our people were left to suffer without help for days upon days…WHERE WAS YOUR OUTCRY THEN????? Like I said, Benghazi is not and never will be an issue. You also need to quit lying, our President has been very supportive and has visited with the troops many times and you are a LIAR!!!! ANONYMOUS SOLDIER, I WOULD SUGGEST YOU GO BACK TO SCHOOL BECAUSE WE THE PEOPLE WILL NOT CONTINUE SUPPORTING UNNECESSARY WARS JUST SO YOU CAN HAVE A JOB, NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!!!! MY HUSBAND A PERSIAN GULF WAR VETERAN  AND MYSELF ARE VOTING FOR PRESIDENT OBAMA!!!!

  242. Randan333 says:

    You want to support a candidate that vows to dictate what actions you will be allowed perform, this is how it’s done.  Enjoy it, you want it, for all of us.

  243. skabbo says:

    Just gonna assume you don’t live here, but posting from Brooklyn, I can
    assure you that Obama did as much for the NY/NJ area after the storm as a
    president could possibly be expected to do.  The ‘photo op’ you mention
    was their first face-to-face meeting after Obama had gotten on the
    phone with him repeatedly during and after the storm to see if the state
    needed any additional assistance that Obama could help expedite. 
    free to hate him all you want to, but don’t use us up here in NY/NJ as
    pawns for your political spin; *everyone* I’ve talked to up here
    appreciates his response.

  244. Ondra Gössel says:

    That is disgusting. What the hell is going on there?

  245. samiinh says:

    Sounds like Germany in the 1930s.

  246. kvandizzle is a troll says:


  247. They should be allowed to leave regardless of whether they had ill children or not.  You cannot keep people from leaving for whatever reason they are free to go as they please from a public event or private for that matter.

  248. You're an idiot says:

     So children should never go out if the temperatures are too cold, on the off chance that some random “security personnel” are going to keep them out in the cold for much longer than they should be?  That goes along with the same logic as “because there is a small chance a stranger could kidnap my child, I will never let them leave the house.”  The parents are in no way in the wrong here, and saying they are is just plain old ignorant.  When I was a kid, I went to an outdoor event in the dead of winter at Willow Grove Naval Air Base (PA).  Maybe 4 years old.  You know what my parents were allowed to do when I got too cold?  TAKE ME AWAY FROM THE COLD.  Romney and his staff are completely in the wrong, and the parents are in no way in the wrong, and to say otherwise indicates your extreme bias.

  249. Anna says:

     The funny thing is that if America really does let Romney win, the rest of the ACTUAL free world will laugh at you.

  250. Mgm5606 says:

    I’m afraid they are correct about the photoshopping. I saw one photo of a rally and clearing a third of the “crowd” was photoshopped. Either that or about 50 pairs of identical twins attended and sat in the same rows across the rally.

  251. Heffethx says:

    Man you sure are one nasty ahole

  252. murican! says:

    You act as though these rednecks care about science or facts of any kind.

    Spouting science at them only confuses their tiny minds.

  253. Dharker31 says:

    The best advice I can give them is if they are being held against their will and feel their children are in danger is to use their phone that they are tweeting on to call 911 its drastic but it will get them and their child out of there they can be charged with child endangerment if anything were to happen to your child.

  254. Deano says:

    Yes, you don’t need to have ANY reason, much less a “good” one, to leave a public or private event.  In America, you have the right to leave an event without having to give a reason.  So, it’s completely irrelevant to make points about the health and welfare of the children, or the legal right for parents to take children to ER’s if there is a health concern because the point is: you do not need any reason to have the right to leave an event! 

  255. silverphoenix says:

    Go ahead America. Give this guy an axe so he can personally cut your head off and shit down your neck.

  256. Moonshadow2378 says:

     And just because her father is a democrat doesn’t necessarily mean that she is too. Also she was there to do her job as a reporter for USA Today..

  257. Sage on the Hudson says:

    The weather’s not nearly as cold as Romney, himself.

  258. Bobbert says:

     It’s called FEMA.

  259. Visco Santium says:

    Ummm, did you want the President to pitch a tent in Jersey and spend the month there until the recovery is complete?  don’t you think it would serve the president better to get back to DC so he can, you know, run the country…  make decisions… sign some orders?

  260. Knowitalldouche says:

    False imprisonment and kidnapping are legally two different things. Kidnapping involves moving a person without his or her consent. This situation is false imprisonment because they are not being moved, but rather their freedom of movement is being violated. 

  261. Marcus2012 says:

    He was a writer for the New York Times, and he seems pretty Pro-Rmoney.

  262. Ithinksomepeopleneedtothink says:

    Bush took 1020 complete vacation days, which already debunks your stupid comment. Now even Bush’s flights to Texas were 5 times the price that Obama spent on his vacations. 

  263. Steve Cox says:

    You are an idiot. Also these people were Republicans, you can not expect them to think or use common sense.

  264. Marcus2012 says:

    I don’t care if it was negative, and their parents took them out there naked, it’s taking hostages and this is SERIOUSLY fucked up, holy shit, could he possibly expect to actually win? He’s been a joke for months now, but this takes the whole fucking cake.

  265. Vandigo says:

     I got frostbite on one of my feet when it was 40 degrees outside a couple years back. It DOES happen. I’m living proof. All it takes is being prepared for slightly warmer weather, or in my case being in a cold climate during a season where anything above 30 is too warm for a coat anymore. . . . Definitely my stupidity on that one, but after a deep freeze 40 felt like a heat wave.

  266. Mulberrygirl says:

     Not sure about biased, but their argument is ridiculous. Since when are we required to stay at a public event against our will?  What in the world is wrong with people wanting to leave? What is right about them being forced to stay?

  267. Glenn Olson says:

    Yes, I’ll grant that it was shortsighted to bring one’s children out there in the first place.  Doesn’t speak well of Republican supporters in the first place, but let’s set that aside for now for a more important question:
    How in the hell does that even come close to excusing the refusal to let them out after the fact?

  268. Mulberrygirl says:

     Ummm…are you kidding me? Who says you have to stay for the whole rally? They should be free to do as they please. You are ridiculous and not too bright. The people don’t even have to state a reason for leaving, why would you thik it was ok for them to be kept captive and not be allowed to leave? What is wrong with you?

  269. usa says:

    and yet they’re being stopped from leaving when they choose to.

  270. Vandigo says:

     Even a child can spot where there were “clones of the crowd” in a lot o the pictures. I know, I asked a 6 year old to see if she saw anything in a picture, and she pointed out three spots that were cloned from other spots int he crowd. That particular one was a Nevada rally.

  271. Naja pallida says:

    Except Bush Jr., who had more than twice as many vacation days at the same point in his Presidency… but granted, it is a lot easier to tank an economy than bring one back. It isn’t like he had any major issues to deal with during his time that could have benefited from him paying more attention to his job.

  272. John Seitz says:


      They voted to go to war. Because the war lasted longer than was anticipated, they had to appropriate more money to continue paying for it. Neither Biden nor Obama voted to finance the war on credit. They opposed it.

      By the way……….. the reason we initially went to war was to defeat Al-Qaeda and kill Bin Laden. Strange that you would be embarrassed by the man who gave the order to actually complete the mission.

  273. Stan Johnson says:

     How was Kvandizzle being biased?

  274. Kvandizzle says:

     I agree that if the parents did go against better judgement by taking their children out into potentially cold conditions (If you live in PA you already know that it gets cold quickly. People are acting so naive) they should have been able to leave. I am not disagreeing about that part.

  275. dannyvice says:

    Oh yes…  The old faithful Dem argument about big oil.  Missing from your blather is the fact that big oil has gas prices that are twice what they were when Obama was elected.  But you go ahead with your conspiracy theories.  The EPA is about to regulate the coal industry almost out of existence by late November.  They are working on policies right now, so they will be locked in regardless of who is elected.

    Obama directly lied to the American people about that during the debates.  I have a friend that works for the EPA, and Obama wants coal production shut down, and they’ll do it by regulating it to death.

    But I agree with you.  If Obama is elected, unemployment won’t ever see 6%

    It’s really too bad you are stinking up the state of Missouri.  But I’m glad very few Missourians share your leftist views.

  276. Foxygrimreapess says:

    Do you know why the people at the rally are being denied their rights to leave?

  277. John Seitz says:


      Do you know why big oil has donated so much money to Romney’s campaign? It’s not because they believe he will fix the economy. It’s because they are afraid President Obama will.

     They make more money on a bad economy than on a working economy. There was a bill passed that states the EPA can not pass any more regulations that would negatively effect their profits, until unemployment gets below 6.0%. 

     They need Romney to win because they know unemployment will not get anywhere near as low as 6.0 if he is elected.

     Wake up!

  278. Tony says:

    Did I say I support Obama or Romney I never said any of that I was responding to a fallacious argument about temperature and frostbite this is not a politically motivated post.

  279. Cactuar says:

    Er, do her job? As a /politics/ reporter? At USA Today, where she works? Maybe?

  280. Did you see how they were dressed? They probably deserved it. 

    Now where have I heard that before…?

  281. ExiledinKansas says:

    Well, that should cost them a few votes.  Got to love these ‘compassionate conservatives”

  282. John Seitz says:


       The only reason he was in Pennsylvania is because he is desperate to pick up electoral votes now that Ohio is no longer a possibility. They thought they would have a lot of money to flood the airwaves in Ohio the final few days, but when they went to buy more air time in Ohio, they found out that there was no air time left to sell. LMAO at their stupidity.

        If he thought he had a chance in Ohio, he wouldn’t have even gone to Pennsylvania. He doesn’t have a chance in Pennsylvania either. :)

  283. John Seitz says:

    dannyvice:……and everyone (except multiple marriage Giulianni) involved in New Jersey and New York has said that President Obama continues to be involved and is accessible. 

       Maybe you have heard of it………. there is an invention called a “cell phone.” President Obama has spent hours on his while campaigning……… or as his campaign has told the press, the President of the United States is capable of doing two things at once.

  284. Papa Bear says:

     Yes.  Commonly called kidnapping.

  285. John Seitz says:

    Maybe you should pay attention to what you are reading before making ignorant biased comments Kvandizzle.

    The “tweets” above, were made by a reporter for the New York Times, and a reporter for USA Today, not by people whining on twitter or facebook.

    Furthermore, the rally started more than an hour late because the Romney campaign had air travel delays. The people who went the rally were prepared had it started on time. Once it got to be too late and too cold for them, they decided to leave, only to be told they could not.

  286. Foxygrimreapess says:

    I don’t know how much you know about people with their freedom.  You probably just know the ‘Freedom of Speech’ and that’s it.  People are suppose to be free to attend and leave a POLITICAL RALLY.  And while these people were free to attend, they are being denied their freedom to LEAVE.  And that denied freedom is not only having everyon in false imprisonment, but is actually risking the lives of many children and possibly adults.  These tweets above are from the Media.  And people who are in the rally WANTING to get their now health endangered children to the ER should make a call to the Police so that the security officers, AKA Romney’s Staff, can give them their freedom again.  You don’t seem to know much about common sense since you’re bitching about how people are trying to get their children more involved with politics, and are clearly being punished for such actions.  The common sense
    here is that the people in the audiance should be calling for the Police, instead of using their phones to make random tweets about ‘this sucks’.

  287. Chris says:

    What is this I hear??? People are supposed to rely on government to rescue them? What happened to taking responsibility and pulling yourself up by your own boot straps? Sandy was not exactly a surprise, so why stand around and wait for some government agency to rescue you?

  288. Foxygrimreapess says:

    I actually want to know why people are being denied their right to leave the rally when the STATE LAW is suppose to allow the parents to take their children to the ER if any adult suspects that the childs health is in danger.  What is SO FUCKING IMPORTANT that it should endanger the life of a child, and the cost of an election?  Yes, actions like this do wave AGAINST the political party in an electorial race.

  289. You'rewrong says:

    I’m sure it wasn’t freezing when they first got to the rally. 

  290. I get what you’re saying, but people should have the right to get their frostbitten children back home without pushing through a security guard. When you attend a rally you aren’t signing a contract preventing you to leave before it’s over.

  291. dantes44 says:

    Keep believing that.

    And please have no sharp objects within reach on Nov. 7th.

  292. dantes44 says:

    Don’t know your political leanings, but LOVE your comment.

  293. Arvol says:

     Don’t forget that Romney advocates photoshop all his rally pictures to make them appear bigger than they really are!

  294. Jaiyetaylor says:

    At least he showed up on time….

  295. Anacoluthia says:

    Wow, you’re really stupid. It is your right to leave an event you chose to attend at any time, regardless of whether that event is over. I actually can’t wrap my head around how stupid you are. “Common sense” is assuming you will be allowed to leave the premises whenever you choose based on the fact that the USA is a free country.

  296. Akira Bear says:

    Are you freaking kidding me?

  297. Tanzigirl says:

     We need neither one…Obama has done the country no good what so ever..if he gets into office we will have further devastation to our economy, Obama-care is a nightmare and foreign policy issues..not to mention he is lies..With Romney we would also have issues with the economy..No one but the rich would be able to go to college and get an I guess that only people with money matter..he flip flops on obama-care..again a nightmare..cannot make up his mind on gun control, feels gay people should not get married (yea because that should be what the government is worried about with the countries issues right now!)..OH YEA AND FEELS A WOMAN HAS NO RIGHT TO CHOOSE WHAT TO DO WITH HER OWN BODY! We have dumb and dumber..go check out these guys do some research, do not just go vote for the lesser of two evils..he is STILL evil…

  298. Liona Rowan says:

    isn’t that false imprisonment?  

  299. dannyvice says:

     No, desperation is democrats showing up at a Romney rally, tweeting complete bogus stories because Romney crowds are at over capacity.  Although I do believe your claim of loving things that smell.

  300. dannyvice says:

     This wasn’t a media report.  Jackie Kucinich is the daughter of Democrat Dennis Kucinich.  Now what do you suppose she was hoping to accomplish at a Romney Rally?  Bingo.

  301. Ras says:

    I agree…and it will be a sad day in American History if Romney and his child side kick win.

  302. Kvandizzle says:

    Regardless of the political views of people if it is 42 degrees out and you are ignorant enough to put your children at risk taking them into cold temperatures knowing how long a rally usually lasts I can not feel sorry for you. I do however feel sorry for your children but whining on twitter or facebook because of a choice YOU made makes you look ignorant. I did not read all of the previous comments but a few caught my eye like a person who stated they was at the rally with their 1 year old and 3 year old children. What the heck were you thinking? Your children should matter more than going to a political rally that you could find information about online. Seriously. I am not going to apologize for being harsh because of people getting their panties in a twist due to how “politically correct” this country has become. I just can not believe that this is a story at all. Grow up, use common sense, be a better parent by not taking your children out when it is potentially too cold for them, and take responsibility for your own actions rather than blaming someone else. Nobody made you go to the rally!

  303. dannyvice says:

     Then tell that to the secret service.  They do it at Obama rallies as well.  It’s a safety measure that I’m sure they don’t intend to change.  But while we’re on the subject of cold, how about those folks in New Jersey that have been without power, blankets and food for a week now.  Obama flew in for his photo opp with Christie, then flew right back out.  A week later, new jersey residents are scraping food out of dumpsters to survive.  It is below freezing in New Jersey tonight.  I note you didn’t spend one moment considering their well being since it doesn’t fit into your stupid political narrative.

  304. Well. This, like most political comments, show how most of the american public are stupid assholes. Do you people really think of everything as “right wingers” and “left wingers”? You can’t fit people into 2 tightly knit categories, it doesn’t work. Having our whole government based on only 2 parties basically being able to achieve any political success is detrimental to democracy. And anyone who thinks in pure “left” or “right” are fucking morons.

  305. dantes44 says:

    LOL. Desperation is when you try to float a story that EVIL ROMNEY is holding kids against their will. You lefties really need some psychiatric help.

    Have you even seen the events? Romney 20k plus while Barry is struggling to get 2K.

  306. dannyvice says:

     Fine, Tony, then why don’t you have a word with the secret service about it.  They do this at Obama rallies as well for the President’s safety.    And while you’re at it, why don’t you ask Obama why there are people in New Jersey who have been out in the cold for a week now without power or even the FEMA support they were promised?   Obama flew in for his photo opp and then left them behind to scrape for food out of dumpsters.

  307. Billyrouth2000 says:

    Shows how stupid you are.

  308. Debra says:

    Some of his rally photos are photoshopped with more crowds than were really there. Geez.

  309. says the pro binders full of women guy.

  310. Billyrouth2000 says:

    You won’t have children because you’ll just murder them first.

  311. Tony says:

    It wasn’t an attack on Romney it was a response to the person who thinks that 45° is not cold enough to get hypothermia or frostbite. if you’re standing around and people did wait around for hours, a young child standing around for two hours in that kind of temperature can turn into a dangerous situation. If people want to leave and they cannot and they begin to panic, well panic can increase heart rate and blood flow, that’s reducing blood flow in the extremities sending it to the core to keep vital organs safe. When you are cold you’re cold you want to get the bleep out of wherever you are.

  312. Billyrouth2000 says:

    You won’t because its not true, just more fear mongering before the election. Its the only thing they have left, after even their liberal News papers started endorsing Romney today

  313. thanks for the info – without taking a position on who I support the media has a responsibility to accurately report events.

  314. Fireblazes says:

     I love the smell of desperate Romney supporters in the morning,

  315. NotFan says:

    Retard … retard … retard … REEEEETAAAAARD!

  316. Rusty Parker says:

    You mean, proud to try and support he who can’t even keep his ideals straight for even a year? Right, and Obama’s support is full of lies. Voting for someone who will rip rights away from half the people in this country just to keep taxes off the rich will not fix anything in this country. We don’t need another Bush, and that is exactly what Romney is.

  317. Billyrouth2000 says:

    As A doctor, nope not cold enough.

  318. dannyvice says:

     Actually yes, I’ve been to three of them…  And yes, this is standard procedure at rallies idiot.  And several people who attended that rally have already come to this blog to refute what was said…..  and if that’s not enough for you, the author of this idiotic story sent a retweet, stating himself that the secret service was the group holding the gate until Romney and his staff left. 

  319. Rusty Parker says:

    Right. And if there was an actual security reason and not some excuse like security saying “It’s not cold,” I would be all for it. Sadly, it wasn’t the case. Do you really think LEAVING is a security risk for a rally  No, not at all. In fact, staying is since more people are likely still coming in. There was no security risk, just simple entrapment from misguided security that was trained improperly intentionally. 

  320. Fireblazes says:

     Your caps key is stuck.

  321. Kyle says:

    Your right. The man sat in the sit room and watched those men fight for their life. Never sending help. Just knowing that this so called President let those beautiful people die is a sin/ Hes no good. What he did to all of us in the last four years, is disgusting. He should just go back to Kenya where he was born, Comes here as an exchange student. gets a false SS card from the state of Mass. Yea. right he was born in Hawaii Smartin up folks he is nothing but joke that fooled everyone who voted for him

  322. Billyrouth2000 says:

    Dana, You are a woman, yes? If you vote Democrat you are so fucking stupid I don’t understand how you`re still alive, because the liberals would of aborted you.

  323. dannyvice says:

     That’s why they are doing this Lauren.  Romney crowds are swelling far past capacity – while they are having to bus in union members to fill the stands at Obama rallies.  Notice only Democrat surrogates tweeted this nonsense.  You don’t see a single person on the news complaining to a camera anywhere – that’s because there weren’t any complaints.  We show up because we want to show up, not because some union boss is forcing us to go. 

  324. DrunkenOrangetree says:

     Why is it that you inevitably cut slack for the guy at the top. You know, I’ve got no problem with kinky dominance play, but I don’t pretend that I’ve got to run my world that way.

  325. PLUMBOB6 says:

    Your the  one that said your ashamed not me.There is no dought that you did work your ass off like all service members do to wear the uniform.But like anyone that does their job  i wouldn’t want the person next to me do be ashamed of what they are doing whether it is in a fox hole or painting a house

  326. dannyvice says:

     spoken like a true sheep who will believe anything her Democrat plantation owners tell her.

  327. dannyvice says:

     The campaign did not hold anyone for hours and hours.  Go to an Obama rally.  The secret service holds the gate at all rallies until Obama has left the parking lot.  It’s a safety measure to protect the candidate bonehead.    There are enough issues to talk about, trying to turn something idiotic like this into some kind of an attack on Romney is weak.

    And I don’t trust a word of it, since the only one’s tweating about it are democrats who unceremoniously show up at a Romney rally.  Jackie Cucinich is an Obama surrogate and the daughter of Democrat congressman Dennis Cucinich. 

  328. Conhater says:

    How the F%$K would you know Vice were you there??

  329. Chipenguin says:

    The fact remains that the temperature was 42 degrees, which is cold, and cause enough for some people who want to leave after spending lots of time outside, and no security protocol exists that forces people to stay at a certain place against their will. You simply cannot make the argument that it was “not cold” or that “there were security measures in place”.

  330. Naja pallida says:

    I always thought that the politicians that truly supports the troops are the ones that do not want to create any new war veterans.

  331. jess says:

    the temperatures don’t have to be freezing for a person to be uncomfortably cold.  A person can become hypothermic at 60 F if they are not dressed for the weather. 

  332. Concerned College Student says:

    Besides the fact I can’t even handle some of the comments below, I would like to know a lot more about this. Like a video or some facts from somewhere. It makes me so sad that people can say such hurtful things to other people that they categorize as ‘left’ and ‘right’ just because they believe in something different. People can believe what they want, no matter what. If the rally wasn’t letting people leave, that is bad. But if it was for a security reason, I entirely get it. Regardless of whether you are left or right, security is important for a candidate even if you don’t believe in their beliefs, they shouldn’t be subject to vulnerabilities because of that. Sorry for having a little rant, Just wanted to make myself heard is all 

  333. Tony says:

    Laws of science? Read my post above smart guy.

  334. Dottie says:

    Dottie Smith I’m going to go back with the whole colored, niggas, negros, black, African American. I’m full of a little this that family of every color shade and free. I would have gone to jail if they had done this to me much less my babies people know how crazy I am over my kids. The wrong people their. I would have done whatever it took to let him know this is free country.
    about an hour ago · Edited · Like

  335. Dottie says:

    Dottie Smith I’m going to go back with the whole colored, niggas, negros, black, African American. I’m full of a little this that family of every color shade and free. I would have gone to jail if they had done this to me much less my babies people know how crazy I am over my kids. The wrong people their. I would have done whatever it took to let him know this is free country.
    about an hour ago · Edited · Like

  336. Missi says:

    I’m not on either side of this argument when it comes to politics, but I just wanted to point out that frostbite is possible in temperatures even up to 45 degrees with hypothermia occurring even at 60 degrees.  It does not need to be freezing to still feel the health effects of cold.

  337. Tony says:

    If people are standing around for hours and there’s wind there is a windchill factor ever heard of frostnip very easy to get frostbite especially in children. You also have to take into consideration factors like nutrition, hydration, clothing. you’re a moron.

  338. Kgjkhjg says:

    who cares, Romney is a dictator in disguise. 

  339. cole3244 says:

    if you belong to the gop you support fascism plain and simple, simple enough for even a goper to understand.

  340. Laurengolis says:

    I was at the rally tonight, with a 1 yr old and a 3 yr old. 30,000 people were excited to be supporting Romney and his campaign. We were so far back that we couldn’t hear very well and when my kids were ready to leave we left- no one was holding anyone back. There were at least 25+ bathrooms (one paper said there were none) and everyone I saw was enduring the cold with a smile. It was a memorable night for all of us. Obamedia is upset that Romney received such an enormous turnout in PA and is trying to create lies to take away the positive momentum of the night. We the people are smarter than that! * Proud to be American and Proud to VOTE Romney Ryan on Tuesday!*

  341. Billyrouth2000 says:

    Breaking: Obama is not a U.S citizen. Source – Joe Arpaio, Ex CIA, Ex FBI, Obamas Grandma, Obama himself

  342. Dottie says:

    Dottie Smith I’m going to go back with the whole colored, niggas, negros, black, African American. I’m full of a little this that family of every color shade and free. I would have gone to jail if they had done this to me much less my babies people know how crazy I am over my kids. The wrong people their. I would have done whatever it took to let him know this is free country.
    about an hour ago · Edited · Like

  343. straightnotnarrow says:

    Well, let’s look at the comment here. “Shattering the laws of science.” I’m a scientist, a physician in fact. And while one is unlikely to suffer from true frost bite (frozen devitalized tissue), one is perfectly capable of suffering from chillblains at temps well above the freezing point. This causes a painful inflammatory lesion and I think a lay person would be fair to fear frostbite not knowing the difference.

  344. dantes44 says:

    Lol. The left is desperate for ANYTHING.

  345. Billyrouth2000 says:

    Don’t forget the 100 rounds of golf played for 4 hours each time, while Americans are out of work.

  346. Bill Kelly says:

    Ashley Parker ‏@AshleyRParker
    To be clear, the people asking to leave were delayed because of security concerns — not bc of a Romney staff decision.
     Retweeted by Michael Barbaro

  347. dannyvice says:

    Okay idiot leftists…  Here’s a news flash for you.  Every single campaign rally holds at least one gate – and usually it’s all the gates – until the candidate and his/her staff leaves the area.  It’s a safety measure that is set up – not by campaign staffers – but the secret service.  This story is a load of bs. from top to bottom.  Temperatures were nowhere near freezing.    

  348. Billyrouth20000 says:

    Bush didn’t lie and blame a video, Bush also didn’t pull security during the anniversary of 9-11

  349. adchristian1977 says:

    No they don’t. If they wanted to leave they should have been allowed to leave. Bottom line.

  350. Billyrouth2000 says:

    Of course its made up, its what the left does best.

  351. dannyvice says:

     No one held anyone against their will.  All campaigns hold the gate for about 10 minutes after the speech so the candidate and their staff can safely move out of the area. 

  352. 666 says:

    Are you really trying to justify them not being able to leave with “they should have been properly dressed for the cold” or “they shouldn’t have been out at all”? Are you kidding me?

  353. dannyvice says:

    The twitter hoe above is no other than the daughter of Democrat Dennis Kucinich.  Now what would she be doing at a Romney rally except to try to cause trouble 2 days before an election.  Oh, and I looked it up.  The temperatures were nowhere near freezing.  Believe a democrat at your own peril

  354. Billyrouth2000 says:

    desperate liberals making things up, all because herds of people have been walking out on Obummer.

  355. Avedon says:

    You forgot the attack on the World Trade Center, Saramis – 3,000 dead.

  356. Red_cted says:

    He could be using a teletype machine, or work for National Weather Service

  357. Billyrouth2000 says:

    This coming from someone who supports Joe Biden.

  358. Lov446 says:

    how long did it take to find out the what-where and why for 9-11??

  359. crystal says:

    Bush had over 11 embassies attacked under his watchful eye.. with over 50 people killed and nobody even noticed!!

  360. Annon says:

    Nobody needs to say anything to make Mitt look bad. He’s said enough himself.

  361. Justembers says:

    People who use the word “retard” need to be bitch slapped then kicked in the nuts with steel toe boots. Ignorant jerk.

  362. zach says:

    This is not true….. They wouldn’t hold people against their will…. Bunch of liberals trying to lie to make mitt look bad before Tuesday

  363. An Anonymous Citizen says:

    I tip my hat to you ma’am. A lot of people on this site are attacking you for your opinions.
    I agree with you on your stance that neither one of the choices are optimal and would like to congratulate you on voting “independent.” I totally understand what you are trying to say, and I wish people would try and understand what you are saying.
    Especially, since the Left always bill themselves as the more caring and understanding. I don’t see them trying to care about the people at the rally. I see them trying to turn this into a statistic they can spin. I wish they wouldn’t because it reminds me so much of the Right. A couple of people at the rally complained, because it was probably a long, cold, and tiring day. They are now apologizing for making people worry about them. When, it wasn’t that bad of a situation. Unfortunately, those people are now forgotten about in the righteous fervor to get revenge.
    I wish more people would not just believe everything someone says to them, because they share a political party.

  364. hollywoodstein says:

    i guess there is just no more air time to purchase so they unleashed a troll army.  Gotta get the commissions from the billion dollar rubes. 

  365. hollywoodstein says:

    Who let the Trolls out, woof woof.

  366. Naja pallida says:

    Being disappeared would probably be better than another four years of Republicans intentionally making everyone in this country suffer, while they’re cheered on by people too ignorant to know any better.

  367. hollywoodstein says:

    Anonymouse Personae,  You more than anyone have seen from the inside what a misguided adventure war can be.  Fifty Thousand casualties and 3 Trillion dollars and to what end?  Fifty thousand casualties so no Americans will be killed by the bad guys.  Making more terrrrrists by killing civilians and woman and children?  Spending Trillions over there so we don’t have to spend them over here.

    GF plz, war is a racket.  You are defending Halliburton’s profits, not the Consitution or anyones freedom.  Make certain your war is a just war before you pick up a gun. 

  368. Derrick Mains says:

    45 degrees in Philly and people are frost bitten not only is Romney a monster but he can work miracles by shattering the laws of science and causing people to get frostbite at temperatures far greater than any know case of frostbite in human history this man is a god and evil god!!

  369. Axelrod says:

    this is actually quite funny

  370. Lisa says:

    We don’t need video for proof he is a liar!  Bold face liar at that!  I honestly don’t believe this bullshit story.