Mitt Romney’s concession speech (video)

This is the speech Mitt Romney gave last night conceding defeat in the 2012 election.

Note the lack of booing when Obama’s name was mentioned; suggests some serious crowd-wrangling had occurred. Note also the enthusiasm for Paul Ryan. Rick Perlstein is right — Republicans always nominate whoever is next in line.

In my view, Paul Ryan has been levered — reportedly by the billionaires now running the Republican party — into that chair. He’s next in line. If you assume they knew all along that Romney would lose, that’s Mission Accomplished. “See y’all in 2016,” I hear them gladly say.


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  • hollywoodstein

    Well hypocrite, promoter of religion for good moral values and promotions in the military, and moral values for leadership, HYPocrite CHRISTIAN LYING LIAR is gone. Took credit for Iraq when it was our bribery of the locals. F*ckety f*ck herrow. F*ck you Lying Liar Hypocrit F*ck General Patraeus political god on earth.
    Are they now weighing their considerations for his fantasy embed biographer who was in this case literally f*cking her subject .
    Carry on.

  • Papa Bear

    Not only that, but it’s next to impossible to get more than 8 years in a row of Democratic Presidents…

  • hollywoodstein

    Big Dawg had so much fun back in the limelight again this go around, He may talk Hillary into it.

  • hollywoodstein

    Love Joe, Love me some Joe before it was cool. But like a lot of politicians he’s a narcissist, albeit diluted somewhat by his lack of traction when he tried to go national. But if Hillz is really out, Joe will give it a go.

  • hollywoodstein


  • I’m there too.

  • hollywoodstein

    Rum doesn’t mean I didn’t mean it though.

  • hollywoodstein

    Tpaw is a wet fish who doesn’t poll well. Christie will stroke out campaigning if he doesn’t hit the gym. Sudden weight loss would be a tell, but he would also have to get more disciplined the loud mouthed schlub works for Jersey but not sure nationally.
    Portman acquitted himself well in his role. Definitely a solid VP choice. Woulda coulda shoulda helped Mitt in Ohio. By 2016 the stench of the Bush years may have faded.
    Still think it’s Jeb’s for the taking. After a year when Newt who never won anything outside a congressional district in Georgia, and Rikii santorum were considered contenders Bush III will look downright reasonable.

  • hollywoodstein

    I think breaking the glass ceiling is of course the next big thing, but instead of spotting the Rpubs 3-5 points maybe we could take a break for one cycle, and put a boring old white guy at the top of the ticket.

  • hollywoodstein

    You’re gonna need some Latinos in there somewhere. And if you nominate the first woman, you better have a military guy as VP.

  • hollywoodstein

    Sorry for the incivility, but rum.

  • Naja pallida

    Honestly, that’s a pretty old crowd. Not sure how many of them would want to be dealing with the Presidency into their 70s. Seems to cast some doubt on Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton… but someone like Hillary would be how they would keep their existing momentum.

  • SkippyFlipjack

    lol (attached)

  • condew

     Hey, what’s one more flip after you’ve flopped.

  • Who could/will the Dems run in 2016? Oh, I can think of a few possibilities:
    – Hillary Clinton
    – Elizabeth Warren
    – Joe Biden
    – Sherrod Brown
    – Tom Carper
    – Christine Gregoire
    – Andrew Cuomo (I think he’s one of the most likely to start a run, even though I don’t like him)

    And those are just the ones off the top of my head.

  • hollywoodstein

    Darth Vader NOOOOOOOOOOOOOH!  Please include Queen Ann’s SourPuss at the end.  It was the highlight of the election.  She was already planning to meet with fellow royalty around the world on taxpayers dime.  Remember, she alternatively begged Mitt not to run, and begged Mitt to run, but my guess is she begged Mittens not to squander Billions of billionaire dollars until Colorado. 

    Fuck you Queen *nn Romney.  You evil b*tch who wanted to take away medicare and medicaid and gut Social Security so you could pay less taxes to teh takers for your dancing horse.  Did I mention fukk U.   Good then.  F*kk yuo again Mittens…

  • CAProgressive

    Well… It turned out that Obama didn’t need you guys’ vote…..

  • hollywoodstein

    Gaius love your work but sorry you are wrong on this one.  Inertia may make Ryan the Tea Party fave early, but he is damaged goods.  Social media means beltway insiders are mocked mercilessly for proclaiming Lying Ryan a Serious Person and his Budget a Serious Proposal.  That is a sea change.  Also, the A team sat this one out.  Ryan anybody, say even Ryan Rubio wouldn’t stand a chance versus Jeb/Patraeus. 

    The question is who do the Dems have to go against a ticket like that?  Anybody?  After this last cycle if the Rpugs hide the crazy in the root cellar, the nation may easily elect a Republican.  The bar has been lowered to mere sanity. 
    Hopefully, the Obama recovery will continue and Joe .16 will be able to campaign like capping UBL was his idea.

  • benb

    The good news is that President Obama won.

    The bad news is that Mitt Romney is running for president as a Democrat in 2016.

  • I’m figuring someone like Portman or Pawlenty… or a certain NJ governor if he’s noticed to be suddenly losing a whole lot of weight.

  • Sally

    Ryan has the same honesty issues as Romney. All the Dems have to do is run the photos of his fake dishwashing escapade. He is not an honest man. He will never be able to say he ‘worked across the aisle’ with anyone. He is also a career politician, has never held a job NOT on the public dole, and the GOP especially does not like DC insiders.Plus his wife was a lobbyist. No, it won’t be Ryan. I’m thinking Portman.

  • WAAAAAAAA   loser.

  • mf_roe

     Good points, my two cents– the Repug wing of the plutocrat power structure will field a candidate with as little track record as possible. Another Palin, attractive and unblemished by actual performance numbers.  I  expect 2016 will be the Repugs to lose.

  • I saw Romney’s concession speech live, no desire to view it again. It was subdued and relatively classy, except for the snide dig about the other side (the Dems) needing to reach across the aisle, as if the GOP has been willing to compromise on anything whatsoever.

    But Paul Ryan in 2016? I have my doubts. The Paul Ryan “Abolish Medicare” budget will exist in perpetuity. As will his comments about rape being nothing more than a different means of conception. And then there are all his votes in favor of spending under Bush, including stimulus, which opens him up to accusations of hypocrisy.

    In addition, I don’t quit think that Perlstein remark means what you’re implying, Gaius, in this context. His implication is that the GOP’s #2 in the primary run becomes their #1 the next time. By this not terribly rational rule, the GOP’s next nominee will be… Ron Paul. He’s the one who came in 2nd overall.

    It also doesn’t hold for George W Bush’s presidency. He’d never run to be the GOP’s nominee before 2000. That’s why I never buy these generalizing rules: They’re wrong too often. And coincidence isn’t causality or certainty.

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