Louisiana governor Jindal trying a do-over so we ignore his radical past

Welcome back to the real world, governor. We haven’t seen you around much in recent years as you’ve been busy sucking up to the Tea Party crazies and GOP extremists like Limbaugh, refusing federal stimulus money but then begging for federal dollars to help his struggling state, opting for prayer rather than reality, blocking transparency in government, failing to show leadership during a crisis, and boot-licking for Big Oil.

Now that the winds are shifting, the potential 2016 presidential candidate is eager to show that he’s a new kind of Republican. Uh huh. So ignore his history of right wing extremism and incompetence and pay attention to the new, rational Jindal. Now that the election is over and everything that he has stood for was crushed, he wants to pretend as though he’s just a moderate candidate. He’s been feeding the hate machine for years but now he’s the new and improved Republican.

Jindal is now rejecting the arguments of the sore loser Mitt Romney and pushing the idea that he’s a man of 100% of the population, not just the 53%. He’s also insisting that the fast-growing petition to join Texas and secede from the United States is “silly” and that he’s against it. Does Jindal actually believe that or is he outgrowing Louisiana, the way Sarah Palin outgrew Alaska?

Then again, maybe the Red State governor has come to grips with the harsh reality that Louisiana is part of the large block of Red State Socialist states that receive more federal tax dollars than they pay into the system. Louisiana is almost at the top, but of course, Jindal won’t stop trying to be number one.

So for now, Bobby Jindal won’t be joining the other Red States that are eager to form their own less perfect union, which is fine. Personally, I like New Orleans and would hate to have to travel through enemy territory to see that city. When the winds shift again – and they always do – will Jindal revert back to the extremist that he’s been since being elected?

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