Man in England plays the spoons

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  • Thanks John your video brought back fond memories of my sister-in-law’s dad. May he R I P, He played the spoons beautifully and would entertain us at family gatherings. He was a WW 2 infantry veteran and he loved to tell told how he would keep his buddies entertained during their breaks which weren’t many. He also played the harmonica quite well.

  • LOL well, I was deathly tired, so am not responsible for what I post live at 2am :)

  • HolyMoly

    Don’t try this at home if you’re eating soup. Trust me; I’m speaking from experience!

    I studied percussion as a music ed major (one of my majors), and this is something I was NEVER exposed to. Maybe folk-type instrumentation is not considered to be “legitimate,” which would be funny considering that we played quite a few John Cage pieces that involved such legitimate instruments as rolled-up newspapers, a deck of cards, brooms, etc…all good fun and quite interesting to use everyday household items as instruments.

    I’m inspired by this video…going to have to do a little research and see if I can pick up a few skills!

  • Freday63

    John, you slay me with some of your video choices! That made my day!

  • Naja pallida


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