Embattled Foxconn eyes US factory opening

As much as the US needs manufacturing jobs – Detroit especially – the current Foxconn model of dormitory living, tea and cookies, and round-the-clock availability is probably not what we need. You’ll recall that Foxconn is the company recently in the news for being an Apple sub-contractor.

Work with dignity doesn’t appear to be part of the Foxconn plan.

The Guardian:

Factory via Shutterstock

Foxconn, the controversial Taiwanese manufacturer that has become one of the world’s largest employers thanks to booming demand for the Apple products it assembles, is reportedly planning to open factories in the United States.With an 800,000 strong workforce largely based in mainland China, Foxconn is one of the businesses that has profited from the decline of western manufacturing. Now the firm is apparently planning to reverse the labour drain by opening American factories.

As labour costs surge in its home market Foxconn has been looking overseas for opportunities, and sources have told Taiwanese trade publication DigiTimes that the company is evaluating cities including Detroit and Los Angeles.

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