Marco Rubio making anti-gay swing-state robocalls to help Romney

As if there were any question as to what kind of President Mitt Romney would be.

The GOP’s new darling, Senator Marco Rubio of Florida – a prominent Romney surrogate – is doing robocalls against gay marriage in various swing states where gay marriage isn’t even on the ballot. In other words, Rubio is gay-bashing to help get out the pro-Romney vote.

As if there were any question as to how hateful and bigoted the Republican party remains to this day. Yet again trotting out gay bashing, at the last minute, to whip up the party faithful into a frenzy.

Mitt Romney, and the GOP generally, need to decide who they want to be when they grow up.

Are we electing the Romney who said he was more pro-gay than Ted Kennedy, or the Romney who says straight parents are better than gay ones? Is he the Romney who secretly promised the gay Republicans he’d move forward on ENDA?

Every day brings a new flip-flop, a new position, a new lie from the Romney campaign on just who Uncle Mittens is going to play once he gets into the White House.

And now we have the GOP’s new flavor-of-the-month using gay-bashing to get out the Republican vote.

What is this, 2004, where the GOP is trotting out the gay-bashing card to energize the intolerant bigots and far-right extremists who control the party?

From Chris Johnson at Blade:

marco rubio

Marco Rubio, the GOP’s new
“It Girl” of anti-gay bigotry.

Rising Republican star Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) is speaking out against same-sex marriage in robocalls being sent to voters in states deciding the issue at the ballot and presidential election swing states, according to an anti-gay group.

The National Organization for Marriage, one of the major groups opposing marriage equality, included Rubio in a press release as among those making calls against same-sex marriage along with former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee and Focus on the Family co-founder James Dobson.

According to NOM, calls will be made in both English and Spanish and will target voters “across the political spectrum who favor retaining the definition of marriage” as one man, one woman. NOM said a recording of the calls wasn’t available upon request from the Washington Blade, and Rubio’s office didn’t respond to a request for comment on the senator’s participation.

“Across the political spectrum,” my ass.  Marco Rubio isn’t doing robocalls to help elect Democrats.  And he didn’t pick swing states because he was worried about the local election for dog catcher.  This is about helping elect Mitt Romney, period.

It’s also a sign of how desperate Team Romney is to win.  After all, Newt Gingrich has already sent out an email saying Romney is going to lose.  And the Ryan camp is already leaking Paul’s plans for after the election.  The Republicans aren’t exactly exuding confidence.  So now all they have left is what they’ve always had, hate and dirty tricks.

Tuesday can’t come soon enough.

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