Joe Scarborough: “There is something immoral” about low tax rates for rich

Yes, there is something immoral about the rich paying so little in the US.

It’s even more immoral to listen to the Moocher Class – like Lloyd Blankfein, Erskine Bowles, Alan Simpson and Carly Fiorina – talk about how necessary it is to gut the social safety system for the middle class.

How curious that the very people demanding these cuts are all terribly rich and financially comfortable, and never have to even think about healthcare coverage, Social Security or Medicare. Fiorina, for example, has benefited enormously from the tax code that helped corporations throw money at failures.

Can anyone cite a single time when Alan Simpson or Erskine Bowles proposed cutting their political class healthcare or retirement benefits? Like the rest of the protected class – including many in the Obama administration, who are eagerly going along with this made-up “crisis” – none have ever taken serious steps to cut their own juicy benefits. The attacks are always on middle class workers, never the elite.

Americans are a forgiving bunch, but people are scared about the future. Even with Obamacare, healthcare costs are still high and yes, many people are counting on Social Security in their old age. Maybe they would be more understanding if they saw more “we’re all in this together” attitudes among the super-rich, and saw the political class proposing radical cuts for themselves first. Until that is proposed and approved, they should all quit the fear-mongering.

Alongside of this is the absolute ingratitude of moochers like Lloyd Blankfein and his Wall Street buddies. Besides having ridiculously low tax rates that the country can’t afford, they received billions of direct taxpayer dollars and trillions of indirect money. So what did the middle class taxpayers get for this generosity? Complaining by the rich and the cheerleaders of the rich about how the middle class needs to suck it up and accept cuts.

Don’t forget that the next time they screw up and need our tax dollars to come to the rescue.

So to come back to Scarborough’s point, is it immoral for the rich to pay such low taxes and demand so much? Yes, and it’s time to stop enabling them and those in the political class that play the game. Voters made choices in November, and now it’s time for the political class, especially Obama and the Democrats, to react accordingly.

People didn’t vote for Obama so he could be an active participant in this fiscal cliff lie. Obama and his team need to stop playing along with this deception by The 1% crowd, and stand up for those who voted for him.

The real problem is that it appears as though Obama is a very willing participant to this game, and that he actually believes it. Why else would his team be spreading fear and suggesting cuts are coming that will upset Democratic voters?

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