Let’s require a super-majority for future tax cuts & defense increases

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Rather than asking “us” to sacrifice, how about going after the GOP budget items that got us into this mess?
Cong. Barbara Lee

I have zero desire to “unite” behind any Blue Dog

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We ought to be “un”-uniting Dems, making them “un”-comfortable in their unity, behind such conservative leaders.

Creepy trend: Local TV buying canned news, broadcasting as their own

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Conan O’Brien finds local TV is buying scripts and video of pre-fab news, then pretending it’s their own story.
jon stewart on benghazi

Jon Stewart on Benghazi, McCain and Lindsey Graham (video)

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“Senator John McCain, continuing his seven-year quest to negate every good thing he’d ever done prior to that.”

Ping-Pong Cat (video)

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As someone noted over at YouTube, if you remove the net, you can call it “pong.”
Rick Warren

Rick Warren: Being gay is like “punching a guy in the nose” or “arsenic”

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He really is a sanctimonious fat-ass.

We don’t need Facebook to violate our privacy; we do it to ourselves

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People are making their health, phone numbers & finances available to employers, insurers, IRS, and criminals.
stephanie miller

Stephanie Miller: “I apologize” re: Salvation Army being anti-gay

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Miller recently had a Salvation Army spokesman on her show whose lies about anti-gay past went unchallenged.

GOP civil war: Where Kochs, GOP go from here

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The GOP lost the 2012 election, and the rifts are showing. Where do the go from here?

Uganda still working on “Death penalty for gays” bill

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US religious right leaders gloat over Uganda’s effort to put gays to death

Did Brazilian TV go too far scaring these people?

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Chris thinks the video might be too cruel. I have to admit, I laughed out loud. Curious as to your thoughts.

Coyotes spotted at Wrigley Field in Chicago (video)

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Figures they’re Cub fans.

My little dog Sasha meets her first cat, and likes it (video)

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Not known for her love of fellow animal, I was surprised to find my Yorkie-Bichon getting into a new cat friend.
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