Blondie on ToTP – Sunday Girl/Dreaming

Two songs from the Parallel Lines, the 1978 album that is well inside Rolling Stone’s Top 500 albums of all time.

Yesterday’s Litterbox Rebellion has quieted down and Sushi is now calm and sleeping. It’s taken a bit of bribery – tinned mackerel – but he’s resting peacefully on the sofa, knowing that he won and the litter box is fresh.

Cat girl on the other hand, is much less of a rabble-rouser and has continued to sleep (and snore) next to me all weekend. Wherever I go, she goes. (Normally she does that with Jojo but since she’s out of town, I’m the chosen one.) She’s also been like a giant hot water bottle that warms under the covers at night. Somehow her 15 pounds warms up the bed much faster and better than Sushi’s 7 pounds.

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3 Responses to “Blondie on ToTP – Sunday Girl/Dreaming”

  1. walshwitch says:


  2. BeccaM says:

    Sorry, but I found Blondie too ‘pop’ for me. ’79 saw the release of some of my favorite albums, including The Wall (Pink Floyd) and Fear of Music (Talking Heads).

  3. martymartymarty says:

    Just a minor correction: “Sunday Girl” is indeed from ‘Parallel Lines’ but “Dreaming” is from their next album, ‘Eat To The Beat’.

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