Let the South secede

Texas joins a majority of Southern states that have submitted petitions to the White House asking to secede from the Union, and Texas is one of the handful of deep-red states to reach the 25,000 signature threshold needed in order to elicit an official response from the Obama administration.

The simple solution? Let the South secede. (Other than Austin, we like Austin.)

This isn’t the first time that Southern leadership have flirted with the idea of breaking from the Union since that other time that didn’t go so well (for them). During the Republican primary contests, Texas Governor Rick Perry advocated secession as an option, adding that “if Washington continues to thumb their nose at the American people, you know, who knows what might come out of that.”

By all means, Rick, go ahead.

But you don’t mind if we check your pockets before you go?

Is that $17.4 billion in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?

It’s well-known that red states generally take back more federal money than they give, with Mother Jones nothing that “Republican states, on average, received $1.46 in federal spending for every tax dollar paid.” (They also love their pork.)  While it’s true that Texas remains one of the few red states that bucks this trend, there’s plenty of other Perry-mooching that can be reimbursed, with those checks written back to President Obama and Uncle Sam.

Specifically, while Rick Perry condemned the president’s stimulus as “failed” and “misguided,” the governor quietly took $17.4 billion in those “failed” stimulus funds to plug the holes in Texas’ budget – twice.

The state’s own House Appropriations chair added that “when you’re short of money and a pot of money shows up, it’s hard for politicians or budget writers to turn it down.” Mind you, the state had billions stored in a rainy day fund, but instead chose to suck off the federal teat, simply because it was convenient, or as Bill O’Reilly would put it: Texans “wants stuff.”

It didn’t stop there with Perry and the stimulus. Perry went so far as to say that the stimulus “didn’t create any jobs,” leaving out the fact that stimulus funds created or saved almost 50,000 jobs in Texas alone, according to the Houston Chronicle. That same stimulus also plugged a hole in the state’s Medicaid funding, saved child abuse caseworker jobs, and funded child-care and job training programs.

President Obama will accept that $17.4 bn check, and the return of those jobs to the United States, before you leave, Mr. Perry.

While Texas secessionists proclaim their state as one of the largest and therefore most capable of maintaining independence, Texas remains one of the poorest states in the nation. Nearly one in four Texans are uninsured, with the Agency for Health Care Research and Quality ranking the state as worst in the nation for health care delivery. Yes, worst out of 50 states. This isn’t even including the nearly 4 million Texas residents relying on federal nutrition assistance.

And that’s only Texas.

Bloomberg notes that “70 percent of counties with the fastest growth in food-stamp aid during the last four years voted for the Republican presidential candidate in 2008.” There’s going to be a lot of state residents knocking on the doors of their broke state governments come independence time for help.

Rick Perry via Shutterstock

Texas’ farming economy will also suffer under secession. The state remains the number one recipient of USDA farm subsidies, having received $25.9 billion in federal funds from 1995-2011. USDA notes that that the cotton, wheat, corn, rice, peanut, and livestock are among the top ten industries that have received anywhere from hundreds of millions, to billions of dollars in subsidies, all funding that will be cut off.

Everything is bigger in Texas – even the whining.

Then come the occurrences that can only be described as acts of God. After wildfires devastated the state in 2011, Perry loudly complained to the federal government that he had not received as much disaster assistance as neighboring states, crying to press that the president was “taking care of Alabama and other states,” but not Texas. This is ignoring the 25 FEMA grants totaling $18.5 million in reimbursements he had already been given.

So Rick Perry is both for and against sucking on the federal teat.  I’m not sure if that makes him bi, curious, or simply a federal teat-sucking closet case.  But one thing’s for sure, he’s a hypocrite.

If it’s secession Texas wants, it’s secession the state should get. But that means no more crying to the next-door neighbor, the United States, when there’s trouble. If the Republic of Texas burns, they are on their own. If they go hungry, they are on their own. If they’re drowning in a hurricane, go ask their good friend Alabama for help.  And if they need some cash to fill those holes in that budget, they are on their own.

But cheer up, Texas. You’ll always have the booming execution industry.  Maybe you can sell tickets?

Gabe Ortíz is a San Francisco-based writer. He has contributed to the Mission's bilingual newspaper "El Tecolote," and the political blogs AMERICAblog, AMERICAblog Gay, and Veracity Stew. He's also a Stevie Nicks lover and shameless catlady. Follow him on Twitter: @Tusk81.

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179 Responses to “Let the South secede”

  1. rasslor56 says:

    To all you secessionists–BYE. We’ll see you in a year when your so-called economy collapses and you beg US for money and “stuff”. Later, whiners.

  2. Liberal4Life says:

    Screw Texas and the South. They do nothing but hold the rest of the country back. Wake up its no longer the 19th century.

  3. RT16_RollTide says:

    yes please let us secede so we can charge y’all for all the food we currently grow for this country. and when the north becomes the socialist cesspit of communism it’s destined to become they will be begging us for help.

  4. Yankee says:

    here, here…thank the all mighty for someone to bring some reason to the conversation. Moral relativism that’s the GOP. Rush, beck, Cheney, fox, Dennis miller, tea party. What’s good for the goose is not good for the gander. If the south had their way, where would we be?

  5. Yankee says:

    Voter fraud, send me some links. Voter is the biggest lie of them all. The GOP always lying. What unbiased third party (supreme court) did not want to recount Florida. Who in there right minds wouldn’t want to win fairly in a “Democracy”. I mean we are all patriots here right. I mean the tea party still believes in democracy, correct. I mean isn’t what they always sight the constitution. How do u live out the values of our founding fathers without democracy?

  6. Yankee says:

    I’m a northerner, a “Yankee”, that’s what u call us down right. I will not use the word facts because I know most of your ideology do not support facts or believe in them. The GOP says science is the work of the devil. Creationism should be part of school curriculum. For the record I believe in science. Honestly, after witnessing all the hate from the right and vitriol for the past 5 years because we elected a black president twice. I think it would great to let the true secessionists to leave ie.. The south. Would someone please bring some sanity to this discussion. Republicans always talk about values, “strong values” pat Robertson African diamond minds, Prescott bush the Nazis George bush jr. Thru incompetence not “false flag” allowed 9/11 to take place. Then sent our best young soldiers to fight a war w saddam, who we “Reagan” set up in power and lied about it(WMD). “strong Christian values”. If GOP values and ideas were correct they wouldn’t have to lie, cheat and try and steal elections every chance they get. Bush2000, true the vote, voter I.D. Laws etc. I will never understand all of the racist hate that comes from the right. Most often the liberal media, r u smoking crack? General electric, viacom, Westinghouse, Murdoch, tci, time Warner all republican corporate sluts. If your going to vote republican at least use some facts.. Sorry I keep forgetting u don’t use facts u use fox

  7. rdc121974 says:

    Your not going to see a secession as much as it’s going to be a fractionalisation of the states. Here in VA. we have a balanced budget and a surplus for roads or whatever. We are now creating our own currency just like other states are doing. We have AAA bond status and excellent credit. We are not going to allow Washington’s wreckless use of a now fiat currency that absolutely nobody will buy and has been completely decimated by the current administrations insane printing and QE market saturation. The dollar is losing it’s value and purchasing power at a record pace.Especially for essential goods like shelter, food,gas,utilities and clothing. The individual states are going to be forced to do whats best for them in order to stay afloat financially. it isn’t going to be a conservative v liberal thing. it is going to be a default bankruptcy lock the bank doors thing.

  8. Tara Saulnier says:

    and that’s exactly the kind of attitude that earns texas a bad name. First off, you weren’t there first… the native Americans were. Second, and yes this will sound immature but I think the response is on the proper maturity level of the comment I’m replying to. “nu-uh FREE COUNTRY” now, before you insult my response ask yourself how good can your argument be if a 5 year old’s come back can defeat it? If you think people should be segregated and “bleeding heart liberals” should not get to move where they please you are living in the wrong country and need to research what “freedom” means.

  9. This writer is an idiot. I work for the Saudis and before that a UAE company. Both are two of the richest countries in the world. Here is a fact. If Texas seceded and took their oil revenue/production and used it to subsidize their citizens similar to the way they do in the UAE they would not need Federal funding. In fact they would be one of the richest countries in the world on oil profits alone.

  10. Carole_Dave says:

    the fact that you actually believed him is the worst part of it……..

  11. This writer is an idiot. I have worked Saudi and UAE companies and what makes those countries the wealthiest in the world with no levergage is that fact that they have a constant stream of oil revenue. There are no countries on earth that rival the UAE and Saudi cash flow. If Texas seceded, the oil that they produce would make them one of the richest countries in the world and they could easily say the hell with the USA.

  12. Annnnddd…you’re delusional. Perfect!

  13. Deric Dempsey says:

    The collapse of this country can be placed at the feet of all you politicly correct obama supporting assholes. Ethnic cleansing for everybody .

  14. Deric Dempsey says:

    Texas is only turning purple because of white guilt for slavery. To hell with that your pitty party is over . No-one gives a shit. The irish dont cry on every media outlet every day , and they had a chunk of their country lopped off over the past 800 years. You dont see the jews crying about being shit on for the past thousand years. Fuck you bastards and your sob story . Get to the back of the bus where you belong.

  15. Deric Dempsey says:

    You mean the 3.3 million BLACK people that voted for the bastard just because he was black . But white people are the racist ones. Take your sorry pansie ass up north before you get cleansed…. ethinicly

  16. signalfire1 says:

    Secede. Not Succeed. There’s a bit of a difference. Were you edumacated in Texas schools by any chance?

  17. signalfire1 says:

    If they did secede, you realize it would take YEARS for Texans to stop mindlessly reciting, ‘One Nation, Indivisible, Under God’, right?

  18. Being as hard on your own side (whichever it is) as you’d be on the other side, when things go wrong, and giving respect where respect is due.

    If I were a Democrat, I might turn a blind eye to the ever-continuing creep of the surveillance state into my private life, to travesties like the Patriot act being sustained by Obama instead of rolled back, and to the rollouts of mega-cash to the same people who cratered the economy in the first place. Oh yeah, and ‘Drone-bama’, too.

    I’m not going to waste my time saying what Republicans turn blind eyes to because we already know that.

    An independent turns blind eyes towards neither, while retaining a since of realism about both their shortcomings and their strengths.

  19. The problem was and still is, divisiveness. In 2008, Obama talks about healing the earth and keeping the oceans from rising. Then 2009 he tells republicans, “I won, you lost, get over it.” That sounds familiar. And BHO is still saying the same thing. BTW, Obama didn’t win by a huge margin and it turns out there was a lot of voter fraud and of course a couple of million “Dreamers” got vote too. But now since Obama is in again he should skip any party since he has run the country further into the ground and now maybe the white half of Obama can take responsibility so he will have a different white guy to blame instead of Bush. I’m not being racist because I’m native american and hispanic too, but it does seem to me that alot of you blame everything on people based on the color of their skin and that includes obama. He has definitely thrown his mother’s side of the family under the bus, only using them when it was convenient politically. Time for Obama to cow,boy up and take responsibility. Maybe Tara you could provide us with something brilliant that will bring us together. Don’t be such an arrogant “winner”, it’s unbecoming and so immature. Let’s work together for the good of everybody.

  20. JackPumpkin says:

    The USA is used to buying its oil from third-world holes in the ground, so we’d adapt pretty quickly.

  21. NoMoreBigGvt says:

    I haven’t signed the Texas petition yet, but after reading this post I am seriosly considering it. The federal government is defying the people. The only reason this country adopted a federal govt was to protect our borders, not to force me to buy insurance from companies that tell me how, what and where I can spend my health money. Texas owns the majority of the oil, natural gas and farm land in this country, and pay more for taxes and government programs then was taken by Perry. Watch what you wish for! Better yet ….keep your opinions to your own state whom also is petitioning to secede. This uprising is about the lack of propriety from the federal govt and their belief that we are to dumb to govern ourselves.

  22. mirror says:

    What are you tweeting about little bird?

  23. sameolbs says:

    What do you do to save the world? Vote Obama? lol. You are so full of it mirror….Lol Obama thinks he is a mirror too, so he says in his book. Are you a socialist too?

  24. Edls2211 says:

    Secede ” don’t tread on me”

  25. TexasWoman says:

    Because I was here first! Texas is my home and the influx of bleeding heart liberals who came down here for a job are the ones that need to leave!

  26. TexasWoman says:

    Much like us Conservatives do in California.

    Look, YES I am a Republican that lives in Texas, Yes there are a lot of us. But No not all republicans, just like not all democrats are the same. I believe in Gay Marriage (not very republican) I also believe it is a woman’s right to have an abortion if she wants one (also not very Republican) I do however want to secede from the United Stated based solely on the grounds that I feel that we as our own republic would form a free nation that would never turn to Socialism and we would control our economy better. We balance our budget annually and still help bail out other states that are in need (like California).
    I LOVE AMERICA…..I love it as it was when it was run by a man with integrity and knowledge of its beginnings. Obama wiped his ass with the constitution the day he pushed Obama Care through. I miss the days of Regan and would do just about anything to find the America that was alive then. cause Obama is just killing it.

  27. TexasWoman says:

    Who do you think protects those borders….oh yeah MOSTLY TEXANS. Several are killed monthly in doing so. Texas was given 1500 non Texan border patrol agents….that’s one agent for every 50 miles.

  28. TexasWoman says:

    Secession does not go against the constitution…..

    This heavily popularized bit of
    Texas folklore finds no corroboration where it counts: No such provision is
    found in the current Texas Constitution[1] (adopted in 1876) or the terms of annexation.[2]
    However, it does state (in Article 1, Section 1) that “Texas is
    a free and independent State, subject only to the Constitution of the United
    States…” (note that it does not state “…subject to
    the President of the United States…” or “…subject to the
    Congress of the United States…” or “…subject to the
    collective will of one or more of the other States…”)

    Neither the Texas Constitution, nor
    the Constitution of the united States, explicitly or implicitly disallows the
    secession of Texas (or any other “free and independent State”) from
    the United States. Joining the “Union” was ever and always
    voluntary, rendering voluntary withdrawal an equally lawful and viable option
    (regardless of what any self-appointed academic, media, or government “experts”—including
    Abraham Lincoln himself—may have ever said).

    Both the
    original (1836) and the current (1876) Texas Constitutions also state that “All
    political power is inherent in the people … they have at all times the
    inalienable right to alter their government in such manner as they might think

    Likewise, each of the united
    States is “united” with the others explicitly on the principle that “governments
    derive their just powers from the consent of the governed” and “whenever
    any form of government becomes destructive to these ends [i.e., protecting
    life, liberty, and property], it is the right of the people to alter or
    to abolish it, and to institute new government” and “when
    a long train of abuses and usurpations…evinces a design to reduce them under
    absolute despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such
    government, and to provide new guards for their future security.”

  29. TexasWoman says:

    As Perry said today. We do not want any federal money and will refuse any offered.

  30. TexasWoman says:

    We wont need any foreign aid! It would be the rest of you who will be needing power, oil, gas and a myriad of other things from us.

  31. mirror says:

    My assumption is that I hear a lot of “being” and not-doing out of you “independents” here, like standing around feeling smug because of how smart you are. Do a lot of thinking like that myself, but I’m not sure it benefits anybody, except occasionally myself, because of I’m so smart, then someone else gotta be so dumb. On the other hand, I guess I’m learning something about myself here today…

  32. mirror says:

    And independent for you means you independently belong to another party?

  33. mirror says:

    So, independent for you means you are smarter than everybody else?

  34. mirror says:

    So, can explain how you independently do that accountability thing?

  35. RepubAnon says:

    I understand their philosophy all too well. Conservatives are hypocrites in the extreme, thinking that the folks that they like are deserving of government handouts, while becoming outraged that folks they don’t like (the “undeserving”) are getting any benefits at all. They think that having the taxpayers offer massive tax cuts to a former big league baseball player’s gaming company is “creating jobs”, while funding public schools with taxes is a “handout.” “Keep Government out of my Medicare” sums up the Conservative philosophy all too well.

    As for “Constitutionality” – Conservatives use it as a catch phrase without any understanding of Constitutional Law. The Conservatives were ardent supporters of the Patriot Act until they found out that it didn’t just apply to their political opponents, but to folks like General Petraeus as well. They view Constitutional rights (such as voting) as something reserved for folks whose politics they agree with.

    The real problem with Conservatives is that they are moral relativists, having no fixed moral values. Big-C Conservatives judge the morality of an action differently depending on whether the act was performed by a political opponent, or a supporter. Example: Bill Clinton engaging in sexual activity outside of marriage was a deep moral failure, while General Petraeus engaging in such actions was, in Pat Robertson’s view, excusable because “he’s just a man.”

    Oh, and before you bring up Obama’s drones – go look at Ted Rall’s cartoons about President Obama and see what folks on the left really think.

  36. Smith says:

    Guys(and gals) Texas seceding from the union would be bad.

    1 – Texas’ GDP is 1.3 trillion, the second highest in the U.S.

    2 – Major port and trade hub in the gulf.

    3 – Still has major deposits of oil. In January 2011, crude oil production in Texas averaged 962,338 barrels a day.

    Also, this is very much symbolic due to the fact that you only need to get 25,000 signatures in order to get this measure to Washington.

  37. Lostceil says:

    Really? So you know this for a fact? You have talked to some of those ppl and this is what you have discovered for your self? There is a complete difference in trying to help others

    have the necessities to live rather then kicking them to the curb. I am neither a Dem or a Rep., However I know that I can make up my own mind and if you start helping others you end up helping everyone in some form. When was the last time you have tried to help your fellow man?

  38. Lostceil says:

    WOW! What a comment! My question is: Since 3.3 million don’t want to succeed, then why doesn’t the 100k just move out of the states period? Why is that not an option?

  39. leliorisen says:

    And take Alaska with you!

  40. gigi says:

    Crazy, based on …?

  41. gigi says:

    Yes! Turning on states, murdering, trying to burn down every city in the south, killing blacks as well, because states did not want to be a part of a federation wrongly trying in every way to hurt their economy, was an immoral stance. Nothing in the Constitution precludes secession. And no, it is not traitorous. Going against the Constitution, however, is.

  42. gigi says:

    No shame warranted. It’s not so much about o! This election has left people seeing no sign of a possibility that America will turn back to the Constitution. Furthermore, the fact that people desiring to secede are in the minority does no make them crazy. Perhaps they are the brilliant minds of the country.

  43. gigi says:

    It’s not so directly o related, either.

  44. gigi says:

    Obviously you have no understanding of their philosophy. It’s freedom, not aid. Conservatives don’t “demand” stuff like liberals. They demand Constitutionality.

  45. Red State Occupant says:

    Dude- check your “facts”… writing might be your thing, but knowledge is not. Good luck forcing your opinion moron.

  46. eggroll_jr says:

    While secession may seems an expedient solution for people otherwise too linguistically challenged to self-deport, the fact is that due to its demographics, Texas would just be back asking to rejoin the union in a decade. Better to just let the crazies vent.

  47. Coalminer's Daughter says:

    Abraham Lincoln did not share your opinion on this matter.

  48. TexasWoman says:

    I really wish we would secede. As far as your 17.4 billion dollars, we used a lot of that to plug holes in the border “Your Welcome”!!! Oh yeah the border that your boy Obama wouldn’t even meet with Our Governor Rick Perry to talk about when he was in Austin for a fundraising dinner on our tax dollars. By the way good luck with those outrageous gas prices that you will be receiving when we do leave. Maybe we will export some to y’all.

    As far as Texas turning purple, LOL it is from an influx of liberals that came here for work! As far as I am concerned they can all go back where they came from.

    I say SECEDE TEXAS!!! We have a great military force on our own, we have a wonderful economy, we have natural rescesources, a great government, good people with strong values. We can do it on our own! Im sure we can find people to put to work on that border fence and create even more jobs!

  49. Mavent says:

    So according to world-class genius Matthew S., 25,000 Texans don’t represent all of Texas, but ONE guy writing a blog article represents all liberals.

  50. Andrew Ross says:

    As a liberal in Austin I can honestly say that Texas is not nearly as red blooded as outsiders believe. This writer obviously wrote having believed stereotypes instead of putting forth valid research into his topic.

  51. Oh please, how long you going to use that excuse, must be racist or must be sour grapes cant be cause we disagree on a whole lot of issues?

    I like this ” After wildfires devastated the state in 2011, Perry loudly complained to the federal government that he had not received as much disaster assistance” The author left out how Obama refused the first time Perry asked, then the second time after someone died The President agreed. Could that be a reason why Texans might not like a government that was willing to let it burn? People lost their lives and homes and lively hoods, Schools were called off for weeks and he refused. The President took an oath to protect all of the USA not just what he chooses.

    Of course Texas does not want to leave the US but really you do not think we have gripes? We are sore losers? Sorry you are sore winners; i have never seen so much hate coming out of the left since the election. It easily rivals the bible thumpin right if not worse. Read this then the comments afterwards: http://www.slate.com/articles/news_and_politics/politics/2012/11/liberal_schadenfreude_obama_s_win_brings_out_too_mean_gloating_on_social.html?wp_login_redirect=0

    BTW for every $1 Texas sends to the Federal we get .91 back (http://www.ritholtz.com/blog/2012/02/is-your-state-a-net-giver-or-taker-of-federal-taxes/) . Texas has its own powergrid, its own oil, natural gas, water. Agriculture, one of the finest medical centers in the world. Texas economy is rated 14th in the world. Texas does not need the federal teat, if we could keep the money we send the federal government we easily could take care of ourselves and even expand without using our rainyday fund. Plus Texas once was its own country for 10 years so its not like it would be a first.

    This line from the author is great “If the Republic of Texas burns, they are on their own.” Yea we already know that, the US already left us to burn once.

  52. indifferentTexan says:

    Seceding is not an act of sedition nor is it an act of treason you dimwits… The honest truth is there is nothing in the Constitution that makes it ILLEGAL. As a matter of fact, 13 states, THE 13 states still retain their sovereignty and in doing so, should the will of the people deem necessary, give the power back to the state from the federal government. The fact that you idiots have simply glazed over and automatically assume that these folks should be shot, stabbed or deported is quite honestly disturbing. They aren’t asking for war, they aren’t asking for blood, yet they are being met with threats of violence for simply having an opinion ( I would add that electing Obama would not have been MY reason for wanting to secede, mine would have been if the entire congress was re-elected). How about we act like REAL Americans, get this crap over with… fist fight or whatever, and move the f*&k on, we got bigger issues to deal with.

  53. What? Poe’s law.

  54. artbyjcm says:

    You’re missing the point that while it’s a small number of people who signed the petition, Rick Perry is in reality the prime focus of the issue, and the double-standard views shared by many who live there.

  55. WorstArticleEver says:

    Terribly bias article is terrible and bias. Mr. Ortiz, your resume is garbage. I can’t believe I was able to even read through this ignorant crap that you couldn’t even bother to research properly.

  56. sameolbs says:

    That was rather silly of you wasn’t it?

  57. B Rent says:

    I hope you realize that if the royalty taxes that the federal government receives from Texas oil and gas production, the 17 billion could be paid within days. The 17 billion is an incredibly poor example to use to justify some Texas bashing. Also, many of the uninsured are not able to be kicked out of the country as a result of federal intervention. Many in Texas would see a very simple way to solve both of these problems in a short amount of time. Just sayin’.

  58. samizdat says:

    Um, I actually wrote-in “Pfc. Bradley Manning” for President.

    Fuckin-a, did that feel good. And I’m an atheist, so I have no gods. Cheers.

  59. izzy fizzy says:

    I don’t understand how people think signing a paper means you can secede all willy-nilly. If I am right, every declaration of independence is followed by a war to maintain that territory. Texas can have all those resources. But after the full power of the STRONGEST military in the world comes down on little, old Texas, the secessionists will be lucky to have a city block. And that city block will be there just for humanitarian reasons. If you don’t know what i am saying, by all means ask the Native Americans.

  60. Pedro says:

    I don’t see a problem with peaceful secession. It would be a great experiment! What works better, the welfare state or market economies based on mutual transactions? States used to be laboratories for government innovation. Today’s central government doesn’t make that possible.

  61. Atros says:

    Historical reasons. The last time there was any serious talk of succession (not that this truly is), it lead directly to the Civil War.

  62. Evan says:

    long story short: if Texas were to secede, they would be a third world country

  63. Joel says:

    Oh good, some more misleading headlines… Either ya’ll like the attention are you just stupid. Check your facts again.

  64. gorbz says:

    But seriously, there is more to Texas than Austin. I can’t say the same for Georgia (I’ve just never been).

  65. Texraised says:

    Some facts. Mostly slander against all Texas politicians.

  66. karmanot says:

    You mean that cliff created by Bush Republicans?

  67. karmanot says:

    You would have to be dumb to fuck a potato. Smarter states fuck melons.

  68. karmanot says:

    Places like Austin give hope for the morass that is Texas, the way Atlanta saves Georgia.

  69. karmanot says:

    Boy, I bet you are a fun one at family holiday dinners.

  70. karmanot says:

    Power to the bunnies!

  71. karmanot says:

    You are right. Even a moron like Perry realizes the cash cow of the Feds.

  72. karmanot says:

    One of the best things about liberals is that rich people support our socialism and we get goodies like Social Security and Medicare. The idea that your taxes support me makes my day.

  73. karmanot says:

    Even snark in Texas is bigger than life.

  74. karmanot says:

    There are some odd liberals. I had one named CAprogressive tell me on this site that my vote for the Green Party didn’t count and my decision was worthless. There are some mighty righteous asshole liberals now. Actually, most of them are Obots and not liberal at all.

  75. Kataphractos says:

    the problem with this, is that it is only a small, but very vocal minority that wants to leave the union. What about the rest of the people that live in these states that aren’t self-absorbed whiny little crybabies that absolutely always must get their petty ways?

  76. karmanot says:

    Don’t get too wired…..Texas will be blue soon and the whiners can move to North Carolina. Besides the ghosts of Gov. Ann and Molly Ivins are looking out for ya…

  77. Cindy Savage says:

    Yes, Rick pandering to antiAmerican secessionists is indefensible. Did you call his office when he did it and bitch? Because I did and I live in blue Houston. Actually, while I don’t care if you joke about Alabama, as previously noted, TX will be a blue state by 2025 and, once that happens, the GOP will be forced to sing another tune. By that time, the Tea Party will be consigned to sitting on the front porch and bitching about gubmint conspiracies, just like they were doing when I was a kid…..in the 60s

  78. Kataphractos says:

    how about just not being a whiny little crybaby when your “team” looses the presidential election? All this talk of secession is all about sour grapes, and all of the reasons given for wanting to leave the union are based on things that 1) are complete fabrications or 2) happened under W’s administration. So, these people aren’t traitors; they are sore losers.

  79. karmanot says:

    Everything in Texas cattle country is bigger—-starting with bullshit.

  80. Kataphractos says:

    Pointing out their racism makes you the real racist.

  81. Coalminer's Daughter says:

    As I said in an earlier comment, I would support a welcoming policy for refugees from the Republic of Texas, including providing aid for relocation.
    Even undocumented immigrants if they could show some history of living there (utility bills, etc)

  82. Osnola Kinnard says:

    How about this from a Texan that has no desire for secession.


  83. TheDude says:

    less i forget i pay 1/7 of my paycheck to the feds every month and i live in ga. would i get that back if we seceded.

  84. Dan L says:

    This article reads like it was written by a 10 year old… Back to grammar school for you!

  85. gorbz says:

    There is so much beauty and pure awesome in Texas. I’m from Maryland originally, moved here three years ago, and wouldn’t dream of moving back. Granted, I live in, without a doubt, the best part of Texas, Austin, but unless you’ve seen Palo Duro Canyon or the Guadalupe Mountains or tried the margaritas or listened to a band in Austin or driven through the Hill Country or danced at Gruene Hall or fished from a pier on the Gulf, don’t make these insulting generalizations, calling all Texans “evolution deniers and cattle farmers” (not that being a cattle farmer is anything less than an entirely necessary and, dare I say, a noble profession). Without Texas, the state of high tech, the state of medical research, the state of this nation would not be where it is today. I too tire of the overly proud Texans, but as a “gay lib” living in this state am even more tired of people like you arrogantly suggesting that the US would be better off without Texas. (also, there’s oil here. a lot of it.)

    I am not adamantly opposed to big government, because I understand the facts, and so do the millions of Texans for Obama (and some of those for Romney as well). I obviously believe in evolution. I support marriage equality and women’s reproductive rights and am still damn proud to live in this state. You’re being narrow-minded and arrogant in your comments.

  86. Tara Saulnier says:

    I don’t agree with it, but I agree with you less Kevin. How does wanting to not be part of a country anymore make you a traitor? Last I knew you had to make an offensive move @ something in order to be considered a “traitor” to it. Let’s dial back the harsh words and fallacies of logic.

  87. bob ruch says:

    You have to put things into perspective. The fact that these petitions can gain traction at all in certain states says a lot. I don’t see theses crazy people as representative as Texas in the way you might think. It’s more representative of a place that fosters and is more accepting of radical uninformed ideas.

  88. Mirror, being independent is being open to thoughts, ideas, and reasoning not defined as Republican or Democrat. It means hold both sides accountable for their shortcomings and their strengths (accountability goes both ways), and never ‘drinking the koolaid’, if you will.

    Sameolbs? I know independents. I am an independent. You, sir, are no independent. You lost that right the moment you say ‘your God Obama’. Reading comprehension is a core value of the truly independent minded voter, because only by reading do you find the information you need to have to make the best choice. Perhaps if you had read the entire thing, you might have gotten to ‘Drone-bama’…..and realized samizdat held the commonly independently held view that they’re BOTH crap.

  89. Coalminer's Daughter says:

    As for some examples of moocher states

    South Carolina: $1.35 on the dollar
    Kentucky: $1.51 on the dollar
    Alabama: $1.66 on the dollar

  90. Kevin Jay says:

    The 100K people turning traitor and signing a petition to secede from the USA are the irresponsible ones. Writing an article showing what would happen if they got their wish isn’t irresponsible. You should go get a dictionary

  91. Coalminer's Daughter says:

    To those looking for stats, Texas, the state with the largest number of signatures on its secession petition, gets back $.94 on the dollar. It is the only state that went for Romney that gets less than it paid in taxes to the Federal government. Compare that to California, which someone below falsely claimed got “bailed-out” by the Federal government. They get $.78 on the dollar.

    My home state of New York for which southern racists (in which group I include most people in southern states who voted for Romney) believe they pay most of their taxes to pay for welfare for blacks in NYC gets $.79 on the dollar.

  92. james moore says:

    its turning blue cause all of the lazy ass people want free handouts and obama and the democrats are just the people to give it to them! nobody wants to work anymore when all those liberal fu(ks do is give them free shit!!

  93. Kevin Jay says:

    Making fun of people who want to turn traitor and secede isn’t the same as turning traitor and seceding, you dipship

  94. Tad Summers says:

    To the Democrats on this page acting all butt hurt about this article. You know it is not directed at you, so don’t take it personally. The point is to show those that agree with succession how terrible the idea is. Question: When a child threatens to hold their breath when they don’t get what they want does a good parent succumb to the child or call their bluff and say “go ahead, you are only hurting yourself”?

  95. Robert says:

    This might be the stupidest thing I’ve ever read. You shame the ideology of progressivism.

  96. azzy23 says:

    Their oil? You mean the oil they refine for global oil companies, which then auction that oil on the global market?

    Texas produces about 400 million barrels of crude oil annually. It is the top consumer of oil in the US at something like 1 billion barrels annually. They could try drilling, refining, and selling their oil, but it wouldn’t work quite the way you think.

  97. Floyd says:

    I live in Texas and love it here. I dont like Rick Perry and I think Texas could be doing a much better job at handling its issues and finances. I would love to see Texas start being more independent from federal funding. You also have to consider that much of Texas’ problems are due to the federal government and its policies and if under its own government it would not have to deal with them. This article says says Texas received 17.4 billion and that republican states receive on average $1.46 in federal funding for every tax dollar paid. First of all, that is an average between republican states, that doesnt mean Texas receives that much or even close to it. Wonder why this article doesnt say how much Texas receives compared to tax dollars paid?? And even if Texas did receive 1.46 dollars of federal funding for every tax dollar paid, then that means it would have only received 5.5 billion, that is 17.4 minus the 11.9 paid. Now back to why Texas needs money in the first place, the current administrations economic, energy, education, and soon to be healthcare policies, cost us more than they give us, more regulations and higher taxes cause the economy to suffer, less people have jobs, less people with money to pay taxes, more people that cant afford healthcare, and so and so on. Right now it would be unwise for Texas to secede but if the federal government continues to ignore the constitution, disobey the rule of law, and tax and regulate us to death, and we have exhausted all measures of nullification, then i think it is seriously worth considering.

  98. Havor says:

    I thought New York, Michigan, Colorado, Oregon, New Jersey, North
    Dakota, Montana, Indiana, Missouri, Oklahoma, Arizona, Nevada, Delaware,
    Ohio, California, Wyoming, Utah, Kansas, Alaska, Pennsylvania,
    Nebraska, Wisconsin, Rhode Island, Idaho, New Hampshire and Illinois
    aren’t in the south.

    Why was the south singled out in this post? Isn’t that making a generalization about a group of people just because they happen to be from an area? Isn’t that the same thing racists do to people of a certain race? I don’t understand the point of this article and it seems like it would be offensive to Southerners. I think the write of this article should write an apology to the South.

  99. azzy23 says:

    Here’s the problem though. In satire land, I mean… If we cut Texas loose, we’re screwing the poor and minority peoples in Texas by leaving them with the morons.

    But if we keep Texas, Texas screws the poor and minority peoples of the USA.

  100. Jeff says:

    I agree wholeheartedly. I get tired of hearing about how 60k people signed a petition when there are 26 million people in Texas. I realize that it is something that makes people mad, but it is best ignored, because those people really don’t have a chance at all of affecting anything. Better to discuss things that are actually being voted on than something so inflammatory and useless due to it’s distance from reality.

  101. azzy23 says:

    Being *from* Texas, and having traveled extensively in Europe… Europe is better.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love my home, but Europe is way better dude.

  102. Please don't spew lies says:

    This statement is patently false. Welfare dependency is higher in metropolitan areas which means large city centers like NYC, DC, LA and Boston have the most people “living off” federal funding. Only 6 of the US’s 20 largest metro areas are in the “south”. Please don’t spew lies.

  103. azzy23 says:

    Check again. You’re up to 98,986. Yeehaw!

  104. mmm... salsa says:

    This is the most true statement, however irrelevant, I have read in the whole comments section. There are so many immigrants [by that I mean not from NYC] why is there no decent salsa!

  105. Southern Gentlewoman says:

    I completely agree with your assessment. I think we (America, the whole thing, as in everyone) desperately needs to get away from divisive group generalizations and name calling. It’s getting ridiculous. This is exactly the same as dismissing the entire republican party as Teabaggers [although unfortunately the party is starting to cater to them] or the entire democratic party as hippies and/or lazy welfare queens.

    We should have gotten over this us vs. them mentality back in kindergarten. It amazes me that some members of the media, government and society cannot seem to get away from it.

  106. BlueIdaho says:

    Dude, I totally agree with you about the Idaho natives. (I’ve only lived here 3 years) However, I am a native Texan so I understand your angst. :-)

  107. Coalminer's Daughter says:

    They will, of course be losing the Military bases and defense contracts there. Lot of big job losses.

    For that matter, they would have to provide for their own defense; do they think we will leave all our troops and equipment behind? No, they would have to start from scratch. I imagine their first problem would be an invasion by Mexican drug cartels.

    I lived in Austin for many years,; there are many fine people in the state and I would approve a welcoming immigration policy for any Texas non-seditionists.

    Having said that, “red”, this is largely about Obama and racism. I moved there from Michigan and was shocked at the kind of openly racist speech that was acceptable in polite company, even from Public Officials.

    You don’t want to be part of “innumerable deaths in the Middle East? You gave us George W. Bush, your two-time governor, who lied us into Iraq, who cut taxes for the wealthy and started two wars that he did not even budget for. Ran up the deficit like crazy and killed “innumerable” middle-easterners, not to mention killing and horribly maiming thousands of our service men and women. Where was your talk of secession then?

    He lead our country into the biggest economic collapse since the Great Depression, the loss of tax revenue from the resulting job losses being the biggest reasons for the deficit increases under Obama. God, if only Texas had seceded before 2000.

    BTW, while, in general I am no fan of Ron Paul, I give credit where credit is due, and appreciate his work with Congressman Alan Grayson to get the Fed audited.

    As for all those refineries and oil and such; do Texans really think we would play nice about that? We are, after all, ” the biggest dick in the world”, not to mention the world”s greatest superpower. Don’t think we”d lose any more sleep about killing “innumerable” traitors than we would “innumerable” Middle-Easterners for oil.

    Texas and what navy will get through our blockade of the Port of Houston? All that oil is going straight to the USA; at a price we decide — they stole it from us after all. We’ll be keeping all that offshore stuff too.

    Think about when the Anglo-Arabian Oil Company set the price for Middle Eastern oil; that’s the way I see it coming down

  108. greengriffon says:

    Right. If I made sweeping generalizations about your state being a bunch of too dumb to get out of the cold, potato fuck*ng, half-toothed yokels that should just join Canada already and do us a favor, I bet people from your state would be offended too.

  109. yawn says:

    As someone that has lived in Texas and NYC, enjoy that tomato sauce bullsh*t that you call salsa up there..

  110. IonOtter says:

    Meh. Texas is weaksauce.

    When they threatened to make it illegal for the TSA to molest passengers, the government threatened to ground all aircraft coming out of Texas.

    ORLY????? I’d have LOVED to see Uncle Sam try THAT one. Hooboy! Can you imagine 250,000 frothing mad airline passengers a day, stacking up in Texas? Those planes wouldn’t even need fuel, they’d fly on pure rage!

    But nope! Texas tucked tail and whimpered like a whipped puppy. “Yes sir, I won’t do that, sir, thank you sir!”

    WEAK. SAUCE. I get my salsa from New York City, because Texas has no fire.

  111. BlueIdaho says:

    From reading the comments, it appears the article got a fair number of Texan’s panties in a wad.

  112. IonOtter says:

    Name one “northern” state that would like to seceded. Go on? Name it. Provide proof that doesn’t consist of a Teabagger, Bircher or Randian. Let’s see real names that really matter, and make decisions for the entire state.

  113. If Texas were to secede they could pay that 14 billion back in a heartbeat. What your dumb ass doesn’t seem to understand is that between Texas and LA are all the oil refineries of significance. They would just start selling THEIR OIL and it is THEIR OIL to the US instead of the US federal government stealing it from them.

  114. whereareyourfacts says:

    Funny how we end up paying up more to the federal government than any other state, whether it be by public or private funds.

  115. yawn says:

    You mean the program was already basically defunded? I find it funny how when the op posts hypotheticals it’s a satiral response, but when I do it in disagreement it is me trying to be serious but short-sighted. I don’t see how there’s a different between the two, other than the one you preferred to read more. Just to continue the thought, in the long run you are correct, but in the short run of the next 2-3 years you would see an extreme spike in the price at the pump.

  116. Shawn Harmon says:

    This whole article is crap. There are just as many northern states as southern states that would like to secede from the nation, and they say southern like it’s all inclusive. Not all southern states are in agreement in this. As for the northern states, New York, Indiana, and North Dakota all have expressed interest in secession. New York especially has around 18 million people, and is Democratic. To write an article and point fingers at Texas is nothing more than a political ploy. Quit believing everything you see on the internet unless it comes from a reputable source. Blogs are not reputable sources.

  117. sorval says:

    racist? race wasnt brought up in the post at all. And you’re a jerk.

  118. Chet says:

    What a ridiculous and misinformed author! You had one job, Gabe!

  119. emjayay says:

    Given that this is all a hypothetical sort of satirical response to the petition….anyway, if Texas happened to be its own country, it wouldn’t make much difference oilwise, even if it decided to do what no oil producing country does and not sell any to a certain country for no good reason. A big market connected already by pipelines and you want to load the oil on ships? And if it did decide to sell all its oil to other countries, that would leave more of the world supply for us. One way or another it’s a world market and it wouldn’t matter. The Republic of Texas might miss NASA however.

  120. No it means we are smarter then the rest of the population who fall for the 4th state of advertising telling them they only have two choices. Obama was closer to a republican then Mitt Romney, and they had you so fooled you fell for it hook line and sinker instead of voting for a true liberal (In views, not in “double talk”) like Jill Stein or Rocky Anderson, instead you 2 party shills keep throwing your votes away because you keep voting for the SAME POLICIES in a different coat.

    The saddest part is how you think Obama isn’t a part of this system. LOOK AT HIS CAMPAIGN DONORS in 08. Now ask yourself why if Goldman Sachs was one of his largest contributors, he has 12 of their executives on his cabinet.

    Or how another one of his largest donors, Pyfizer, led to one of the harshest presidencies on Medical Cannabis we have seen since the first law passed in 95.

    The truth is, you voted for Romney just dressed up as a Black Liberal. Drone-Bama hasn’t ended any wars, BUSH signed into agreement leaving Iraq in 08 as one of his last acts of leaving office, OBAMA signed a new law leaving 20k troops behind on the boarder with IRAN.

    OBAMA put more troops in Afghanistan, OBAMA lied about NDAA and fought against the Appeals Court to have the part that allows him to detain us citizens left in, which he won.

    OBAMA is responsible for for what he did in the last 4 years, sorry 2party liberpublicans, can no longer blame the other guys because you ARE the other guys!

  121. freddy says:

    Hopefully you get to pay that 39.5% rate Obama wants. :)

  122. that guy says:

    After secession they will no longer be paying federal taxes. Instead they would probably leverage some extra ones on their people to make up the income difference. 17-18 billion isnt much when you are talking about government…

  123. TheToe Groza says:

    the writer of this article is a far bigger dbag than anyone who signed that peitiion

  124. TheToe Groza says:

    lol @ they are on their own if they do, because we don’t give aid to foreigners!!! LMMFAO!!!!!

  125. Red says:

    You are an idiot. It means third party. Libertarian, Green, Constitution… It means opening your eyes beyond the bi-partisan circlejerk we all know today.

  126. anon says:

    Have you been to Europe?

  127. colleen2 says:

    Rick Perry’s pandering to secessionists is indefensible. I could care less if he later walked it back, the point still stands. When your Governor panders to those elements and ideas it gives them added legitimacy, it enables and encourages them.

  128. StephKnowsBest says:

    rick perry doesn’t support the secession petition floating around his state, he didn’t write it, he didn’t sign it, and he released a statement opposing the petition. I don’t agree with Rick Perry on many issues, but you’re an idiot.

  129. Red says:

    These comments are so absurd and irrelevant comparing the potential secession now to the one that happened years ago. We are different people fighting for different reasons. Have any of you people even read the description of the petition? It states that it basically wants to return to the constitutional conservatism that the U.S. has left a long time ago, Texas is tired of the U.S.’s neglect of the economy, tired of the drug war, tired of this interventionist foreign policy. Texas is the 15th ranked economy in the world, 2nd in the U.S. I believe Texas would be capable of holding its own, granted I wouldn’t want Perry running things if we were to secede. But you cannot forget about Ron Paul and the impact he made. The GOP party is facing existential questioning as we speak and considers more libertarian ideology after they miserable failure in this elect. Texas isn’t just whining about Romney losing you fools, we are complaining about the rape of the middle east and the rape of our civil liberties. And are you guys seriously convinced that that Texas would just instantly return to the peculiar institution of racism? Yeah Texas is just going to enslave the entire Hispanic and black population to work for the whites… That is a gross attack on the intelligence and character of not only blacks and Hispanics, but humans in general. At the end of the day the U.S. is on the inevitable brink of collapse, Obama and Romney will/would neither offer a solution to sustainability because that goes against the plan. Also we don’t know how many other states may back Texas, we don’t even know if other countries would back Texas, considering the U.S. is the biggest dick of this world currently. But you guys are right its ridiculous that Texans don’t want to be apart of the innumerable deaths in the middle east, multi-trillion dollar debt, and this procession towards a police state…. Yeah we are the crazy ones…

  130. Nik Matt says:

    You’re an idiot.

  131. Dave says:

    As a gun toting republican from AL let me say that I love my country and am willing to take up arms to defend her, even from loons who want to break her from within by leaving. These secession things are just the vocal minority. The same ones who sabotaged the republican party in 2010 and this year. We aren’t all crazy.

  132. Moderator3 says:

    There is an edit function available for every post.

  133. Matthew S. says:

    Amen. I don’t understand why, all of a sudden, some liberals are on-board with this divisive mentality. They are no better than the idiot conservatives trying to secede in the first place.

  134. littlestoff says:

    I enjoyed this article. Very well written with excellent sarcasm

  135. Matthew S. says:

    You sound alot like the conservative hate crowd. Why don’t you move to Europe and you can have it all? Have you even been to Texas?

  136. John MArtino says:

    quite obviously super ignorant

  137. Brian says:

    Perry has clearly come out against this movement. Your entire thesis is void. Do some research.

  138. sameolbs says:

    That is just an assumption from an Obama supporter that “mirror”s liberal Obama talking points.

  139. Matthew S. says:

    Guess what dipshit, there are idiots in every state: http://i.imgur.com/uxjva.jpg

    This is the most fucking hateful article. As a liberal living in the bluest part of Texas (Austin), I can say that our state may have problems (Rick Perry may be the worst), but we are generally more educated and more willing to change than the rest our southern cousins. Our state will swing blue in the next election, with the major cities already voting for Obama and the valley areas near Mexico expanding their influence. Stop making sweeping generalizations about a state based on the actions of a few people and stop trying to divide this country. It’s not what we need right now.

  140. Southern Gentleman says:

    *do not

  141. Southern Gentleman says:

    I wish the South was not being typecast so flippantly by people who donor live there. I live in South Carolina where yokels have also filed similar nonsense. Pretending that these people have any kind of real momentum for their cause not only gives them undue attention and credit it ignores the large population of intelligent Southerners and perhaps deters a growing educated liberal contingent in the South. Rather than discussing what these petitions really mean and how we might remedy the larger problem, that these citizens feel some real disenfranchisement, this blogger just sets out to prove how smart he is by noticing that Texas receives federal assistance like any other state. Its simple to write these people off, but attempting a real dialogue with them would better serve everyone. Of course we all know people who refuse to listen to reason, but the approach in this blog offers no real solutions and seems grounded in the same type of sensationalism and lazy bigotry that drives the so called secessionists. I say good day sir.

  142. Alyssa Young says:

    Gaylib it’s not moronic. It’s stupid to actually secede and it’s so true. Texans and most people in the south in general live off of federal funding so if they really want to secede…. craps going to fail and fail fast.

  143. Pearly Whites says:

    My teeth are soooooooo white!
    Don’t you wish yours were?

  144. Pearly Whites says:

    I made $1,000,000 by brushing my teeth daily and so can you!

  145. MathMindTrick says:

    I’d like to think this is bigger than Obama himself… Shame on anyone signing these petitions to secede based simply upon the fact that Obama won the election… Btw I didn’t vote for Obama, I voted for Bugs Bunny…

  146. GetBetter says:

    Wait . . . what was the point of this article after it conceded that Texans pay more in federal taxes than they receive in federal funds? Doesn’t that, by definition, mean that Texans could have paid for everything provided by the federal government themselves with extra left over? Doesn’t that undermine the entire point of the article? There are tons of reasons secessionists are idiots, but this isn’t one of them.

  147. Laser_Domain says:

    Let’s cut the shit already people. The Federal Government is out of control! Period.

  148. Hobarth says:

    Yes we do, in fact want foul Texas to take their whining elsewhere. If they are so adamantly opposed to big government, let them have an outhouse for the governor’s mansion and close the door behind them, that they may play the fool nowhere but in their own home.

    Out! Out with Texas and the rest of the lunatics. You have held us back long enough, it’s more than high time we got on with life beyond the evolution-deniers and cattle farmers. You think we’re going to miss you? There’s nothing wrong with Texas that a swift kick in the nuts won’t fix. Begone, you stale old goat! Never darken our doors again.

  149. DrHouse5 says:

    Yeah the op-ed doesn’t seem to get that aspect of it – those asking to cede would be perfectly fine to let the poor die & rot and all-too-eager to reimplement racist laws. /They/ wouldn’t suffer… those around them would and they /want/ them to suffer.

  150. Just One Voter says:

    I hate having to defend Rick Perry. I’m one of the reasons Houston and Harris County went to Obama. In fact, I live in Tom DeLay’s old district and voted quite steadily against him. But, somehow, I have to.

    Rick Perry said flat out he wasn’t going to secede or even entertain the notion. Teasing at it for a short-term poll bump in a crowded Republican primary is one thing; actually entertaining the notion is something else entirely.

    Using this ridiculous argument that “Texas wants to secede from the Union”, based on less than 100,000 electronic signatures, in a state that contains at least 25.6 million people, is so entirely spurious that it’s approaching libel. Yes, there are some crazy people living in this state, I’ll concede that point. I have to drive near some of them every day. But using this petition as a prop to make your article “edgy” and “topical” simply makes you look like a wet-behind-the-ears pseudo-journalist trying to make a name for yourself at someone else’s expense without the benefit of actual research.

    Do yourself a favor. Google Annise Parker. Go on. I’ll wait. In fact, I’ll help:

    Now explain to me again how everyone from my hometown and state are a bunch of backwards hillbillies too stupid to realize how awesome it is to be American, because .37% (that’s not a typo, thirty-seven hundredths of one percent) of my state’s population think it’s cool to be tough and bitch on the Internet about how they’d rather secede than live with Barack Obama as President.
    Someday I hope you get the chance to come to Texas. Maybe we can sell you a ticket to an execution.

  151. Horses and Bayonets says:

    can’t tell if too ignorant or failed sarcasm

  152. Idontoweyoupoop says:

    He grew up joe. That’s why he’s parroting foxnews and annoyingly playing shadow like a six year with the previous poster. Sameolbs, the irony in your hypocrisy is hilarious and sad. But more hilarious! XD

  153. mirror says:

    Does independent mean you never vote or work for anything?

  154. Texan in Chicago says:

    Texas would be far more screwed, (and stupid), to actually want such a thing as secession. However, there are plenty of things that Texas produces that would negatively impact the rest of the nation as well. The port of Houston refines about 70-80% of domestic oil consumption. That alone would be devastating to the U.S. economy. There are other things that are similar in nature, but I feel listing just the biggest gets the point across. Bottom line, Texas needs it’s overarching, wise parent and the U.S. needs it’s crass, immature-but-useful, redneck cousin.

  155. anon says:

    The accusation of racism should not be made lightly. Simply failing to explicitly reference minorities in an analysis is not the same thing as racism. It’s not like this post says “… because white people deserve it”.

  156. gaylib says:

    well your unwarranted sarcasm isn’t difficult to detect. I suggest you take your own advice and read my comment before getting on your high horse. I said that what he wrote was “revenge fantasy”, not a literal advocacy of secession. That doesn’t negate the fact that it is racist, stupid, and unhelpful to those of us who live in this part of the country. As for the rest of the liberal party, WE recommend you think real hard before defending the indefensible.

  157. Larry999 says:

    Yes, we realize that there are progressive people in TX. We realize that many people in TX are poor, and/or black, and/or Hispanic, and/or…

    HOWEVER: Rick Perry is the face of TX for the rest of the nation. When there are elections, the Repubs always win. When there is whining, TX is at the front of the line. When there is bragging, TX is at the front of the line.

    I realize that the rest of the country tolerates this way too much, but the fact is that it would be a relief to say good-bye to a state that (apparently) believes that being arrogant and uneducated makes them better. It is only a fantasy to get rid of TX, but it is a very pleasant fantasy for many of us.

  158. real-lib says:

    Ever heard of sarcasm? The author *doesn’t* want Texas to secede, but wanted to play out the scenario in writing to effectively show what it would do to the state should it leave the Union. In the future, take some time to really look at what you’re reading before you comment; the rest of the liberal party would appreciate the effort.

  159. Nylund says:

    There are 3.3 million people in Texas who voted for Obama this past election. There are 25k who signed a petition to secede (as there were in many other states, red and blue). Post like these that use the views of those crazy 25k as representative of Texas as a whole, including the 3.3 million who voted for Obama, use the same thought process of bigoted generalization as many of the people liberals, progressives, and Democrats supposedly condemn.

    Please don’t do that. Houston, Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, El Paso and some other areas all went for Obama. Texas is turning purple for a host of reasons. It’ll take time, but it’ll get there. But it could probably get there quicker if Democrats from other states stopped insulting Democrats from Texas. Lord knows Texan Democrats deal with enough pcrap from our conservative neighbors, co-workers, friends, and family. You’d think we could get support from other Democrats at least…

  160. sameolbs says:

    Are you nuts? Look at Progressive CA. They need the Federal government to bail them out. BTW, I live in a very blue state; I know what Dems are all about, I use to be one until I finally grew up.

  161. nicho says:

    How about a test drive? We’ll withdraw all US Border Patrol personnel for a few months and see where the secession talk goes after that.

  162. Joe says:

    hmm all red states take the blue states money thats ok cause your republicans and can take care of your states right thats why 1.47$ in aide for every dollar earned ya they do right in the south good call guy open your eyes.

  163. sameolbs says:

    Then again, “I don’t know, the MILLIONTH time, it bears repeating” I am an Independent and never supported Bush or his war. That being said, your God Obama is prez right now and needs to be held accountable for his irresponsible actions along with congress.

  164. milli2 says:

    Let the whole South go this time.

  165. chrislib says:

    I remind readers that the question of secession was settled in 1865 at the cost of several hundred thousand lives.

  166. A Texan says:

    wtf does the alamo have to do with this?

    Also, most texans aren’t in support of anything like this. It’s a few vocal idiots, we’re a large state, so even 1% of our population is a quarter million people.

  167. YoRpFiSh says:

    You do know that states haven’t asked to let out of anything don’t you? And you know that Perry, despite being an idiot, has publicly said this doesn’t represent the majority and he doesn’t support it, right? I mean it would just be silly to write this whole article and NOT mention important facts like that.

    Sorry, not silly…irresponsible. That’s what it is.

  168. samizdat says:

    And yet again, for oh, I don’t know, the MILLIONTH time, it bears repeating: Which President got us into two unnecessary (and illegal, I might add) wars, cut taxes on the very richest at a time when the country could least afford to do so (fyi: taxes on everyone during WWII were high, too, and that war lasted less than FOUR years!), ran the Federal deficit into the ionosphere, grew the security state by billionsUSD (nice little gift to corporate friends in the name of National Security[tm]), gave us the Patriot Act (admittedly, with a shit-load of craven Dems helping carry that befouled water)? Why, that would be your BFF, George W. Bush.

    Sure Drone-bama is just as bad, and possibly worse, and this whole secession BS is just a waste of time, and a fantastical distraction, but don’t be an idiot and suggest that Republicans are Patriotic Purity and Fiscal Masterminds in the face of facts and evidence to the contrary.

  169. Secession talk is always easier said that done. I understand the frustration and they need to have this laid out to them, but still. It’s all so ridiculous it’s almost not worth the time.

  170. Outspoken1 says:

    TO: State of Texas

    From: President Obama

    Dear Texans:

    Remember the Alamo? I won, you lost. And I won with a majority of the vote by Americans. Please join the USA and work to become an contributor to the country and your state citizens and stop whining!

    President Barack Obama

  171. RepubAnon says:

    After secession, they’d undoubtedly demand foreign aid…

  172. gaylib says:

    What a moronic, and frankly, racist post. Apparently you would like to have the part of the country with the largest concentrations of black and Hispanic minorities to simply resign themselves to certain oppression and mistreatment. Not to mention the fact that many of us in the south continue to fight the progressive fight not only because it is right, but because we care about our friends and families who might not have the economic means to move north if secession were to occur. Apparently you don’t give a rat’s ass about them (us). And finally, this whole discussion of secession is absurd. And your revenge fantasies about letting it happen do nothing but fan the flames of those people in the south who harbor dangerous and violent attitudes towards their neighbors who don’t look like them. It may make you feel good to thump your chest, but your shameful, stupid suggestion that certain states should be allowed to secede is no better than the fascist right wing nutjobs who originated this idiocy in the first place.

  173. UncleBucky says:

    The crazies need to be daylighted 24/7. We need to have a reality show that trails, stalks and otherwise shadows these crazies, be they government official or CEOs like Schnatterererer.

  174. UncleBucky says:

    All these figures are general. And that’s fine. No problem. But the next step is to show how secession would affect the ordinary person in the “Republic of Texas” who doesn’t want to pay any taxes, but wants to have Federal money that pays for jobs, jobs and more jobs. You know, when Bain closes a factory, not just the factory workers’ jobs are affected, but there is a domino effect with rings that emanate out and out. So, what needs to be done is to make it PERSONAL, as they say.

    Show how the ordinary person in both URBAN and RURAL Texas would lose income. Show how infrastructure would not be maintained, how fire, police and EMT service would go away. OH, and remember tornado alley? Yep. Texas would have to appeal to Mexico for international aid, eh? Because should a state like Texas actually secede, I will be on my lawmaker’s front lawn if he or she votes to give financial aid to a Republic of Texas.

    Meh. GOP/TPers.

  175. sameolbs says:

    “Loving it” isn’t defined by spending it off the fiscal cliff like the Democrats do.

  176. loona_c says:

    I posted this in the last item about TX secession. There are plenty of normal, responsible, democratic types in this state. Albeit embarrassed ones. Star County in very south TX (mostly Hispanic) went for Obama by 83%. Even Houston went for Obama (by 584 votes!). It’s all changing. Give it time. Of course we’ll always have these crazies in the state. But their power is dwindling.

  177. jgcarter56 says:

    America: Love it or leave it. And we know which choice the secessionists are choosing.

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