Poll: Public would blame GOP for budget impasse, wants tax increases

A strong CNN/OCR poll for the President and Democrats in Congress on the “fiscal cliff,” in terms of what the public wants out of the talks, and who they’d blame if the talks go south.

In a nutshell, the public wants tax increases as part of the bargain, by an overwhelming majority, and they would blame the Republicans more than the President should a deal not be struck.

The Public Wants Tax Increases as Part of the Bargain

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67% of the public wants tax increases as part of the fiscal cliff bargain, including strong support among men, women, whites, non-whites, Democrats, Independents, and even Republicans.

Independents support including tax increases as part of the bargain by 60-34 , and even Republicans support tax increases by 52-44.  Even conservative Republicans support some tax increases by 51-45.  Those are devastating numbers – the Republicans in Congress are more extreme than conservatives in their own party

The Public Will Blame the Republicans if Talks Fail

45% blame would blame the Republicans if talks fail, while 34% would blame President Obama.  What’s interesting here is that Independents would blame the Republicans over Obama, 43-32, that’s a sizable 11 point difference.

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