Gore to Obama: Seize the moment on climate change

In the wake of the destructive Hurricane Sandy, Al Gore is asking President Obama to incorporate the issue of climate change into his upcoming negotiations with Republicans. If given the opportunity, the GOP will ignore climate change (and make jokes about it, as they did even after Hurricane Sandy) but with the fiscal cliff discussions, there will be no choice but to listen.

Obama has not had a great record negotiating with Republicans though perhaps now that he’s won again, he might be more forceful. Let’s hope so because this problem of ignoring the climate can’t continue.

The Guardian:

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The vice-president’s intervention for a carbon tax could give critical support to an idea that has gained currency since the election – at least among Washington thinktanks. The conservative American Enterprise Institute held an all-day seminar on the carbon tax on Tuesday.”I think all who look at these circumstances should agree that president Obama does have a mandate, should he choose to use it, to act boldly to solve the climate crisis, to begin solving it,” Gore told the Guardian in a telephone interview.

“He has the mandate. He has the opportunity, and he has the inherent ability to provide the leadership needed. I really hope that he will, and I will respectfully ask him to do exactly that.”

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  • Bill_Perdue

    Not gonna happen. Obama is an enemy of environmentalism. HuffPo 09 02 2011 “WASHINGTON — In a dramatic reversal, President Barack Obama on Friday scrubbed a clean-air regulation that aimed to reduce health-threatening smog, yielding to bitterly protesting businesses and congressional Republicans who complained the rule would kill jobs in America’s ailing economy.

    Withdrawal of the proposed regulation marked the latest in a string of retreats by the president in the face of GOP opposition, and it drew quick criticism from liberals. Environmentalists, a key Obama constituency, accused him of caving to corporate polluters…”

  • Bravo Al Gore! The Earth is already 0,8 degrees Celsius higher than previous years. Our town, Palm Springs, has had 28 extra days of temperatures over 100 degrees F in 2012 compared to 2011. The normally cooler areas at the beach have had record hot days in 2012. The problems of 7+ billion human beings on a fragile, over-developped & over-exploited world are becoming apparent as the world warms: super storms, desertification of arable lands, climate refugees, droughts & floods.

  • hollywoodstein

    The costs of global warming are already outweighing any proposed tax increases.

  • guest1

    Maybe people would listen if they didnt use global warming as an excuse to raise taxes

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