Marco Rubio on earth’s age: “It’s one of the great mysteries” (yeah, if you’re an idiot)

In an interview with GQ, GOP Senator, and 2016 presidential candidate wannabe, Marco Rubio, who has a history of being factually challenged, says he don’t know nothin’ ’bout birthin’ earth babies:

GQ: How old do you think the Earth is?

Marco Rubio: I’m not a scientist, man. I can tell you what recorded history says, I can tell you what the Bible says, but I think that’s a dispute amongst theologians and I think it has nothing to do with the gross domestic product or economic growth of the United States. I think the age of the universe has zero to do with how our economy is going to grow. I’m not a scientist. I don’t think I’m qualified to answer a question like that. At the end of the day, I think there are multiple theories out there on how the universe was created and I think this is a country where people should have the opportunity to teach them all. I think parents should be able to teach their kids what their faith says, what science says. Whether the Earth was created in 7 days, or 7 actual eras, I’m not sure we’ll ever be able to answer that. It’s one of the great mysteries.

Uh, no it’s really not, man.

And it’s pretty easy to find out. Here, try for yourself. Go to Google. Type in “how old is the earth?” And it takes Google all of .3 seconds to tell you:

It’s not that difficult and you don’t need to be a scientist.

Of course, Marco Rubio knows that.  But he’s too busy sucking up to the “the ancient Egyptians had dinosaurs as pets” crowd to worry about the truth.  Keep in mind that 1/3 of Texans, for example, think that dinosaurs and humans lived together.

These folks even believe that Noah had dinosaurs on the ark (that’s a good, T-Rex):

The idea of millions of years of evolution is just the evolutionists’ story about the past. No scientist was there to see the dinosaurs live through this supposed dinosaur age. In fact, there is no proof whatsoever that the world and its fossil layers are millions of years old. No scientist observed dinosaurs die.

[D]inosaurs must have lived within the past thousands of years….

Evolutionists declare that no man ever lived alongside dinosaurs. The Bible, however, makes it plain that dinosaurs and people must have lived together. Actually, as we will soon see, there is a lot of evidence for this….

Some people think that dinosaurs were too big, or there were too many of them, to go on this Ark. However, there were not very many different kinds of dinosaurs. There are certainly hundreds of dinosaur names, but many of these were given to just a bit of bone or skeletons of the same dinosaur found in other countries.

Yeah, some pretty big MoFo bones, bucko.

Burt remember class, according to these folks, kids used to hang out with velociraptors.  Really.  Who can forget this little image from the infamous Creationist Museum:

Nice little girl hanging out with her friend, the neighborhood velociraptor.
Screen shot from The Thinking Atheist‘s visit to the Creationist Museum.

And here’s a video of the Rubio kids in science class:

I hope Marco Rubio’s kids are competing against some Blue State kids some day to get into Harvard. And let them write that dinosaur garbage on their SATs and see how far it gets them. They’ll all end up going to Jerry Falwell U, where they’ll learn that 2+2 equals whatever God wants it to.

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140 Responses to “Marco Rubio on earth’s age: “It’s one of the great mysteries” (yeah, if you’re an idiot)”

  1. Mark Strange Love says:

    Your comment makes no sense. The age of the earth is no mystery. There is an accepted age: 4.54 billion years. I’m not a scientist either, however I can make that last statement as well as anyone who can read and understand how this number was decided upon. Even the Catholic Church agrees with this. I always find it humorous when people reject scientific reason on subjects like this, yet they use all of the technological and scientific wonders brought about by the same methods used to determine the age of the Earth, Universe, etc.

  2. Mark Strange Love says:

    This is a typical politician’s answer. Anyone who has read a credible book or paper on this subject is qualified to answer this question. I’m sure this guy went to high school and university. Did miss those days in science classes? No need to worry about this poor excuse for a senator having a long career. After the budget fiasco earlier this week, his numbers have dropped not only in Florida; he is losing what little hope he had in the first place for a Presidential run.

  3. Jeff says:

    You moderators didn’t do the same thing about posting in an old link for the people who agreed with the article, you only did that to the one who had disagreed with you. You guys suck.

  4. Jeff says:

    You guys are awful moderators. Just re-read that comment string, shame on you.

  5. Kent says:

    IMPORTANT consideration however is that Marco Rubio never said those things about the dinosaurs being 10000 years old, the quotes in this story came from Ken Ham. Utterly misleading.

  6. PhillyKen says:

    Whattta smarmy waffler. Not even 2015 and the poor attitudes are coming out…

  7. Brent says:

    Rubio is an unabashed idiot. And a weasel. Did I mention Rubio is an Idiot?

  8. “I don’t think I’m qualified” – Marco Rubio

    That’s pretty much all one has to know about him.

  9. Moderator3 says:

    Oh honey, I was being pleasant. If I was being hostile, I would have returned to by southern roots. Bless your heart.

  10. Moderator4 says:

    You are banned, Lucy Gables.

  11. Lucy Gables says:

    Then why bother replying to my comment at all? You wasted your time then if you don’t care.

  12. Moderator4 says:

    We’re not hostile, Lucy Gables, but you should also know that we do not have anything to say about the website and its content. All we do is moderate. If you want to communicate with the few of us who are Moderators, then go right ahead. It does seem to be rather a pointless exercise on your part, though.
    I would suggest that you either comment on a newer thread, or contact the site owner. One or the other. Frankly, we really don’t care.

  13. Lucy Gables says:

    Yes, I know only moderators would see it. That was my point. There is no need to be hostile.

  14. Moderator3 says:

    It matters because no one is going to see it except for the moderators. If you have what you think is a good idea, post it in a current thread.

  15. Lucy Gables says:

    I don’t see how it matters on how old this blog post is. My question is still valid.

  16. Moderator3 says:

    Question for you: Why are you posting in a thread that no on else has posted in for over two months?

  17. A. Gables says:

    Question for you: How could his statement be taken as him promoting Christianity? Nothing he said in his statement even eludes to it, he gives examples of both Christian beliefs and science. I believe he also meant that the real experts should be the ones talking instead of someone who has no knowledge in that area. Which is a completely valid point which can be seen when Congressmen give statements on health topics when they have no knowledge or experience with health.

  18. Steve Brown says:

    Scientists claim to be 99.99% sure that the earth is 4.54 billion years old plus or minus 50 million. That is a religious belief if ever there was one.

  19. Neil Hunt says:

    >”I think the age of the universe has zero to do with how our economy is going to grow.”
    Accepting that the age of the universe might be 9,000 years, is failing to stand up for rigorous thinking and the scientific method, that has a lot to do with how the economy is going to grow.

  20. mike31c says:

    I am betting poor education and possibly high amounts of mercury in their air/water is the problem with Flori-Duh and it’s inhabitants.

  21. Stev84 says:

    The Puritans never had any intention of giving everyone religious freedom. They wanted a theocracy from the start. They also persecuted (and sometimes executed) Catholics, Jews and Quakers.

    The first American colony founded with religious freedom in mind was founded by people who fled from the Puritans: Rhode Island/Providence Plantation. And then the Puritans spent the next couple of decades trying to eradicate it.

  22. Didn’t “Jurassic Park” teach them that it’s a very good thing that dinosaurs and humans did NOT live on the earth at the same time? (We’re some 63 million years apart.?) Actually mammals evolved from dinosaurs, like the birds.
    The nun who taught me biology did make it harder, but there was no such nonsense in that class. God belonged in religion class, not biology. We used Biological Science Curriculum Study, which was a product of Sputnik, and heavy on evolution.

  23. mf_roe says:

    “pre-burning his bridges.” love it!

  24. Drew2u says:

    I implore you again, please quote each passage Mr. Aravosis has demonstrated racism and explain why and what criteria it meets as racist.

  25. Drew2u says:

    Check out the colbert report’s episode interviewing lawrence krauss about his book, “A universe from nothing”.

    I would point out there are a lot of pretty interesting, if not valid, arguments to make about the universe and President Obama’s first term, but as I’ve noted the past two years, so much has been fixated on the shallow, petty, and fraudulent arguments that it’s interesting to see the lack of any real criticism; though I suspect that is more telling of the state of intellectual arguments on the respective sides than anything.

  26. A reader in Colorado says:

    In fact, the estimated age of the Earth (by scientists, anyway) has changed. By tiny fractions of the total. That doesn’t make the age of the Earth a “great mystery”. It means that the age of the Earth is well established within a small range of uncertainty. But we aren’t going to find out tomorrow that the earth is 6 billion years old, or 3. You fail.

  27. rovibo says:

    When will MODERN HUMANS realize or accept that the stories in the Bible are FICTION. Gods, Goddesses, heaven, hell, angels, devils, demons, etc. were all HUMAN INVENTIONS. How can modern humans possibly believe that a God created an Adam from dusts and an Eve from one of Adam’s ribs?

    Christian leaders should explain how Noah and family were able to build the Ark. How long did it take them to build the Ark. How were they able to cut the trees, take the cut trees to level lands and make lumbers from it. How were they able to gather all the animals, especially the dinosaurs. How did they feed all the animals and how did they clean up the doodoos of the animals. How did Noah and family REPOPULATE the world? Where did Noah’s sons find their mates?

    There are other stories that need to be explained. These christian leaders cannot continue to brainwash everybody from childhood to death that fictional stories from the bible are true stories. The fictional
    characters in the bible were CONFLATED with real people, real places and real events, just like modern books of fiction are written.

    All the Gods/Goddesses of the egyptians, greeks, romans and pagans vanished after a group of humans decided it was better to have ONLY ONE GOD. That showed humans can create, invent or eliminate Gods/Goddesses anytime. At present, there are as many Gods as there are religions so forget about the ONE GOD CRAP.

    No way can a human invented God get a very young virgin named Mary pregnant to give birth to Jesus. The virgin birth story was popular in mythologies. Jesus Christ was just the virgin birth version of the Christian cult.

    All religions are cults.

  28. Keith says:

    This moron thinks the age of the earth is still up for debate? What a loon!

  29. DumbAssSue says:

    Well good for you

  30. BeccaM says:

    “such a potty mouth! Your are a true intellectual genius! Hope you have a worse day!”

    This is one of the top reasons I’m glad I’m nothing at all like you. And really, if I had a ‘potty mouth’ as you suggest, I’d have offered a hearty “F**k you” rather than a sincere wish you’d go elsewhere and truly have a good day.

    We liberals are built like that. We wish the best for people, even those who hate us.

  31. BeccaM says:

    Religion is the opposite of rational. It is not rational to say that there is no evidence of evolution, or no data proving the Earth is approximately 4.5 billion years old and so far does not appear to have needed an invisible omnipotent Sky God to wish it all into being. It is not rational to say that Obama exploded the deficit and pretend as if the George W Bush presidency and GOP-controlled Congress never happened. It is nowhere near rational to show up and, because a post criticizes Marco Rubio for saying incredibly stupid things to pander to willfully ignorant religious literalists, to throw around accusations of racism and white privilege. Yet you and your far-right Fox-watching conservative troll friends did exactly that.

    You’re the anonymous guest who wandered into a center-left-progressive blog and started spewing the far right ad hominem attacks, personal insults, talking points, non sequiturs, diversions, and infantile attempts to pervert rational fact-acknowledging debate.

    By the way, the ‘left’ isn’t a party. The Democratic party is a political party. Many of us here do not belong to the Democratic party, including myself. We even have some left-leaning Republicans around here — who post here because when they post on the right-wing blogs, they’re hounded out with vile insults and threats of violence. Here, the worst you will suffer is to be called an idiot and a troll (neither of which is that huge an insult), and if you are disruptive enough, one of the moderators will suspend your posting privileges.

    I personally am a proud leftist, a liberal, and a progressive and I actually think we could use more socialism in this country rather than less.

  32. Blogvader says:

    What do you expect from someone who’s named themselves ‘DumbAssSue’?

  33. Drew2u says:

    Then this is certainly good news:
    I remember hearing a podcast/radio show, possibly NPR, about the AIDS crisis in either Africa in general or Uganda. Much of what they talked about was the entire culture of sex and the lack of educational awareness in the practices thereof. While HIV/AIDS is a serious problem, killing gays has very little to do with that and more about the misconceptions the FRC and K-street peddle to the Ugandan government that gay people are a danger to children.

  34. DumbAssSue says:

    such a potty mouth! Your are a true intellectual genius! Hope you have a worse day!

  35. DumbAssSue says:

    A “vacuum” is where nothing else exists…empty space, like your brain. Think of the empty inside bag of a vacuum. If it is said that someone “lives in a vacuum” it means the outside world, where rational real people live, not the fanatical lunes like yourself, has no influence or bearing on their day-to-day activities…they just go about their life, oblivious to conditions around them. They believe their own rhetoric without thought or question, like mindless robots. Spewing talking-points, “hate the rich, conservatives are haters,etc.” They believe, falsely, that the left is the party of equal rights, women’s suffrage, and that keeping a class of people enslaved in poverty through social welfare programs, hand-outs, is more “humane” then giving them a hand-up.
    So, if something begins in a vacuum, it begins void (or without) any outside influences beyond their own beliefs. It basically develops where nothing or no one previously existed.

  36. BeccaM says:

    Help yourself to the large bag of Troll Chow on your way out. Seriously, hope you have a terrific day.

  37. DumbAssSue says:

    I was being ironic

  38. DumbAssSue says:

    It was a turn on what people consider Christian’s to be; uniformed,dumb asses, so I got it out of the way. I wasn’t attempting to get into the weeds with birth control, or sex ed either, just stating a fact that HIV and AIDS has been devastating to many African nations.

  39. Drew2u says:

    Then why do you have a name such as “DumbAssSue”? Is it a kind of “Never Forget” memento? Otherwise why would choose to keep that kind of pain around?
    And I would argue against the idea of a “worldwide Muslim jihad” as outside of the extremists/terrorist organizations, I have not heard of such thing existing in any medium.
    I am going to choose to stop following Ugandan argument, even though I brought it up. I really don’t feel like getting mired down in the religious debate of both contraception (birth control pills, condoms, reproductive/genital education) and homosexuality.
    Plus, I agree with you. You did not say that science is based on staring at clouds. My comment was not meant to be taken in any accusatory form and I apologize if it came across that way. There is a difference between an “oh, look at that!” observation that leads to a cute anecdote and a scientific method of observation that leads to a better understanding of natural machinations.

  40. DumbAssSue says:

    LOL you are such a joke!

  41. BeccaM says:

    That remark doesn’t even make the least bit of sense. Good day to you.

  42. DumbAssSue says:

    Being raised in a vacuum has been a disservice to you.

  43. DumbAssSue says:

    There is no WORLD WIDE pronouncement that Ugandan gays are the evil scourge of the earth and that by killing one will get you to a seat at the right hand of God after having had 70 virgins thank you for your good works. The crusades are not exclusive to Christians. The Ugandan people are reacting to the very real issue of HIV and AIDS killing thousands of Ugandans. I denounce their approach, as do MANY, MANY Christians, in handling this crippling plaque on their citizens. The average american would have no idea that Uganda has a “kill bill”, but most would be able to confirm a world wide Muslim jihad. You make a lot of personal assumptions. I didn’t say science is based on staring at clouds, but there are no absolutes, period. Having been a vocal woman, I am subjected all day long by the tolerant left…I have been told I am not smart, I am not intellectual, have been cursed at and down-graded. Any time the table is turned I am told that I lack critical thinking skills. It’s unbelievably insulting to think that a person that disagrees with you isn’t worth the air you breath or a “seat at the table”.

  44. BeccaM says:

    Yours was a target-rich environment.

  45. BeccaM says:

    For a free-thinking Christian — or person of any other faith who ascribes to the power of critical thought and analysis — it’s not so hard.

    But these are folks who are being told by their religious leaders to reject science. Why? People who reject education and critical thinking are far more easily duped.

  46. Drew2u says:

    The fact is that Rubio deflected the question instead of answering it honestly. What reason does Rubio have in deflecting the question “How old do you think the Earth is?”

    But with that said, I do blame the interviewer in not asking a followup question insisting that Mr. Rubio answer the previous question (then again, it is GQ, hardly substantive).

  47. Drew2u says:

    Yes, please, if you would. Please describe – in details – how the article is a hate crime.
    Please don’t take this as snark, I want to know how you perceive the article to be a hate crime.

  48. Once again you fail. If you read my post (you can read, can you not?) I presented evidence that the blogger attacks Rubio for something he did not say. Rubio was NOT referring to the age of the earth when he said it’s one of the great mysteries. Please tell me you read that. Please tell me you’re not going to deflect again. Please tell me the foundation of your point is based on deflection instead of addressing the FACTS that have already been presented. (you apparently have not seen A Few Good Men)

  49. My evidence is the entire article. Shall I slow down a bit so that you can understand? The entire blog post is a hate crime.

  50. Drew2u says:

    The history of the founding of America is based on freedom from religious persecution of all kinds, then followed by a wave of puritans burning innocent women and men at the stake in the name of all that is holy.

    As for why it is more wrong for a swindler on t.v.? Because a cop isn’t playing the morally righteous card and that you are morally corrupt if you don’t give in to his extortioner-tactics. The cop isn’t going to lay down a public guilt trip and shaming if one doesn’t ‘tithe’ to him.

    “maybe its easier to attack the christians since we all know that they wont blow up your bus for disagreeing with them.” I feel that statement is borderline racist, but to say there hasn’t been crime done in the name of christianity is a laughable argument and I hope that’s not what you were meaning to say.

    As for “facts”, the way that science works is that science doesn’t profess to be 100% accurate and can accept failure. Religion, on the other hand, requires its believers to believe that it is 100% infallible, otherwise the entire enterprise is called into question (and questions lead to individual thinking instead of ‘obeying’ a ‘king’).
    Science is, essentially, an agreed consensus based on provided observations, calculations, and – when possible – replications. In every part of the scientific world there are outliers. And these theorists could either be the next Niels Bohr, Marie Curie, or Louis Pasteur just as easily as they could be the next trepan-promoter, phrenologist, or Ms. Cleo. But as time, observations, and discovered evidence pile up, old theories are put to rest as others are reinforced by the new data. This is why the overwhelming majority of the world’s climatologists are convinced man-made global climate change not only is real, but – realistically – is now beyond our control to walk back what is essentially going to be a global cataclysm by 2100.

    To end on the Abraham tale is cute, but men do not stop producing sperm until they die. A quick search brings up articles of an actual man in his mid-90s becoming a father so it’s not exactly something super-worldly.

    Here’s something I find fascinating: The earliest dinosaurs were considered bulky, stupid creatures incapable of supporting their own weight outside of living in a swamp. In the past couple of decades we have learned that not only has the fossil record shown us evidence (that we can match up to modern, living animals) of parental behavior, but given us our best clues about metabolism, feathers, and colors of dinosaurs. Science isn’t afraid to evolve in light of new discoveries. And, with that, were a supreme being of some kind to make a global announcement of its undeniable (and active?) presence, science isn’t afraid to say, “Okay, well that exists.”

  51. Drew2u says:

    You simply said you have not heard of a christian jihad, which is a laughable point. If you want a modern-day example, look at Uganda’s Kill the Gays bill with ties to the FRC.

    “Crusades” is a specific term related to any of the military expeditions undertaken by
    Christian powers in the 11th, 12th, and 13th centuries to win the Holy
    Land from the Muslims; originating in the 1700s from the latin base word “crux” for ‘cross’. I would think that Muslims would find the term ‘crusade’ used to describe any of their religious campaigns to be offensive.

    And as to your point about the battle of Yarmouk, what we’re looking at is literally centuries of “king of the mountain” fighting over a scrap of land whereas all three religions are fighting over who is worshiping [the same Abrahamic] god better.

    To go back to one of your earlier points, Science isn’t based on a passive observation akin to staring at the shapes of clouds all day (though meteorologists would disagree, lol). It’s about knowldege, curiosity, and finding out how stuff works versus a simpler argument of “god did it. End of story.”

    And to your final statement, don’t be a lemming of anything. Always question authority, always exercise your critical thinking skills and don’t let your curiosity atrophy.

  52. Drew2u says:

    I would, but you’ve yet to present any facts. (and apparently have never seen “The Princess Bride”).
    The only deflection I can see is Senator Rubio giving an answer about creation to a question about the age of the earth (independent of ‘creation’). Were the question, “how long did it take to create the earth?” was presented, he’d still be an idiot but at least his answer would make sense.

  53. As a black man, I CERTAINLY do know what it means. BTW, nice deflection, care to argue with facts as I did?

  54. DumbAssSue says:

    Really I think YOU need to learn YOUR history..The Crusades is a term used for religious expeditionary wars, as In 636 CE, Muslim forces led by the Arab Rashidun Caliphs defeated the Eastern Roman/Byzantines at the battle of Yarmouk, conquering Palestine. And the fact that you had to go as far back as the crusades to validate your stupid point, which wasn’t one to begin with shows your level of understanding, nil. So all of the terrorism that has been on-going since well before the 1970’s means nothing to you. Get back on the short bus Drew2u….

  55. DumbAssSue says:

    I guess BeccaM missed all the OTHER ad hominem attacks on this post but was sharp enough to catch mine.

  56. DumbAssSue says:

    Ask Stacey Dash how much compassion she felt from the left…

  57. BeccaM says:

    Our problem here, obviously, is the religionists reject the scientific method, and they’ll use every phony debating tactic in the book. Straw men, ad hominem attacks, accusations of intolerance and racism, diversion tricks, post-hoc, red herrings, false dichotomies.

    They may be tree-stump willfully ignorant when it comes to science itself, but they’ve had centuries to perfect the techniques of disingenuous debate.

  58. Drew2u says:

    You profess to know what I think, so please enlighten me on what I call it. I would love to know what I think.

  59. Drew2u says:

    You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

  60. Drew2u says:

    Okay, so you presented your argument, “the author is a privilaged [sic] white guy and he hates those that do not look the same.” (Which I have to admit, attacking the owner of a blog you have the privilege of commenting on, takes balls). Can you please provide your evidence?

  61. Naja pallida says:

    They’re basically a sham already. The RNC knew well before they actually held the primaries that out of the crew that stepped up, that Romney was going to win no matter what. They even had several voting and counting irregularities in their own primary/caucus process to make sure it occurred the way the leadership wanted and they were scared to death that the Ron Paulites were going to somehow force a brokered convention so they would have to go to even more effort for the pretense of letting Republicans choose their own candidate.

  62. dula says:

    Yeah no thanks. We saw during the town hall healthcare debates just how much compassion the Religious Right has for their fellow Americans.

  63. Naja pallida says:

    I think he is walking face first into a serious problem; assuming that today’s political climate and discourse will be anything like what it will be four years from now. He’s basically pre-burning his bridges.

  64. BeccaM says:

    To be a mainstream GOP candidate these days one must be objectively anti-reality and pro-myth — which now includes disproven economic theories about the effects of tax cuts on government revenues and economic growth.

  65. BeccaM says:

    Ah, ad hominem attacks, how… expected.

  66. BeccaM says:

    There you are mistaken. You’ll find more educated people on this blog than is average, say, over on Redstate or one of the blogs frequented by the highly religious and/or deeply conservative.

    In addition to knowing without Wikipedia that the Earth was approximately 4.5b years old and the universe roughly 13.75b, I also happen to know that the literal Judeo-Christian myth suggests the entire universe, including the Earth, came into being across seven days and a whole slew of begats followed that — and so if one accepted the Bible as inerrant, Bishop Ussher’s six thousand year age is well within a possible order of magnitude estimate.

    The problem with the Bible and religious beliefs in general is they don’t stand up to scientific scrutiny. Much cannot be proven about their assertions one way or the other (i.e., they are not testable as theories), and what can be proven (e.g., that the sun does not revolve around the Earth and the stars are more than simply lights in the sky) invariably proves that 21st century humans understand a whole lot more about the universe is put together than our ignorant bronze-age ancestors. Each time religion takes a step towards compromising with objective, verifiable reality, it either has to give up more of its myths or start talking about how they’re symbolic and not what most people believed before the Enlightenment era.

    But let’s talk orders of magnitude here. Among the Christian faithful, even in this era, they’re still arguing over whether the universe is literally only about six thousand years old or whether their stories are merely metaphors. Those of us who have decided that while religion can explain some things about the human culture, psyche, and heart, but is full of nothing but bunk when it comes to explaining the physical universe and how it operates — well, in the realm of science we’re not pretty much in agreement on the orders of magnitude on the age of the universe, we also believe that whatever theories are developed need testing and re-testing, and if they truly do not hold up in the face of a new, testable theory, we revise the numbers.

    The deeply religious anti-science believers, on the other hand, are still arguing over 6000 year old literal Creation versus “maybe the scientists aren’t completely wrong” old Earth — and this argument will never see resolution because it’s entirely about untested, unverifiable asserted belief.

    And no, Rubio did not make a good point. This trope of “I don’t believe in science, and hey what’s it matter because, well, the economy is bad” is indicative a man who will act according to what he believes and not what objective reality requires. This is someone who will hold onto the belief that cutting taxes raises gov’t revenues, and that giving rich people more money results is more jobs — when both of those have been proven objectively false since this illogical notion was first mainstreamed in the Reagan era. Rubio is engaging in the debate tactic of false diversion, which is to say he doesn’t want to admit (1) he does not believe in science and (2) he doesn’t want to answer any more questions about it. Another strong possibility, of course, is he isn’t as ignorant as he’s claiming to be, but doesn’t want to alienate the hyper-religious Biblical literalists because they now comprise a large proportion of the GOP base.

    By the way, our economy is in a Depression because the previous Republican President and his Congress passed massive tax cuts, the bulk of which went to the wealthy, then started two off-the-books multi-trillion dollar wars, passed the unfunded Medicare-D corporate profits giveaway, then stood idle as banksters inflated a huge real estate bubble (fueled by fraud and patently illegal practices), crashing both the economy and ruining the lives of millions. The Democrats didn’t do this — although some were complicit. As for government expanding? That’s another of those easily disproven assertions.

    Government spending as a percentage of GDP:
    See the two times it dipped? During the current and previous Democratic administrations. When was the last time it surged by nearly 10%? During the Bush II administration.

    When is the slowest growing gov’t spender overall since Eisenhower? During Obama’s administration.

    Meanwhile, public sector (i.e., gov’t) employment continues to drop.

    See what I’m doing here? I’m mustering facts to counter straw man and non sequitur debating tactics. Obama did not explode the deficit and government is not expanding faster than the universe.

    So no — objective reality isn’t even close to what you’re asserting here and it’s easily proven otherwise. Therefore it does matter when a GOP candidate says he doesn’t care what facts say, what he believes will dictate how he acts — because he is going to act in ways that have proven in the past to be damaging to the country as a whole and further lead us all down the road to ignorance, decay, and ruin. To reject science as Rubio is doing is to embrace ignorance, superstition, and self-deception.

  67. Naja pallida says:

    That requires independent thought. When your leaders are telling you to believe the opposite, and your politicians are waffling on the subject for fear of offending the church leadership… and you’re too ignorant and/or too weak willed to bother forming an opinion of your own, what does that leave?

  68. DumbAssSue says:

    There are so many ASSumptions going on this post it’s amazing! I love how the “non-judgmental” left is so judgmental of anyone that isn’t in their camp. The party of “peace and love” hates anyone that isn’t in agreement with their world view. They are the truth and the light, anyone dare disagrees with them are deemed autistic savants. The leftist can call anyone any name they want without shame. This is the same generation that said “don’t trust anyone over 30…or hate the PIGS” (anyone representing the oppressive government) Are now over 30 and in power, well that’s different because we know what’s best for you. They use “scientific proof” as the basis of every argument when mankind still cannot tell us what lives in the very deepest of oceans. Cannot with impunity tell us what came first the chicken or the egg. Cannot provide evidence or physical proof of just ONE species that evolved into another species. Can they explain why, if mankind evolved from apes, there are still apes in the planet? Why did some get on the evolutionary train, yet others were left at the station? I remember when i was in college I asked the question “What exists beyond our Universe?” I was told it was not a is “valid question” (a direct quote from my Astronomy Professor) I was told to accept the non-answer at face value was in my mind crazy! Marco Rubio chose to stay out of the weeds so as to give as little fodder to the secularist ais possible, but they still managed to make it an issue. What ever happened to “Live and let live”? What ever happened to respectfully disagreeing? What ever happened to allowing people their choice in what makes them happy,to serve God or not acknowledge the existence of God esp. when that person isn’t imposing his/her faith on anyone else?

  69. Mr Author…you do realize that Rubio’s quote was NOT referring to the age of the planet, right? “Whether the Earth was created in 7 days, or 7 actual eras, I’m not sure we’ll ever be able to answer that. It’s one of the great mysteries.” He was, in fact, talking about the earth’s creation time. It appears that you and your willfully blind racist followers are the only idiots here.

  70. benb says:

    I think the question has a lot to do with the growth of the GDP. Would Rubio choose superstitious economic policies or evidence-based policies? Or is he simply not qualified to answer?

  71. david says:

    your cool dude. just between you and me, what if where the jews went they impacted the cultures they encountered instead of the other way around. that could also explain the similarities in the mythos around the world. just an idea.

  72. You see, simpleton, the author attacked Rubio BECAUSE the author is a privilaged white guy and he hates those that do not look the same. Can you clarify as to why you are supporting this racist?

  73. david says:

    probably not, but buying in to baited traps should be

  74. david says:

    not so common sense drew. would it really be a problem if my care for my neighbors was a religious point of view? and what the hell does gay marriage or women bishops have to do with it? jesus man, the episcopal church allows this but i guess that aint good enough, you want everyone to follow what you think is good? ( i am assuming you want this since you interjected it into the convo) so if what you think is right is not allowed then it must be wrong? how about this drew, how about you think i am retarded. i think the bible is the inspired word of god to man. strange i know. but when i read it i allow it to be a standard to me, and when i find i fall short of the ideas of loving my neighbor or caring for the poor or widows then i strive to change myself to be better. but when you read that a gay guy cant get married or a woman cant be a bishop, you decide that you know better and say that the book sucks. i dont know what to call that contrast drew, so i wonder what you would call it.

  75. david says:

    no bro, i didn’t miss your point, things tend to get left behind in this kind of forum because there is so much information being put out. and because i am a normal guy and not a blazing intellect. yes religion is a lucrative buisness no way around it. christianity is not alone in that, i think we see more of it here since we are a country founded on judeo-christian ideals and therefore that religion predominates our culture. i cannot adequately defend the whole money making aspect of my faith, i can only say that it is men doing that. our religion does not teach that. it teaches that the love of money is the root of evil so you should know that the men who practice the love of money have missed the boat somewhere, but since i am kinda sorta in their camp i have to stand and take your accusations in their place. our faith teaches love of fellow man, reasonableness, and consideration of fellow man. i dont know why the whole money thing is such a big issue when there are con artists everywhere. why is it more wrong for a guy on t.v. to ask for money than a cop shaking you down at a traffic stop? maybe its easier to attack the christians since we all know that they wont blow up your bus for disagreeing with them. that was a cheap shot, but it makes a point. as far as science, well bro, if you would be honest you would admit that there is just as much disagreement in the scientific community about “facts” as there is in any community about “facts”. i agree with facts, i do, i really do, but i dont understand why it means that i have to throw in with you on your world view. i have faith, there are millions who have faith and that faith is apart from facts. the bible talks about this difference. When god told abraham that he would have a child, abraham knew that the facts were that he was too old to have a kid, but that god could act outside of the facts. see, he accepted the facts, he understood what the facts ment, but he believed what he had been told by god. that don’t sound so strange to me. sorry for not being clear bro. keep up the fight.

  76. HolyMoly says:

    Do you think that Bush, Jr., really read scripture the first thing every morning when he woke up? Or that Gingrich or Ryan are hard-core Catholics? They say these things because they know their base wants to hear it. I’d be willing to believe that Rubio and other Republicans think the young earth theory is a bunch of malarkey. Their reluctance to give a straight answer to any question relating to it kind of leads one to come to that conclusion. But they’ll hedge on it with the “competing theories” line…whatever they can do to satisfy the people who actually believe in it. And don’t forget to mention “God” and “Reagan” as much as possible. I think when you wear your religion on your sleeve in the way that they do, it has a very insincere ring to it. You’re being had if you think they’re the saints they say they are.

    Take the issue of abortion. Republican politicians frame it as one of the most important issues we face, based entirely on religious grounds. If they wanted Roe v Wade eliminated, they would lose a wedge issue. Instead, they occasionally pass a law here and there, mostly on the state level, to make it more DIFFICULT for women to have the legal procedure done, but they’re not interested in eliminating it altogether. So much for their convictions.

    Marriage is to be between one man and one woman, unless your name is Newt, when it becomes one man and one woman at a time (but you can simultaneously have other women, as long as you’re only married to one of them). Yet he doesn’t hesitate to insert “God” into his public pronouncements.

    And their economic policies are so anti-Christian it makes my head spin. Jesus sounded much more like a socialist than anything else. They’re using religion to sway the masses into supporting them. They’re using it as a distraction away from what they’re really all about.

    I don’t doubt there are Democrats who fit the bill too. We’re talking about humans and their thirst for power, no one is exempt from it. But we as an electorate need to answer their religious pronouncements with a big “so what?” Maybe then they’ll talk a little more about how they intend to govern and who exactly they’re working for instead of all the smoke and mirrors. Religious belief is not a prerequisite for qualification to office.

  77. Max Twain says:

    We can chalk this up to typical liberal strategy. They have to attack his faith because they fear the possibility of the first Hispanic president being a Republican. That has the potential to undo all of the good work the Dems have put in pandering to illegals for 3 decades.

  78. david says:

    i agree. vote for the most qualified person regardless of belief. i would posit though that belief shapes thought. i would think that your world view would shape how you act. no the government should not endorse religion, but what is endorsement of religion? Jefferson was cool with churches using public buildings as places of worship and was cool with a chaplin in congress, so though he may have been a deist he was down with the notion of encouraging faith in the public square. As stalin, and mao would lead me to believe then a non-religious person is just as threatening to liberty as a jerry fallwell would be. (sp) its not the religion man, its the man. men are imperfect, not god. sorry for being confusing, i am off four days a week and i have been drinking. i am catholic after all.

  79. Max Twain says:

    Why is GQ asking a Miami lawyer about radiometric dating? I’ve never heard them ask why Obama believes a Jewish carpenter was resurrected from the dead 2,000 years ago. Obama claims to pray every day. Pray to what? According to liberals, he was praying to an imaginary friend in the sky. How could liberals trust him with the nuclear codes after all that praying to a fictional character????

  80. Max Twain says:

    The network we “made up” was shown in a Pew study to be more informative and less partisan then your hack friends over on MSDNC.

    Maybe one day Fox can equal the journalistic standards of Al “Tawana was raped but not really” Sharpton!

  81. Drew2u says:

    Unless, of course, the locals want to marry gay people or allow women bishops, then the Vatican’s quick to defrock them.
    Good on you for caring for your neighbors, but I would hope that’s common sense and not something delegated to a specific faith. Ya know, kind of like how the Earth being 4.5 billion years old is common sense.

  82. HolyMoly says:

    A further thought comes to mind when referring to the allegories found in the Old Testament that many creationists are hell-bent (pun intended) to turn into historical fact. You will find many of these stories in existence PRIOR to the first known appearance of them in Jewish writing, such as the Great Flood (Epic of Gilgamesh, Mesopotamia), the Garden of Eden (Pandora’s Box, Greek), the baby Moses cast adrift on a raft made of reeds (Egyptian mythology). Even the date of Jesus’ birth coincides with ancient myths related to the rebirth of a dying sun, as the days start getting longer and spring approaches.

    The time at which these stories first appear in Jewish writing coincides with their wandering from one place to the next over the centuries, mingling with one culture after another, where they picked up these stories. It doesn’t negate the Judeo-Christian religion; they obviously used these allegories to help illustrate a larger moral point. I think this is lost on the creationists who insist that everything be literal. I think they’re letting the fluff obscure their view of the larger message conveyed by these stories.

    I guess some of us, myself included, have gone off on a tangent here and strayed from the subject of the article. I apologize for contributing to that.

  83. Max Twain says:

    Funny, I never hear Democrats who claim to be religious (like Obama, Clinton, Cuomo) answer questions about the contradictions between their faith and science. I believe these Democrats are atheists who lie about their religious faith for political gain, which is far more offensive to me than hedging on an out-of-place Earth age question dropped into a conversation about best friends and rap music.

  84. MyrddinWilt says:

    Well you can say that, but who do they have right now that is actually viable?

    They haven’t had a single candidate who has won the election since Bush senior ran (Dufus does not count, he lost in 2000). Each time they have chosen the least worst candidate from a miserable pool of losers.

    We are not going to know until 2014 whether Hilary is going to run or not and that is going to dampen down early campaigning on the Democrat side. If Hilary does run then the only person who is going to have much of a shot against her is Biden since we all know that Hilary came within a hair of winning in 2008 and she is easily the best chance to get a women elected President in the next 10 years. The only other woman who is as prominent is Warren and she comes from MA which has supplied three loosing candidates in six cycles.

    If Hilary is going to run then the attraction of a run is rather less for the top drawer GOP candidates. They have to survive a nasty primary and then compete against a Democrat who practically wins the nomination in a walkover. If she is not going to run it still pays to keep the GOP guessing as long as possible and let the GOP nomination race evolve as another four year marathon of nastiness (yes I know she has ‘no plans’…)

    So it really is going to be another parade of pygmies trying to look like giants. Christie is way too moderate and way too fat. And yes, the fact that he is 400lb really does matter to voters. More importantly, I just can’t see how a man in his physical condition could survive a campaign. Romney pretty much looked like he was approaching a coronary at the end. The Presidency itself is no picnic.

    If Jindal or Rubio don’t run then who? Jeb Bush? Ryan?

    Don’t count out someone running just because they are a no hoper. Every GOP-er apart from the sitting Veep has looked like a no-hoper in the nomination race since Nixon.

  85. Drew2u says:

    I would certainly hope that elementary science courses are not above Senator Rubio’s pay grade.

  86. david says:

    just to point out, the vatican doesn’t speak for all christians bro. in case you didn’t know, there is a concept in the catholic faith that allows for the following of local traditions and customs so i guess that would leave the vatican out of the equation and would put the local community in the know. my faith teaches me that i am responsible for my actions, not the actions of my neighbor, but i am also admonished to care for my neighbor. i cant really do that if my money and my time are taken away by a group somewhere far removed from me.

  87. Drew2u says:

    Sorry, but can you point out where Mr. Aravosis attacked someone on the basis of their skin? Your post, here, seems to infer that he made some sort of ignorant/racial comment. Could you clarify, please?

  88. DumbAssSue says:

    My-my Steve you are an angry useful idiot!

  89. Drew2u says:

    (Just to point out that the Vatican, the seat of the Catholic faith, is over 1,000 miles away from Maine – just a tad bit more than ‘hundreds’.)

  90. Drew2u says:

    So…. much…. material….!
    John, you certainly know how to draw in the trolls!
    Mormons/Catholics spending money on Prop 8. That I disagree with.
    The government spends money on housing, food, eduction, clothing, and so much more.
    DAS, I would love to hear a cognizant argument from you for I believe in the intellectual exchange of ideals, but you’re going to have to present something better than: “Religion spends money on good stuff while government spends money on baad stuff!” (parsing your argument, of course)

    and OMG: Christian Jihad against Islam? Seriously? Like, the Crusades? Dear lord, DAS, take some remedial science and history classes. Please!

  91. HolyMoly says:

    Maybe I’m misreading your last sentence, but it does matter if someone tries to shove their religion down our throats. Many of us have our own religion or a different denomination within the same religion, and they do have many distinct differences and areas of focus.

    I do miss the integrity and principle that could be found in most of our country’s earliest leaders. Many, such as Jefferson, refrained from even disclosing to the public their religious affiliations. With a little detective work, you could come to a reasonable assumption that he was a Deist. Among those whose religious affiliations were known, they stood by the principle of separating religion from government, knowing that not everybody shares the same beliefs. Hence the “no religious test” clause in Article VI and the establishment clause of the 1st Amendment. John Quincy Adams (a devout Unitarian), for instance, did not take his oath of office on a Bible. He stood by the principle that his religious beliefs — or anyone else’s for that matter — were not a prerequisite for holding office. He did that for ALL of us, not just himself.

    Liberty, the role of government, and individual rights are threatened most by a theocratically-minded person in a position of authority. It’s not anti-Christian or anti-religion to demand and adhere to separation of church and state, since most of us are religious; I think the opposite is true. Both government and religion flourish best when kept separate. It’s a win-win situation. Even Jesus said, “Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s [i.e., pay your taxes], and unto God the things that are God’s.” That’s a pretty ringing endorsement of the separation of church and state if you ask me.

    As far as the electorate goes, though, we can vote for a candidate for any reason we wish, including religiosity, although I think it’s silly to elect a president, senator, whatever based on anything other than their ability to perform the tasks of government.

  92. Drew2u says:

    wow, I guess my previous post must have gone right over your head. Sorry about that. Let me be more specific for you:

    I was merely saying that you can’t deny the fact that “religion” is a lucrative business. You can profess whatever you personally believe in, that’s fine, but it’s a billion-dollar industry.
    And you can challenge my personal views all you want, but that still does nothing to address that aforementioned fact.
    And it’s very disturbing and sad that scientific inquisitiveness and the thirst for knowledge is handicapped by religion – Marco Rubio’s comments above. It’s science, yes, but it’s not rocket science. He needs to learn to open a book every once in a while (other than “The Good Book”tm)
    Case in point: Carbon dating. The Creation Museum teaches that scientists say fossils are as old as they are because they say the fossils are that old and that “circular logic”. The Creation Museum simply ignores the process of carbon dating (which, with the right equipment, anyone can replicate and measure) in favor of, “Because the cook book says so!” And with that argument, “Because it says so” (or, if you believe that it’s the literal word of god, “Because I say so”), dies any curiosity, inquiry, and growth of knowledge.
    Science asks “how is stuff made?”, religion asks “why is stuff made?”. Religion can never ask “how” because by its very nature, the dogmatic practices are already accounted for. Once, as Galileo discovered, one starts questioning the laws and beliefs of ones mythos, the house of cards comes crashing down (and as with such a paradigm shift as he uncovered, a LOT of people lash out at that, which is also why I suspect this conversation is affecting you, David, more than me. But I wouldn’t presume to know or assume your beliefs or opinions.)

  93. david says:

    hey sue, i agree with the idea that a local community is far more efficient with dealing with problems in the community than an faceless conglomerate hundreds of miles away. i give because i believe and i care for the poor because i know that i am just as poor in a spiritual sense. i would say though that as a community of christians we can’t duck the issue of our people gaming the faithful for their own ends. the ones who do that are wrong and god will deal with them. we are supposed to be a light to the world.

  94. Stev84 says:

    It’s true. You’re a dumbass

  95. david says:

    be sure to tip your waitress

  96. david says:

    i agree with most of that dude

  97. david says:

    what was the kook answer? maybe he should have said it was above his pay grade

  98. david says:

    so your not interested in repartee? you just want to call us all idiots when we disagree with you? dang bro, to quote sgt hulka from stripes ” lighten up francis”

  99. david says:

    i do accept facts bro. i think that the view you start with will greatly affect the conclusion you draw from the facts. if you think that there is no god, or that god used evolution to bring about creation, then all of the information you receive will be filtered through that lens. i dont think your an idiot or anything like that, i just think your wrong. you believe what you want and i will believe what i want. i accept a fossil record and i wish like hell there were dinosaurs around today, man i could use a velociraptor(sp) to patrol my yard for prowlers. also, i would like to address that very large brush you paint with. there are billions of people on this planet bro. even though i am a christian guy, i differ a great deal from the guy next to me in church, not to mention the protestants down the road, and let alone the other types of catholics out there. and in the scientific community you dont have unification of thought either, there are competing theories on the very nature of the universe for crying out loud. i guess what i am getting at is that you wont be enlightened by just calling dissenting views idiotic, instead i think we should engage in reasonable conversation and enjoy clarity over agreement. but we can still talk smack, like a big game of spades.

  100. DumbAssSue says:

    What a bunch of bigots you all are! Last time I checked science can only disapprove something, every thing “scientific” is base solely on observation, which in and of itself can be flawed. The last time I checked Obama claims to be a Christian so he must be an idiot as well based on everyone’s opinion here! @Drew2u if “God demands you give me your money” what makes God any different then Uncle Sam? So you choose to “worship” god of government stupid me I choose to worship the God of creation! I’d rather be a “dummy” Christian and give my money to an organization I am directly involved with and trust will take care of my immediate community at large in big ways such as; housing, food, education, clothing, and so much more. Government wants to take my money and spend on things I may or may not approve of, with or without my consent. I have yet to hear of Christian Terrorist attacks on innocent civilians, or a Christian jihad against Islam. Rather be a Christian then a big governement lemming.

  101. I see that you’re an idiot, and a democrat. You see, I’m Knot a republican. I’m a black democrat who doesn’t like people being attacked just because of the color of their skin. It happens to me every day. When you can even begin to understand the pain from racism, I will invite you to converse with the rest of the adults here. Until then, please make an attempt to make a cogent thought and see the writing on the wall.

  102. Drew2u says:

    Say what you will about what you think my point of view is, but I’m not the one making millions on a “Creation Museum”, the “Ark” in Kentucky, or the mind-boggling amount of mega-churches I drive past when I do my jobs.
    And this doesn’t even touch television networks, books, spokespersons, speakers, tchotchkes, souvenirs, arms…

  103. What’s make us irate is that you guys don’t believe in facts and you don’t believe in science. The same way you made up your own TV network in order to rewrite news that contradicts your politics, you then made up your own science in order to rewrite science that contradicts your political message. If you all chose to go live on an island somewhere, or in Alabama with that large fence you want to put on the mexican border, and never took another federal dime or sent another politician to washington, I’d say good riddance. But since we’re stuck with you, and we have to pay for your anti-science with our dollars and our country’s and personal well-being, yeah it makes us mad.

  104. david says:

    sorry i didn’t register guy, i didn’t think anyone would care, i just threw my comments out there. to proceed, Christianity in one view is a religion. so men run it on earth. men( the neuter term) are imperfect. men are power hungry and what not. so yes it is sad to say, but there have been a ton of men who have claimed the title of christ who have made a joke of the whole thing. sorry about that. but the message that christ put out was : “love god with all your heart, soul, and mind. and love your neighbor as yourself. all of the commandments hang on this” (paraphrase) i dont know why money is such an important part of the equation, but i would put this out. if what you see is only a money hungry bunch, would not that say more about your view of things? thanks for your time.

  105. Just checked. 13.75bn. Thank you, thank you, I’ll be here all week.

  106. No. If you asked a Democrat how old the earth is, they’d have said, 3 to 5 bn or so? Or at worst, they’d have said, I should know this, but I’m not good at science. It only paints him as a kook when he gives a kook’s answer.

  107. When I was a child, admittedly a significant period ago, I noticed an interesting corollary between the then-population of the planet and its age. Both were 4.5 billion. Now the population has ballooned to 8 billion so the kids of today don’t have that easy way to remember, but fortunately, the age hasn’t altered enough that the simple 2 digit precision number is hard to remember. It was 4.5 billion, it is 4.5 billion, and it likely will remain 4.5 billion. Your idea that it changes? Bunk.

  108. Uh, hello, yes. I know that the approx age of the universe is around 13 or 14bn. And I would have said that the age of the earth is between 3 and 5 billion, if asked, before checking wikipedia. And even if folks didn’t know the age of the earth, I’m pretty sure that everyone would have said that the age is known, it’s simply a matter of each of us not knowing the specifics, because we’re not geologists or whatever. But we wouldnt’ say that it’s one of life’s great mysteries.

  109. Stev84 says:

    I knew the answer. And anyone who doesn’t at least say “It’s several billions of years old” is an idiot and should be automatically excluded from any election.

  110. I see that you’re new here, and a Republican, so I’ll try to use small non-Latinized words. For an attack to be ‘racist’ – and I get that for some Republicans the whole “caring about civil rights thing” could still be somewhat new and confusing, no idea if that’s what’s going on here – but in order for an attack to be racist, “race” has to somehow be involved in the attack. Talking about someone claiming, falsely, that the no one knows how old the earth really is, when we do know, is not racism. Unless you think telling lies has something to do with the color of one’s skin. In which case, that would be racist.

  111. david says:

    i am a creationist, but i agree with you. religion doesn’t matter that much. what does matter is a view of liberty, the role of government, and individual rights. so i can get on board with you. i dont want a particular religion stuffed down my throat as well, but again that shouldn’t matter in a republic like the one we have.

  112. david says:

    to you and all of the non-creationists. i am not disputing facts. facts are facts and we are not entitled to our own set, what we are disputing is the conclusion you draw from the facts. the conclusion shows your view of things. it is curious to me though how a difference of opinion could make people so irate. ( my spelling sucks but that aint a crime)

  113. AdmNaismith says:

    No, I didn’t know the current estimate, but I do know that the world is round, and older than 6k yrs old. That’s more then you can say about many people in the US.

    and for as much as the estimate changes, it is never less than billions of years old, never in the completely erroneous thousands.

  114. This racist attack is astounding. Shame on you. How do you sleep at night without a soul?

  115. david says:

    good call. it seems the question was designed as a way of painting him as a kook. who cares how old the earth is anyway, we ain’t living back then we are living now. and yes i know aint aint a word thank you.

  116. Drew2u says:

    Please proceed, Mr. unregistered.

  117. David says:

    really?!! really?!! is that all its about dude, give me money, is that all its about. is that all you know about it? jeez

  118. franklyn says:

    “No scientist observed dinosaurs die.”
    Until now. Repubs ARE the dinosaurs of our time.

  119. John Lopez says:

    The Earth is 4.6 Million years old but we live in the year 2012!

  120. Roland_Stiles says:

    Gentlemen, what is the point. I doubt anyone here on this site knew the approximated age of the earth until after they read it in wikipedia. Even our current president doesnt have a handle on simple facts. He has shown he has no idea how many states in our union. Why would we hold a senator to a higher standard on a subject more fluid than US history.

    Anyone who has studied science knows that the “earth age” keeps changing every 20-40 years due to changing estimates. I believe that to us non scientists it is a mystery how it can be calculated to such a degree of certainty.
    I think Rubio made a good point. Who cares when our economy is in ruins and debt is climbing out of sight and government is expanding faster than the universe.

  121. Rusty Yates says:

    It is so hard for me to image that he or any delusional person could be elected to public office. The electorate of Florida has done the nation a major disservice by electing this man.

  122. PolishBear says:

    Does the age of the Earth or the creation of the Universe or the biological origin of the human species really make that much difference in the day-to-day life of the average American? Probably not. But I DO expect our elected officials to live in the REAL world, rather than subscribing to a lot of superstitious nonsense.

    Marco Rubio was not asked, “How old is the Earth?” He was asked, “How old do you think the Earth is?” Surely he has an belief, based either on science of theology, but instead he chose to dance away from the question. I find that dismaying. If we take “Young Earth” creationism at face value, EVERYTHING we know about physics and astronomy and even higher mathematics completely falls apart.

    During his campaign Mitt Romney lamented how science education was lagging behind the rest of the Western industrialized world. Considering how 46% percent of Americans believe in the creationist view that God created humans in their present form at one time within the last 10,000 years, Romney certainly would have had his work cut out for him if he had been elected.

    Let’s face it: “Young Earth” creationism is the antithesis of science. It completely inverts the scientific method, starting with an assumption (i.e. “God did it.”), then contorting science to fit that assumption, and if scientific facts do not support the notion that “God did it,” those facts can be dismissed as nothing less than an elaborate Satanic deception. I expect fundamentalist Christian preachers to spew this kind of gobbledygook, but not members of the House Science Committee and CERTAINLY not up-and-coming Presidential prospects.

  123. Sam says:

    You can put Rubio in the category with Jindal.

    BUT neither will run for president anyway. Rubio for one has too much baggage.

    Only people on blogs keep putting their names out there. They are not running for president, ever.

  124. HolyMoly says:

    In the quotation from “Dinosaurs and the Bible” that you cited above, the author seems to have negated his own argument without realizing it:

    “No scientist observed dinosaurs die.”

    Creationists go through all the trouble of trying to have us believe that dinosaurs walked the earth with us, and then this guy says that no scientist (and I would presume no one else for that matter) observed their sudden extinction.

    I don’t believe you will find any Jews out there frantically searching for Noah’s Ark or the Garden of Eden, because they know those things don’t exist. They realize that those stories are only allegories used to illustrate a moral truth (or whatever they believe is a moral truth). It’s the creationists that feel their whole house of cards will come crashing down if they can’t find a few rotted wooden planks high atop some mountain in Turkey. Imagine if they applied that much energy to other things!

    Rubio is just a rube. I personally don’t care what a candidate’s religion is, unless it becomes quite obvious that he or she is going to shove it down our throats and dumb us down in the process.

  125. This is why the repugnacans still have miles and miles to go. Even if they manage to start talking a more rational game the money behind them has the same agenda.

  126. HolyMoly says:

    Like any reputable scientist will tell you, in any scientific experiment, you must start with the conclusion and then cherry-pick anything that might be twisted to fit with it, and you must exclude the multitude of evidence that very inconveniently disproves it. Following the evidence and allowing it to LEAD you to a conclusion, even if it’s contrary to what you thought it would be, is so elitist and snobby.

    Now that I think about it, conservative politicians seem to have borrowed the creationists’ pseudo-scientific method and used it to “prove” time and again how their economic policies lead to prosperity. Their pollsters have used their method to predict accurately Romney’s election by a landslide. Their foreign policy experts accurately predicted total success in Iraq that would be paid for by Iraqi oil revenue, complete with Iraqis throwing roses, waving American flags, a statue to honor George Washington Bush, and Sunnis and Shiites peacefully coexisting.

    What a mentality. It’s a wonder our nation has survived as long as it has.

  127. Drew2u says:

    “God demands you give me your money!”

  128. Stev84 says:

    He also whined about homophobes being “silenced” in the same interview:

    He said we just need to “agree to disagree”. Fuck that idiot

  129. AristarchusSeleucus says:

    SO . . .

    there were dinosaurs in the Garden of Eden ?

    there were dinosaurs on Noah’s Ark ?

    Rubio’s confusion is to be expected: (1) he used to make the claim that his family came from Cuba in order to flee Castro after his takeover, but (2) it turned out that his family arrived several years earlier. For some reason the Democrats refuse to bring this up … anybody know why ?

  130. Indigo says:

    Most everything is a mystery to Marco.

  131. jomicur says:

    The creationists are way beyond stupid; they’re certifiably nuts. A month or two ago on the creationist TV series ORIGINS on the Cornerstone Christian network, a “scientist” explained that the craters on the moon were caused by water splashing upward during Noah’s flood. (He never explained why lunar craters have anything to do with creationism . Thankfully. I think my head would have exploded.)

  132. HereinDC says:

    Rubio was totally slammed by everyone on Morning Joe this morning. If Rubio is ALREADY parsing his wording 4 years before the Election just so he can get thru the GOP primaries……. As they were saying……Romney did the same thing with his parsing to get thru the primaries….. ( And look how that turned out for him )

  133. dula says:

    Why is it so hard for Christians to reconcile their spiritual beliefs with the notion that God created the universe according to scientific principals?

  134. MyrddinWilt says:

    I think the wingnuts are well on their way to kicking Christie out of the GOP like they did with Specter.

    Jindal will be the Cain of the cycle, the the guy they are never ever going to pick but they make sure everyone thinks they might pick just to make them look a little less racist.

    As for Bachmann, lets hope she runs against Franken in his re-election bid. Her money raising ability might well scare any serious candidate off running in the GOP primary.

  135. caphillprof says:

    I suspect the RNC is quickly working on a plan not to have primaries in 2016.

  136. caphillprof says:

    Christianity must be a mental illness.

  137. A_nonymoose says:

    If you want to rule the stupid, you have to BE the stupid.

  138. SharksBreath says:

    “2+2 equals whatever God wants it to.”

    Profound. You just described the entire Republican fiscal policy.

  139. samiinh says:

    Does this suggest that 2016 will have an even bigger clown car than 2012 in the run for the Republican nomination for President? Let’s see…Rubio, Santorum, Jindal, Palin, Bachmann, and Christie? Better be a big car, better yet, an oversized SUV.

  140. OF COURSE humans and dinos evolved together,and they all came over ‘ here’ in the ark,which,…as has just been discovered..was powered by 4 Triple-Expansion Steam Engines,same as those in RMS TITANIC!! lol, those fundies will change ANYTHING to validate their cause…hmmm. them and their great big …3RD GRADE education, wow.

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