Chris Christie of NJ turned down Mittens’ request to appear at campaign event

Dandy little story from Jon Ward at the Huffington Post about how the Republican Governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie – a man many Republicans wanted to run for president himself – turned down Mitt Romney’s request to appear at a campaign even in Pennsylvania last night. (That was the same event where no one was permitted to leave early, even small children on the verge of frostbite.)

According to HuffPo, the rally was only twenty minutes away, but Christie still wouldn’t come.

Ruh roh.

Sure, New Jersey is still reeling from Hurricane Sandy, but last night was ample time after the hurricane to do a wee bit of campaigning for your own party. Even President Obama is back to campaigning. The fact that Christie embraced Obama like an online stalker earlier this week, and now this, suggests that:

  1. Christie really doesn’t like Romney (and/or was ticked about how Team Romney handled the non-selection of Christie as Romney’s VP);
  2. Christie really wants something from President Obama (some have suggested that Christie might ask Obama to campaign for him when he’s up for re-election); and/or
  3.  Christie read the tea leaves a week ago, saw that Romney was going to lose, and decided to chuck the Governor of Benghazi and jump on board the winning team here in Washington, DC.

Maureen Dowd thinks Christie is thinking of his presidential run in 2016:

White House officials seemed a bit flummoxed by Christie’s bearhug. “It’s unnerving,” one laughed, noting how odd it is that a Romney big gun might help break the stubborn tie in the electorate in Obama’s favor.

They speculate that Christie, who always puts Christie first, has decided that it’s better for his presidential ambitions to be a maverick blue-state governor with a Democratic chief executive exiting in 2016 than to have President Romney and Tea-Party Republicans in Congress pulling him over to the extreme right for the next eight years. He also knows he’ll need a boatload of federal cash to make his state whole again.

 And let’s not forget Christie’s speech at the Republican convention this year – it wasn’t exactly a speech about Mitt Romeny as much as Chris Christie.
I think Mittens got used, and Christie has moved on to bigger and better things: the actual President of the United States, rather than the guy who will never be.

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