Obama’s Wednesday meeting with CEOs to discuss the “fiscal cliff”

We reported recently on the round of meetings Obama is having this week to gin up support for his betrayal of Democratic Party values (oops, I misspoke; attempt avoid real austerity except for thee and me).

Tuesday he met with heads of union and progressive organizations, who are supposed to represent the interests of their constituencies — that would be us Littles — instead of their own access to the attention and funding provided by the Bigs. Click the link to see who was invited.

Wednesday he meets with CEOs — those lovable paycheck guys who control your economic life (so they can better protect their burgeoning wealth; someone’s gotta look out for Number .001%). And thanks to Politico, we have a leaked list of invitees (my emphasis and paragraphing):

Rich 1%

The 1% via Shutterstock

The White House has invited more than a dozen CEOs – representing major corporations like Walmart, Chevron and Xerox –  to meet Wednesday with President Barack Obama on the fiscal cliff, according to a list provided by a K Street insider.The line-up includes a mix of Republican and Democratic donors, and a handful of leaders who sit on the council of the Campaign to Fix the Debt, which is promoting a grand bargain on the debt and deficit.

The invitees include:

▪ Mark Bertolini, President, Chairman, and CEO of Aetna;
▪ Ursula Burns, Chairman and CEO, Xerox;
▪ Kenneth I. Chenault, Chairman and CEO, American Express Company;
▪ David Cote, Chairman, CEO, Honeywell;
▪ Mike Duke, President, CEO, Walmart;
▪ Andrew Liveris, President, Chairman, and CEO, Dow;
▪ Robert McDonald, President and CEO, Proctor & Gamble;
▪ Alan Mulally, President and CEO, Ford;
▪ Indra Nooyi, Chairman and CEO, PepsiCo;
▪ Ginni Rometty, President, Chairman, and CEO, IBM; and
▪ John Watson, Chairman and CEO, Chevron.

Cool. The heads of Walmart, Pepsi (which as I recall gets more than half of its revenue abroad), and Climate Criminal Chevron, plus two financial firms and a few of their St. Andrews golfing and corp-jet buddies, will decide whether Grannie gets that premium catfood or the generic mush.

These are Your Betters, folks, deciding your future with … ta-da … your president. Elections have consequences. Now it’s time to deal with the consequences of electing Obama — not judging, just saying. That was then; this is now.

Our work is seriously cut out for us. (Props to Politico for this reporting, by the way; my serious thanks.)


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13 Responses to “Obama’s Wednesday meeting with CEOs to discuss the “fiscal cliff””

  1. GaiusPublius says:

    I was struck by the fact that he was talking to a roomful of Clintonista’s in 2006, and was only a newly minted US senator (previously just an IL statehouse guy), yet he felt to me as in command and confident of himself as he does today.

    About this: rather a simple acknowledgment of the changed circumstances of the past 20 years — there’s a whole discussion about how those changed circumstances were changed, so that they are as we see them and not a dozen other ways they could have been changed. The Rubinites and Friedman-types (working as a unit) created a global world where only capital was privileged. Could have been different. Not a “free market” — a terribly slanted market in the direction of investment capital only.

    Obama is an advocate of that world. Many are not. I think it’s been a victory for the NeoLibs (and FreeMarketeers) to convince people that the globalization you see was inevitable, not manipulated.

    Mes centimes. Thanks for the comment; I do appreciate it.


  2. Mister SKS says:

    This is a very scary situation. We have elected an individual who has his own agenda. Romney mentioned the 47% – who are these people. I submit that these people are those that receive benefits off the people that pay taxes. Make no mistake, there are those that are in need of assistance and liberals believe that the wealthy just look the other way. Let’s be honest. Wealthy people do live well but without the wealthy people creating jobs there would be no middle class. There would be only wealthy and poor.

  3. htfd says:

    No, I sure did not vote for Obama. As a liberal I voted Green. What should be foremost on the minds of ‘we the people’ is why winners were called when so much of the vote still hasn’t been counted. Something like 3 million in CA and between 400,000 and 600,000 in AZ. That’s only 2 states, what about all the others with uncounted votes? Is this the new way to throw the election, not count the votes and declare who ever as the winner?

  4. htfd says:

    Not disappointments, but total sell outs. “No wrinkles”, just more lies. There is no fiscal cliff, therefore there is not a need to negotiate. Obama stated he wanted ‘we the people’ to push him, well start by calling him out about the BS.

  5. htfd says:

    I can’t say it enough. It’s not the government that’s rotten, its the people we elect to represent us that are rotten to the core. Evil is Evil, there is no lesser about it.

  6. A reader in Colorado says:

    The presence of Aetna at these negotiations is interesting, is a concerning topic how to extract the most money out of sick Americans for the privilege of health care? Why would Aetna be there otherwise? And you urged people to vote for Obama. You voted for this.

  7. Naja pallida says:

    I find myself confused why these people should have any input into the situation at all. Republican policies and Democratic malfeasance has painted government into the corner they are now in. Corporate policies of driving wages down, eliminating benefits, and refusing to reinvest the huge cash reserves they are sitting on, while working to drive up costs to the end consumer, are a good part of the reason why we are failing to recover as well as we should be. None of these CEOs have anything but their bottom line to worry about, and anything that threatens to take away even a tiny fraction of their record profits they are going to fight. The do not deserve Presidential attention. The American people do.

  8. FunMe says:

    It sounds like Obama is already in trying to alleviate his “base” as he is about to betray us once again with doing something he had planned all along.


    “In a conference call with key supporters Tuesday night, President Obama urged Democratic activists to stay engaged in the coming budget negotiations concerning the so-called “fiscal cliff” but also telegraphed plainly his intent to give away much in his showdown with Republican lawmakers

    As the Huffington Post, who listened in on the call, reports:
    The president, speaking from a White House phone, cautioned listeners to expect disappointments during his second term. As he has in the past, Obama warned that he was prepared to swallow some bitter pills during the negotiations, including some that would agitate the base.

    “As we move forward there are going to be new wrinkles and new frustrations, we can’t predict them yet,” he said. “We are going to have some triumphs and some successes, but there are going to be some tough days, starting with some of these negotiations around the fiscal cliff that you probably read about.”

  9. Max_1 says:

    Oh such is the agony of a society that spirals downward because they’re betwixt between the lesser of two evils… settling on evil, nonetheless, fooled by their media (PROPAGANDIZERS) that lesser evil is somehow good.

    Stupid Americans have forgotten to consider the other equation… The greater of goods.

  10. bushtheidiot says:

    He abandoned the liberals on day one in 2009 and his henchmen on Daily Kos freaked out any time The One was questioned-even mildly by his own supporters and voters. We then lost our ass in the House. I hope he has learned his lesson. This isn’t about The One and his legacy, this is about the retirement and golden years of millions of hard-working Americans. He talks a wonderful game, and he certainly accomplished a LOT for Americans during his first term. But his tendencies to “make a deal” even if it’s a bad one, scare the shit out of me.

    Voting is not enough anymore, we have to be full time activists fighting for our EARNED benefits, otherwise the fox will guard the hen house into vacancy.

  11. FLL says:

    Your link, “round of meetings Obama is having this week,” led me to another of your posts with the link, “Obama is eager to do it,” which led me to your post from May 1, 2012:


    I watched the video, which you called “Obama’s NeoLiberal Manifest,” following your advice to look for evidence of gratuitous support for globalization:


    Obama said, “We’ve all known for some time that globalization has changed the rules of the game,” which hardly sounded like a full-throated endorsement, but rather a simple acknowledgment of the changed circumstances of the past 20 years. And then I saw this sentence of yours directly underneath the video link:

    “Notice his sense of talking with them as equals; he’s not at all put off by the roomful of potential Hillary backers, not at all deferential.”

    Yes, I saw that Obama was talking with them as equals. Why did you think that was worthy of note? Your post was from May of this year. Obama had been elected president in 2008. Why wouldn’t he have been talking with them as equals? Do you think that was too uppity? Also, I didn’t understand your reference to Hillary backers. If you meant in 2016, why would Obama have cared? You couldn’t have meant a primary challenge in May of this year, could you? And again at the end of your sentence, you seem surprised that Obama was “not at all deferential.” Why do you think he should have been deferential? The sentence above, which you use as a caption underneath the video, is an instance of your writing that is a little… opaque. Could you be clearer?

  12. nicho says:

    I have every confidence that these people have nothing but the best interests of the working class at heart.

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