“Call me, maybe” face-off: US troops vs. UK Royal Engineers, in Afghanistan

UPDATE: I just watched the second video in full for the first time. It’s pure joy. The military boys did an amazing job copying the cheerleaders’ video, down to the race of the singers and the objects near them in the shots.  It’s a wonderful video.  Watch them both, they’re a really nice break from all the serious stuff.


There is something particularly funny about military boys (and girls) saying the line “Dont ask me, I’ll never tell.”

First, we have the UK Royal Engineers in Afghanistan doing their version of “Call me, maybe.” Then, we have a really fun one of US soldiers in Afghanistan apparently doing a parody of the Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders’ version of the song. It’s very cute to watch them side by side.

As an aside, I tried to find a military version that had US service women in it, and struck out. One version had a millisecond of military women, but that was it. I have a feeling it would be quite popular.

First, the Brits (h/t Slog):

Now the US soldiers parodying Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders, videos side by side:

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