Neil Young – Comes a Time, Live Farm Aid II 1986

All is right in the world today following a Buckeye win over TSUN on rivalry day. My dislike of all things maize and blue runs deep and wish that I could have seen this amusing moment in person back in 1973.

Prior to attending The Game in Ann Arbor I used to have a mild dislike of TSUN but one visit was enough to throw me into the haters club. Somehow being sucker-punched by the elite of Ann Arbor failed to impress me. (I’m somewhere on the field here, so just look for the guy in shorts and a red t-shirt.)

If it makes the arrogant folks from up there feel any better, sure, we’re all red-garbed sons and daughters of truck drivers (as they like to say) but we’re also the winners once again this year. Vroom, vroom and Screw Blue.

Now that I have that out of my system, it’s music time and another round of live Neil Young.

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One Response to “Neil Young – Comes a Time, Live Farm Aid II 1986”

  1. Just_AC says:

    As a proud U of M Alumni and even prouder father of a current student in Ann Arbor, all I can say is that the feeling is mutual, Chris. The toughest week all year is when Ohio plays Michigan State – which one to root against? Oh well, why don’t you trade in some of your Ohio stuff and get a tattoo?

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