Romney didn’t win even one vote in 59 Philly neighborhoods

Nobody besides perhaps Karl Rove would have expected Romney to win many votes in Philadelphia, but in parts of Philadelphia Romney failed to even win the support of one voter.

In logic that can only make sense to the vote-denying GOP, their explanation for why Romney wasn’t able to win even one single vote is that the GOP wasn’t allowed to disenfranchise Democratic voters.

Right. The first thing that enters a Republican politician’s mind when told that his candidate isn’t doing well enough black votes is, “well then, how do we suppress the black vote?”

black voter

Guess who he’s not voting for?
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Of course, as the Philadelphia Inquirer article points out, blocking more blacks from voting doesn’t really help you get more Republican votes.  Perhaps the answer is to stop always thinking of new ways to take civil rights away from African-Americans, and perhaps then, some day, some of them will finally vote for you?

I’m sure that Romney’s attack on the 47%, and the historical racism of Mormon‘s that has yet to be fully repudiated by Mormon leaders, and the Republican party’s general disdain for African-Americans and minorities generally, had nothing to do with the reason that not in recent polls in the last months, Romney was getting zero percent of the black vote.

Philadelphia Inquirer:

Upon hearing the numbers, Steve Miskin, a spokesman for Republicans in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, brought up his party’s voter-identification initiative – which was held off for this election – and said, “We believe we need to continue ensuring the integrity of the ballot.”

The absence of a voter-ID law, however, would not stop anyone from voting for a Republican candidate.

Predictably, the vote was more even in South Philly, where the infamous “order in English” cheesesteak shop is based.

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