GOP 2016 hopeful Marco Rubio did “not” just compare Obama to Castro, again. Really.

Marco Rubio, the New “It Girl” of GOP Extremism

Someone needs to have a chat with Miss Thang.

In an interview with GQ that just keeps on giving, GOP Senator, and 2016 presidential hopeful, Marco  Rubio, in addition to claiming that no one knows the true age of the earth (hint: it’s 4.5 billion years old), compares President Obama to Cuba’s communist dictator Fidel Castro.

First, the quote, then a few words about Marco Rubio’s utter lack of understanding of communism, Cuba, or America.

marco rubio

Marco Rubio. The new
“It Girl” of GOP extremism.

GQ: One of the poignant moments in your book is when you’re hanging out with your grandfather on the porch. If he were with you now, what are some things you would ask him?

Marco : My sense is that he would be troubled by the promise that more government can deliver. I’m not making any comparison between Barack Obama and Castro from Cuba—but I was raised in a community of people who were told that if government had more power it could equalize things and it could give them more than others, and at the minimum undo some of the unfair things that had been done to them, and they were very skeptical of that given the experience that they had had.

And I’m not making any comparison between Marco Rubio and a political closet case who’s trying so hard to appease the far right of his own party that it’s almost as if his extreme political views are some kind of political beard meant to hide some secret that he’s deeply afraid, even ashamed, of, but….

See what I did there?  I told you that I’m not suggesting, in a sotto voce manner that gives me absolute plausible deniability, that Marco Rubio, like so many of the anti-gay religious-right wing of the Republican party, sets off my gaydar, big time. And I’m not telling you that the first time I ever saw what Rubio looks like, acts like, sounds like, while watching the Republican convention this summer at my parents’ house, and before Rubio’s name even popped up on the screen, I said to myself, “who’s that queen?”

Just so we have that straight.  I mean, clear.

Rubio 2016 = Romney 2012

He’s a piece of work, that Rubio, and he’s going to be the downfall of the Republican party, again, in four years.  Because that’s just what the Republicans need.  Another nominee who thinks that the only road to the presidency is embracing his inner neanderthal (and in the case of Rubio, his inner neanderthal had a pet dinosaur, just like the Flintstones).

It’s hard to know if Rubio is sincere in his extremism, or whether he’s another phony like Romney.

But considering Rubio’s clear vacillation as he tried to not-explain his wacky notion that the age of the earth is “one of the great mysteries” – Rubio in essence embraced creationism and didn’t embrace it in the same sentence – and his weird vacillation about whether President Obama is or isn’t another Castro – clearly Marco Rubio thinks that the only way to become the Republican party presidential nominee in 2016 is to portray himself as a far right nut.  And that’s the same advice New Jersey Governor Chris Christie got from Fox’s Rupert Murdoch.

You have to be pretty nutty – or stupid – to compare President Obama to Fidel Castro

You have to be pretty ignorant about the history of Cuba, and the history of communism, and about America and what it stands for, to make such a dumb, un-American statement as to compare the President of the United States to a communist dictator who has killed thousands.

Then again, Marco Rubio’s knowledge of Cuban history, particularly as it pertains to Castro, has been shown to be about as accurate as his knowledge of science.  So it’s no wonder that Rubio thinks Obama is like Castro, a brutal dictator who killed thousands of people, and who, up until recently, was closer to Rubio in his views on gay civil rights than to Barack Obama.

How do you say “47%” in Spanish?

My larger concern isn’t that Marco Rubio is either a liar or an idiot.  It’s that Marco Rubio, in attempting to rewrite the history of communism, dishonors the memory of every single person who died under communist regimes in Europe, in Cuba, in China, and in Korea.

If you rewrite, and water down, the crimes of history, and suggest that passing a ban on insurance companies denying coverage for pre-existing conditions, or telling Big Pharma that Medicare is no longer going to pay their exorbitant mark-up on drug prices, is the same thing as Castro’s firing squads, you mock America as well as history.

After all, 51% of us voted for the man you just compared to Castro, Mr. Rubio, so you must think a majority of America is also like Castro since we like Obama, not to mention the 70% of Latinos who voted for Obama.  And in that case, what are you even doing here, if you hate America – if you hate America’s Latino community – so much as to think that the majority sympathizes with communism?

Marco Rubio Mocks Every Victim of Communism

But there’s an even greater crime that Marco Rubio commits, greater than mocking America.

Marco Rubio mocks the memory of every single Cuban, Chinese, Korean, Greek, Romanian, German, Czech, Slovak, Hungarian, Pole and every other person on the planet who gave their life fighting to save their country from brutal communist dictators in the last century.  If what they fought against, if what they gave their lives for, was nothing more than the Cuban, or East German, or Romanian equivalent of the Affordable Care Act, then their deaths were wasted.

I’m not Cuban.  I’m also not Russian.  But I did study the Soviet Union and communism, in depth, while getting my Masters in Foreign Service at Georgetown in the 1980s.  I also visited the Soviet Union during that decade.   It was a fascinating, and horrible, trip.  And for Marco Rubio to attempt to dumb down the history of Soviet communism, and its puppet regimes, in the 20th century is not simply insulting to those who gave their lives fighting those regimes (and those who survied), it’s downright dangerous as well.

What goes on in Marco Rubio’s mind that he thinks passing a stimulus bill that saved our country from depression, or the auto bailout that saved Detroit and millions of American jobs, is the moral equivalent of, or at the very least the political precursor to, lining up political dissidents to be shot?

We can reasonably agree to disagree about the wisdom of the stimulus or the bailout.  So is Marco Rubio now saying that we can reasonably agree to disagree about executing those who disagree with our politics; reasonably agree to disagree about the evil committed by communist dictators in the last 90-some years?

It sure sounds like the logical conclusion of a rather illogical young man who wants to be president of a party that’s become so extreme, it deserves him.

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