Bob Dylan – Tangled up in blue

It’s been a rough morning over here thanks to open rebellion from the cats. Sushi has been increasingly whiny lately (we are actually wondering if he has cat Alzheimer’s) but this morning it was worse than usual. Jojo was busy preparing for a work event that took her out of town so she didn’t get to the normal routine of cleaning up the litter box.

I had a feeling that Sushi’s complaining actually meant something this time and unfortunately I was right. I would have taken care of business outside of that disaster area too and yes, he was fully justified in his open rebellion. Oh well, at least that job is done for a few weeks.

The weather is stuck in blah at the moment, with consistent gray skies and typical autumn weather that’s around 45-50 degrees. Until March the best we can hope for is discovering surprise sunshine here or there and maybe if we’re lucky, the temperature will climb up a few more degrees.

What will be more interesting to follow this winter is whether or not we see snow the way we’ve seen it in recent years. Now that the North Atlantic is warmer and we’re receiving a lot more rain and moisture, will we seeing snow every winter? Strange times.

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