“Call me, maybe” face-off: US troops vs. UK Royal Engineers, in Afghanistan

UPDATE: I just watched the second video in full for the first time. It’s pure joy. The military boys did an amazing job copying the cheerleaders’ video, down to the race of the singers and the objects near them in the shots.  It’s a wonderful video.  Watch them both, they’re a really nice break from all the serious stuff.


There is something particularly funny about military boys (and girls) saying the line “Dont ask me, I’ll never tell.”

First, we have the UK Royal Engineers in Afghanistan doing their version of “Call me, maybe.” Then, we have a really fun one of US soldiers in Afghanistan apparently doing a parody of the Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders’ version of the song. It’s very cute to watch them side by side.

As an aside, I tried to find a military version that had US service women in it, and struck out. One version had a millisecond of military women, but that was it. I have a feeling it would be quite popular.

First, the Brits (h/t Slog):

Now the US soldiers parodying Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders, videos side by side:

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  • I was thinking that as well.

  • Aggykryss

    Please. I’m against violent conflict, as well, but if we didn’t have these volunteers we would see the return of the draft in a heartbeat. You really think these wars wouldn’t have been fought had no one volunteered for them?

  • Bill_Perdue

    I was part of the civilian anti-war movement that supported and worked with large groups of active duty GIs opposed to the Vietnam war. Those GI groups – GI-Civilian Alliance for Peace and others nationwide – unleashed a torrent of antiwar newspapers like “Counterpoint, Fed Up, the Lewis-McChord Free Press, and G.I. Voice from Fort Lewis Army Base and McChord Air Force Base near Tacoma; the unit newsletters B Troop News and First of the Worst, from Fort Lewis; Sacstrated and Co-Ambulation from Fairchild Air Force Base, near Spokane, WA; Puget Sound Sound Off from Bremerton Naval Yard on the Washington peninsula; and Yah-Hoh, published out of Fort Lewis by a
    group of radical Native American servicemen.” antiwar.http://depts.washington.edu/antiwar/gi_papers.shtml

    There were other groups and underground papers on bases all across the world. Together they changed the character of the US military, which became openly political, defiantly antiwar and then insubordinate.

    The huge size of the antiwar movement, the growth of the GI antiwar movement in Vietnam and the
    heroism and intransigence of the Vietnamese led to rising levels of mutinous incidents from large numbers of fraggings to a marked “screw the orders, go slow and save lives” attitude that disrupted Pentagon in Vietnam. That was what finally forced Nixon and his armies into a humiliating retreat.

    Iraq and Afghanistan are different. They’re volunteers, many joining to escape the violence of poverty and unemployment and are victims like the civilians they murder. Many of them, instead of taking out their rage fragging officers take it out on innocent civilians, including the murder of chilling numbers of children, perhaps emulating the racist mass murder of children by Bill Clinton and his embargo of food, medicine and sanitary supplies.

    I’m all for encouraging GI’s to get out asap and discouraging anyone else from joining Murder Inc., but I fail to see the point of doing anything that would make them not look like what they are. They are viscous foreign invaders inflicting massive causalities on civilians, and that includes medical staff and ‘community’ relations workers. And they are themselves victims of Obama’s criminal, racist wars from Libya and Palestine to Afghanistan and Pakistan.

  • cole3244

    the 99% blood and die while the 1% on both sides of the pond steal and complain they aren’t rich enough, fight for their country, not the 1% thats beneath their rightful place at the head of the affirmative action table of the wealthy and connected.

  • Carol S

    RE: couldn’t find a military version that had US service

    Unfortunately, one reason may be the sexual harassment/assault problem in the US military. If I were a woman in the military, I would avoid any behavior that would sexualize me — because then I would be perceived as “asking for it.” But that’s just a guess; I’d be interested in hearing what female soldiers/veterans think.

  • Kadira

    Ditto StevyD couldn’t have said it better ….

  • nicho

    My thoughts exactly. I was enjoying the video and started thinking that some of those guys may not come back.

  • nicho

    Well, some of us have better teeth. There are a lot of people with no access to dental care either — so a lot of bad and missing teeth out there. There are large parts of the country with a negative tooth-to-tattoo ratio.

  • StevyD

    I see these videos and at first they make me laugh but then I start to cry if I think that these are the kids we send off to die and destroy in some stupid little f..ked up war.

  • kingstonbears

    Just made my day. Thank you, thank you, thank you. And the gurls weren’t too bad either.

  • dula

    This is so much nicer than watching them shoot people or get shot at.
    On a side note, Brits may have all that fancy national healthcare and all but we still have better teeth.

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