Romney offends another ally: Italy

Mitt Romney has offended yet another important US ally, this time Italy.

We learn via AGI, one of the top Italian wire services, that Romney, while speaking yesterday in Roanoke, Virginia had a few choice words for Italy:

Speaking at an campaign rally in Roanoke, Republican presidential candidate, Mitt Romney, took aim at President Obama by citing Greece, Italy and Spain as examples of countries that the U.S. will end up like:

“If you are a big company and are thinking of making a large investment, you have to ask yourself, ‘Is America going down the same road as Greece?’ Are we heading for a great economic crisis like the ones we are seeing in Europe, Italy and Spain, and in other parts of the world?’ If we continue to spend $1 trillion more than we take in, America will find itself on that same road.”

HuffPo reports that the Italians were ticked, and boy are they. I went around and looked at the top Italian papers, and almost all of them have given Romney’s attack on Italy front-page billing.  I speak Italian, almost all of them quote Romney saying “With Obama, we will become like Italy.”  A number of them also used a nasty photo of Romney I’d not seen before.

Now remember, this isn’t the first time Romney has insulted an important US ally.

Romney’s poor management skills weren’t a gaffe, they’re a feature.

Look at his foreign trip. His big chance to prove himself on the world stage. What did Romney do? He offended the British, insulted both the Israelis and the Palestinians, and then desecrated a Polish holy site for good measure. By the time his trip was finished, all three countries were ready for Romney to self-deport asap.

And now we welcome the Italians to the wreckage of foreign relationships that is Hurricane Romney.

Here are several of the front pages from a number of the top Italian papers :

Corriere della Sera

Corriere della Sera

Il Giornale

Il Giornale

Il Messaggero

Il Messaggero

La Repubblica

La Repubblica

La Stampa

La Stampa





Il Gazzettino

Il Gazzettino

Il Resto del Carlino

Il Resto del Carlino

Il Secolo XIX

Il Secolo XIX

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16 Responses to “Romney offends another ally: Italy”

  1. Gene Housley says:

    well now !!   i wonder why hussane obama has only 5  milatary elites in his corner leftys, and  romney has over 200 at last count ! in his corner ? could it be our generals put more trust in romney ! i am sure you leftys think so as well , you leftys better hope because i know you dont pray ! unless its to hussane obama , that this country never has a cival war , most of you leftys dont have guns and would not know to use them if you did !  you bunch of morons , we the right side own all the fire power leftys and we know how to use it  girls, our milatary would never side with you bunch of wussies , and we would have you morons on your knees ,  get it we rule this place ,

  2. Chris says:

    He’s the BIGGEST Plutocrat IDIOT I have ever seen. Funny how poor white uneducated racist people seem to be eating up how much good he is gonna do for them! It is a real shame! The wealthy people… Well we know why they want Robme in. The money is floating the right way for them!

  3. hollywoodstein says:

    One down, one Barolo to go.  Where’s taht Bricco Rocche?

  4. hollywoodstein says:

    Ah civilization.

  5. hollywoodstein says:

    Thanks for the idea.  Time to rummage the depths of the cellar.  In honor of your post I’ll put down the gin and give this a try Marroneto Brunello di Montalcino Madonna delle Grazie 2001.

  6. hollywoodstein says:

    Mmmm tartufo.  Mmmm Barolo.

  7. hollywoodstein says:

    If they keep chanting with their foam fingers they won’t notice the French have better health care than they do. 

  8. judybrowni says:

    We should be so lucky: Italy’s food and wine are incredible, the men handsome, the country beautiful, and the art to die for.

    Better than Utah, on all counts.

  9. Lynk137 says:

    ‘Is America going down the same road as Greece?’ Are we heading for a great economic crisis like the ones we are seeing in Europe, Italy and Spain, and in other parts of the world?’
    Italy and Spain are in Europe. 

  10. Alex says:

    Is there no end to this man’s craziness, I will be so happy when I wake up on the 7th and Obama and Biden are secure in office……..

  11. Outspoken1 says:

    Well, it is not like the Italians have had successful economies and government for thousands of years!!!! (Think Romans!!). And there is nothing like a man dressed in Armani!

  12. BeccaM says:

    Xenophobic nativist hyper-patriotism is a required component of GOP dogma, and along with the endless lies from the Romney campaign and the candidate himself on just about every issue, an integral feature of their adopted philosophies. “America = Best ever! Not America = Bad!” is their mantra.

    Just listen to their response these days to hecklers in the audience. The candidate himself doesn’t even handle the situation — the mob just rises up and starts yawping “USA! USA! USA!” as the police arrive to employ excessive violence in arresting whoever had the temerity to speak up.

    As with all the ugliest features of today’s Republican party, the xenophobia has been there for a while. But it’s grown to massive proportions and now they no longer hide it.

  13. Naja pallida says:

    In fairness, many Republicans have been saying things exactly like this ever since they first came up with the delusional “Obama is turning everything socialist!” lie. They’ve said that we don’t want to be like the UK, Ireland, France, Italy, Greece, and Spain over and over and over. They all have every right to be offended… but I’d be willing to bet their politicians are thinking “We don’t want to become like the United States! Stop pushing to privatize your grandma!”

  14. silas1898 says:

    Nice pics!  He looks like some yapping little mutt.  Who hasn’t been housebroken.  No offense to mutts intended.

  15. Not_Phyllis says:

    Allies?! We don’t need no steenking allies!


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