14 y.o. invents water purification method to address global problem

14 year old Deepika Kurup has invented a water purification method to address the global problem of a lack of accessible drinking water.

What a great kid and an inspiration for many others.

Until you’ve witnessed the lack of easily accessible drinking water in person, it can be difficult to understand how big this issue really is for many people around the world.

Thankfully, 14 year old Deepika Kurup witnessed the problem, then focused on finding a solution. Where most of us who read the site live, we take clean drinking water for granted but that’s far from reality for many in poorer countries.

The world will be a much better place with more smart kids like this doing things for others rather than the usual route of joining Wall Street and becoming just another rent-seeker with wads of cash.

Thanks to Miro Collas for forwarding such a great story.

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