GOP 2016 hopeful Marco Rubio did “not” just compare Obama to Castro, again. Really.

Marco Rubio, the New “It Girl” of GOP Extremism

Someone needs to have a chat with Miss Thang.

In an interview with GQ that just keeps on giving, GOP Senator, and 2016 presidential hopeful, Marco  Rubio, in addition to claiming that no one knows the true age of the earth (hint: it’s 4.5 billion years old), compares President Obama to Cuba’s communist dictator Fidel Castro.

First, the quote, then a few words about Marco Rubio’s utter lack of understanding of communism, Cuba, or America.

marco rubio

Marco Rubio. The new
“It Girl” of GOP extremism.

GQ: One of the poignant moments in your book is when you’re hanging out with your grandfather on the porch. If he were with you now, what are some things you would ask him?

Marco : My sense is that he would be troubled by the promise that more government can deliver. I’m not making any comparison between Barack Obama and Castro from Cuba—but I was raised in a community of people who were told that if government had more power it could equalize things and it could give them more than others, and at the minimum undo some of the unfair things that had been done to them, and they were very skeptical of that given the experience that they had had.

And I’m not making any comparison between Marco Rubio and a political closet case who’s trying so hard to appease the far right of his own party that it’s almost as if his extreme political views are some kind of political beard meant to hide some secret that he’s deeply afraid, even ashamed, of, but….

See what I did there?  I told you that I’m not suggesting, in a sotto voce manner that gives me absolute plausible deniability, that Marco Rubio, like so many of the anti-gay religious-right wing of the Republican party, sets off my gaydar, big time. And I’m not telling you that the first time I ever saw what Rubio looks like, acts like, sounds like, while watching the Republican convention this summer at my parents’ house, and before Rubio’s name even popped up on the screen, I said to myself, “who’s that queen?”

Just so we have that straight.  I mean, clear.

Rubio 2016 = Romney 2012

He’s a piece of work, that Rubio, and he’s going to be the downfall of the Republican party, again, in four years.  Because that’s just what the Republicans need.  Another nominee who thinks that the only road to the presidency is embracing his inner neanderthal (and in the case of Rubio, his inner neanderthal had a pet dinosaur, just like the Flintstones).

It’s hard to know if Rubio is sincere in his extremism, or whether he’s another phony like Romney.

But considering Rubio’s clear vacillation as he tried to not-explain his wacky notion that the age of the earth is “one of the great mysteries” – Rubio in essence embraced creationism and didn’t embrace it in the same sentence – and his weird vacillation about whether President Obama is or isn’t another Castro – clearly Marco Rubio thinks that the only way to become the Republican party presidential nominee in 2016 is to portray himself as a far right nut.  And that’s the same advice New Jersey Governor Chris Christie got from Fox’s Rupert Murdoch.

You have to be pretty nutty – or stupid – to compare President Obama to Fidel Castro

You have to be pretty ignorant about the history of Cuba, and the history of communism, and about America and what it stands for, to make such a dumb, un-American statement as to compare the President of the United States to a communist dictator who has killed thousands.

Then again, Marco Rubio’s knowledge of Cuban history, particularly as it pertains to Castro, has been shown to be about as accurate as his knowledge of science.  So it’s no wonder that Rubio thinks Obama is like Castro, a brutal dictator who killed thousands of people, and who, up until recently, was closer to Rubio in his views on gay civil rights than to Barack Obama.

How do you say “47%” in Spanish?

My larger concern isn’t that Marco Rubio is either a liar or an idiot.  It’s that Marco Rubio, in attempting to rewrite the history of communism, dishonors the memory of every single person who died under communist regimes in Europe, in Cuba, in China, and in Korea.

If you rewrite, and water down, the crimes of history, and suggest that passing a ban on insurance companies denying coverage for pre-existing conditions, or telling Big Pharma that Medicare is no longer going to pay their exorbitant mark-up on drug prices, is the same thing as Castro’s firing squads, you mock America as well as history.

After all, 51% of us voted for the man you just compared to Castro, Mr. Rubio, so you must think a majority of America is also like Castro since we like Obama, not to mention the 70% of Latinos who voted for Obama.  And in that case, what are you even doing here, if you hate America – if you hate America’s Latino community – so much as to think that the majority sympathizes with communism?

Marco Rubio Mocks Every Victim of Communism

But there’s an even greater crime that Marco Rubio commits, greater than mocking America.

Marco Rubio mocks the memory of every single Cuban, Chinese, Korean, Greek, Romanian, German, Czech, Slovak, Hungarian, Pole and every other person on the planet who gave their life fighting to save their country from brutal communist dictators in the last century.  If what they fought against, if what they gave their lives for, was nothing more than the Cuban, or East German, or Romanian equivalent of the Affordable Care Act, then their deaths were wasted.

I’m not Cuban.  I’m also not Russian.  But I did study the Soviet Union and communism, in depth, while getting my Masters in Foreign Service at Georgetown in the 1980s.  I also visited the Soviet Union during that decade.   It was a fascinating, and horrible, trip.  And for Marco Rubio to attempt to dumb down the history of Soviet communism, and its puppet regimes, in the 20th century is not simply insulting to those who gave their lives fighting those regimes (and those who survied), it’s downright dangerous as well.

What goes on in Marco Rubio’s mind that he thinks passing a stimulus bill that saved our country from depression, or the auto bailout that saved Detroit and millions of American jobs, is the moral equivalent of, or at the very least the political precursor to, lining up political dissidents to be shot?

We can reasonably agree to disagree about the wisdom of the stimulus or the bailout.  So is Marco Rubio now saying that we can reasonably agree to disagree about executing those who disagree with our politics; reasonably agree to disagree about the evil committed by communist dictators in the last 90-some years?

It sure sounds like the logical conclusion of a rather illogical young man who wants to be president of a party that’s become so extreme, it deserves him.

CyberDisobedience on Substack | @aravosis | Facebook | Instagram | LinkedIn. John Aravosis is the Executive Editor of AMERICAblog, which he founded in 2004. He has a joint law degree (JD) and masters in Foreign Service from Georgetown; and has worked in the US Senate, World Bank, Children's Defense Fund, the United Nations Development Programme, and as a stringer for the Economist. He is a frequent TV pundit, having appeared on the O'Reilly Factor, Hardball, World News Tonight, Nightline, AM Joy & Reliable Sources, among others. John lives in Washington, DC. .

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29 Responses to “GOP 2016 hopeful Marco Rubio did “not” just compare Obama to Castro, again. Really.”

  1. Slayde108 says:

    Yes, my gay far went off too.

  2. Juan M. Cortez says:

    Just would like to add my two cents to John Aravosis comments: I am a hispanic (Puerto Rican) and do not think much of Marco Rubio. His Ideology is not in synch with most hispanic. I see no difference with his belief, philosophy then the Rublican party platform. Defend the rich, keep immigrants out, especially from south of the border, take from Social Security, Keep building up the Miliary, Keep assault weapons in circulations, side with Isreal right or wrong, Refuse to talk to Iran, and endorse the repeal of Obama care against the middle-class and poor. Rubio should be ashmed of himself, for not embrassing his humble beginings and working to better the life off all the people, inside of aligning himself with the party of the rich and NO.

  3. San Dog says:

    Pretty amazing that the Dems on this page are so scared of Marco Rubio that you are activley trying to label him now, pretty lame. The god they call Obama will not be on the ticket in 16 and Hillary will be a tired old name by then, same as McCain in 08, and the Dems have NO ONE in the bullpen…….BTW your greatest gift Obama will have about 12 months to establish his legacy and then he will be relegated to lame duckdom, so choose wisely come 16…..the inemptocracy started by Obama is going to need an heir and the Dem brand will not be all that good in 4 years.

  4. For someone with a masters degree you don’t appear educated. Do you think the communist took power by saying in the first four years they were going to line people up and shoot them? No they began by saying we are going to rid you of those horrible “bosses” (ceo’s) and that everyone should have a “fair shot”, the “rich and wealthy” were the enemy. The rich got rich because someone else made them that way. Does any of this sound familiar to you?

  5. karmanot says:

    Crossing the Rubio-con

  6. Butch1 says:

    This man does not have the brains or worldly sense to run this country. He’s just a child without any experience and I guess that is what makes him perfect for the GOP. Aren’t there any seasoned republicans left in their party that qualify to run for a candidate? All of these “wet behind the ears” folks are no where ready to run a country, let alone run their state as governor.

  7. MyrddinWilt says:

    Hmm, someone claims that Gandhi was a top fashion model at the peak of the independence movement, someone else correct them pointing out that no, he actually wore only a loincloth made of threads he has spun himself. “Oh you are playing the loincloth card’.

    A classic liberal play: use of facts to prick the bubble of a right wing gasbag’s overinflated rhetoric.

    The idea that the country was only founded by twelve white men, half of whom were slavers, all of whom have been dead almost two centuries is as stupid as the idea the communists had about Karl Marx having all the answers.

  8. Billy Beers says:

    A classic liberal play, ah yes, the slavery/race card.

  9. A reader in Colorado says:

    America’s not even just a plutocracy. A plutocracy is where a few wealthy oligarchs are PERMITTED to own everything.

    In today’s America, wealthy megathieves are aided by the government in owning more, especially when they screw up.

    I don’t even know what to call that

  10. BeccaM says:

    Rubio is also mocking the very real victims of out-of-control plutocratic, parasitic, oligarchic corporatist capitalism — which is the dominant economic system in America today.

    Why? Because his remedy to the ridiculous assertion that America is turning Communist/Socialist/Marxist is MORE plutocracy, oligarchy, and unregulated parasitic corporate capitalism.

    Is the government seizing companies, installing their own managers, and ordering central control of all productivity? No. Has the government begun seizing fossil fuel and mineral reserves? No. Have the Feds begun seizing foreclosed homes from banks and begun giving them away to the citizens? No. Is health care free, as in don’t have to pay insurance premiums to private insurance companies, including co-pays and deductibles, and your personal doctor actually an employee of the government? No (except for the military and certain elected gov’t officials, but certainly not for the average citizen). Has the Constitutionally-defined gov’t of the United States seized control of all the banks? No, and even the Federal Reserve is full of men taken directly from the bankster cohorts. Objectively, has vast wealth been seized from the rich and given to the poor. No, because if this were so, the income and personal worth inequality between rich and poor in America would not have skyrocketed over the last thirty years. Does Welfare as a perpetual no-work subsidy program exist anymore? No.

    Guys like Rubio and the frothy-mouthed radical right literally cannot explain or provide concrete examples about why America is suddenly a socialist paradise (in less than four years, too) — at least not without distorting the truth and leaving out vast swathes of facts. Nor can they elucidate how now is different from when their President Who Shall Not Be Named was in the Oval Office — except for that nasty old insurance-company profit guaranteeing law called Obamacare.

    I mean, really: Communism = The government owns everything. “From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs.” Capitalism = Corporations own everything. “If you can afford shelter, food, higher education and healthcare, you can have them. Otherwise, tough s**t.” America isn’t even on the same planet as Communism at this point.

  11. franklyn says:

    Right. We’ve self-determined to become co-dependent. Just like corporations.
    What have you got against corporations?

  12. A reader in Colorado says:

    Well, if Rubio is, uh, “light in the loafers” and manages to become the Republican presidential nominee, the day of that discovery will be an entertaining one, ‘sall I’ll say.

  13. Max Twain says:

    Its the Democrat party that dishonors the victims of Communism by pushing the same leftist class warfare that brought so many Communist tyrants to power.

    And just so we’re clear, more than a month before Obama’s second inaugural, and John Aravosis has already accused Rubio of being insane and homosexual.

    Somebody is scared of America’s first Hispanic President. And you should be, libtard.

  14. perljammer says:

    “After all, 51% of us voted for the man you just compared to Castro, Mr. Rubio, so you must think a majority of America is also like Castro since we like Obama …”

    So … 51% of us voted for the man who continues drone strikes in the Middle East, so you must think a majority of America is also in favor of drone strikes. Or maybe, 51% of us voted for the man who has continuously caved to the Republicans, so you must think a majority of America also likes caving to Republicans.

    Or maybe it just isn’t that simple after all.

  15. BrianG says:

    Rubio-Schock 2016 A dream ticket!

  16. MyrddinWilt says:

    Hmm, I have to wonder how the GOP is going to be doing with the Cuba thing in 2016. Fidel is 86 and forced into retirement by ill health. His brother is 81 and no spring chicken. Chances are that Fidel will be dead and Raoul in retirement by 2016. The Vice President is also 81.

    If Congress would let Obama just drop the boycott and let all those tourist dollars flood in, the octogenarian leadership would be swept away in months. The only thing keeping them in power is the embargo.

  17. MyrddinWilt says:

    No we can understand that the subtle nuance here is a dog whistle.

    And the country was actually founded on the principle of keeping slavery going in the Southern colonies and not allowing the Mansfield declaration to be implemented in the colonies. So much for the freedom agenda, they were slavers.

  18. franklyn says:

    And, or, “the hell I’m not.”

  19. Dems can’t understand the idea of subtle nuance. Rubio was speaking of his family’s experience and the belief that too much power for the government and involvement in our lives is a bad thing. And it is. We are a country founded on the freedom of self-determination. And little by little, all of that is being taken away under the guise of “good intentions”. Like now it’s cool that the government can force us to buy a product under penalty of tax. And it is Obama that did that.

    He didn’t want to regulate how the insurance companies make their money, how pharmaceutical companies can do and charge whatever they want. The big government solution is FORCE all of the end users to pay.

    The Auto Bailout, rather than having them go through the free market’s bankruptcy procedures for restructuring, $crewed the shareholders and the car dealerships they eventually shut down (laying off thousands), so that the government and the unions could get a bigger piece of the action.

    We are headed down a slippery slope. Where more people want and expect the government to do more for them. We are going from a self-determining people to a co-dependent culture.

  20. franklyn says:

    Sounds like grand-pa had it made under Santo Bautista.
    I’m not making any comparison between Marco Rubio and Cheyney from Faciststan—but…
    Oh, thell I’m not.

  21. sunmusing says:

    Heh…My wife has pretty good gaydar herself…when my wife first saw Marcus B. I thought she had a seizure from overload….since then she has had to install a filter to block the worst of the “returns”…Senator Graham? made her wonder…what the heck is up with the republicans….and now Rubio?…Doll Face?…I can’t wait to see what my muse thinks….

  22. FLL says:

    The candidates in the 2016 Republican primaries will most likely be Chris Christie, Jeb (Little Brother) Bush and Marco Rubio. It would be fun if Marco Rubio did well because a vacuous scumbag like that would be a guaranteed catastrophe for the right wing of the Republican Party. The Neanderthals of the Neolithic era were actually reputed to care a great deal about the communal welfare of their fellows, but I get your point about embracing his inner Neanderthal. For some reason, that strikes me as humorous. I mean, Bill O’Reilly, although not the nuttiest of the bunch, could resemble Fred Flintstone a bit. But Marco baby, with his natty, overly fashionable look and baby-doll speech and mannerisms, is much more reminiscent of Betty Rubble than Fred Flintstone. Betty Rubble in 2016?!

  23. caphillprof says:

    Marco Rubio is NOT qualified to be president of the United States. Perhaps he should go back to Cuba.

  24. Jon Maas says:

    The silly bitch can’t even remember how and why his family came to the US from Cuba; how can you expect him to remember the truth about Fidel? But here’s the thing, Rubio knows the GOP primary voters don’t care about facts, they only care about hysterical intensity and by George, she – I mean he – is going to channel his inner Ethel Merman-In-“Gypsy” (no implications) and give them INTENSITY!

  25. Indigo says:

    Mario is whimsical, isn’t he? He puts me in mind of Disqus, sometimes workable but not reliably so.

  26. Quilla says:

    Such a cutie. Such a dummy. Someone needs to tell the boy to seriously STFU or he’ll end up taking Sarah Palin’s spot on Fox Noise.

  27. nicho says:

    embracing his inner neanderthal

    Please stop slandering neanderthals. They lived communally and took care of the sick and elderly. They were not anything like today’s Republicans.

  28. kingstonbears says:

    But I just want to bring him home and use him as my personal Jungle Gym.

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