Home’s Christmas lights synchronized to Gangnam Style

I love the homes that go all out for Christmas. I realize that for the neighbors it has to be trying, having all the cars coming by all the time. But I still love it. There’s a block in Baltimore that goes all out like this – I only went by once, but it’s insane the way the houses are decorated. Though I don’t know if they ever do anything like this.

And in case you’re not familiar, this is the original Gangnam Style video that’s swept the world by storm (over 800,000,000 views on YouTube).

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  • rmthunter

    It’s brilliant, but I think I probably wouldn’t want to live next door.

  • As a kid I loved the neighborhood lights, but the gross, materialistic fetish of mega sparkle these days is grotesque and loathsome. Why not set a manger/creche with the baby Santa and isntall enough lights to create an extraterritorial landing pad?

  • hollywoodstein

    Mr. Taxi, Taxi, Taxi

  • jedsa

    I dunno, Naja, In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida, Louie Louie, American audiences may prefer understanding lyrics but they certainly don’t insist on it. :P

  • A reader in Colorado

    You might not believe it, but I concur. I occasionally become a fan of shows where there’s nothing to do but turn my brain off and wallow in the stupid for an hours worth of good clean mindless fun. So too “Revolution”.

  • You know, it’s such a great idea for a show, but so done in such a b-rate manner. I mean, I don’t “believe” the Monroe Republic is real. I hate good ideas gone (going) bad.

  • LOL

  • The radio thing IS a neat idea.

  • emjayay

    Jim, please see my brilliant entry above.

  • emjayay

    OK, this being AB…..That Gangnam house looks like a typical upper middle class subdivision house. The kind of place where conformity is enforced with rules about not hanging out your laundry in your own backyard, even if it’s Las Vegas and it’s 110 out with 10% humidity (real ecological to run the dryer in the garage instead) . And you probably can’t paint your front door some wierd color or park a car on the street overnight or have a garage sale once a year. But then there’s an exception to extreme enforced conformity because it’s the birthday of Baby Jesus? Except of course it’s not, although that may add a charming element to the Winter Solstice Festival.
    It does fit the pattern of conservative harping for smaller government and no regulations for things that affect everyone like the financial industry and pollution, except for regulations for lifestyle conformity they approve of, plus a big exception for anything Jesus related.

  • emjayay

    But more like MTV joy than baby Jesus and Santa Claus joy.

  • hauksdottir

    The visual layout of snowy trees and glistening flakes is pretty nice… but oh! not that awful choice of music. :(

  • emjayay

    Thanks. I was wondering about that. That’s a relief. All the neighbors need is black out shades.

  • Naja pallida

    Yeah, low power FM… you can pick it up at a range of about 2 blocks. There’s a couple displays not far from me that are very similar.

  • Naja pallida

    Of course, they aren’t blaring music out loud for these displays anyway. They broadcast it via radio. You turn your car radio to a certain station as you get to the house and listen that way. Not that the lights and increased traffic alone isn’t enough of an annoyance.

  • Naja pallida

    It hasn’t really caught on here in the US much yet, but this could be a sign of what is to come. A lot of K-pop is really catchy… but I think American audiences in general prefer to understand the lyrics. :)

  • emjayay

    There is a nice double geodesic globe multicolor flourescent light computerized thing in Madison Square Park in NYC with wood lounges to lie there in the cold and watch it. It is silent.

  • emjayay

    It is incredibly manufactured pop music that apparently dominates Korean TV. Kind of like old Motown grooming musical acts combined with the Monkees and every fake boy and girl group ever created since rolled into one on steroids. This particular song is in the style but is more of a satire of it and nouveau riche Koreans. The singer isn’t young and he isn’t thin and he isn’t beautiful.

  • emjayay

    What kind of idiot is going to play music that intrudes into neighbor’s house at any time?

  • emjayay

    Assuming that the Gangnam Style music is playing at a volume loud enough to work, it would seem that it would consitute some kind of violation. If I was a neighbor I would have gone ballistic, starting with polite conversation and moving on to calls to the city and the police and onward from there. If these people live on 50 acres somewhere, OK, but in a neighborhood there are things like, you know, neighbors. In a lot of neighborhoods that look like that you can’t park on the street overnight or hang laundry outside or park a boat or camper in your driveway, and they allow this crap that actually affects many neighbors? Do they only transmit the music on low power FM so people can hear it in their cars and MP3 devices as they go by?

  • nicho

    Actually, K-pop is sweeping Asia. I was just reading that it accounts for 80 percent of pop music in Japan.

  • A reader in Colorado

    I have only one word to say to this kind of display:



  • Jim Olson

    Note the traffic. It was like this EVERY NIGHT from the weekend after Thanksgiving until after the first of the year.

  • Jim Olson
  • Jim Olson

    He was doing it for the children. FWIW, he always had lawn signs for Republican candidates.

  • Wow. Well what kind of idiot isn’t going to turn off music, at least, at 10pm.

  • LOL Well, it is giving joy to others, who don’t live nearby.

  • Jimmy

    Shades of National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. It’s fun, unless you’re the neighbors who have to endure it.

  • Naja pallida

    Just that one song.

  • Ahhh the real meaning of Christmas!

  • Drew2u

    so, is K-pop suddenly popular, now?

  • Jim Olson

    It’s miserable if you’re one of the neighbors. 10 pm was supposed to be the turn-off time in the city I lived in, they regularly had the lights and music on until midnight. The police were no help…they were there just to direct traffic. This was a house that the owners paid to have additional electrical service installed just to run the lights and music. We ultimately signed onto a neighborhood lawsuit to get it shut down at 10 p.m., and when the offending (and offensive) neighbors fought back, we finally asked the judge to order them to turn it off completely. The power company had to come and actually turn off the power to the house. And of course, it was reported that the neighbors were grinches. It was a horrible experience.

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