Blaec Lammers’ Facebook page, dating profile. Said to plan mass shooting at Twilight film, Walmart.

So I’m pretty sure I’ve found the Facebook page of the 20 year old who was just arrested for planning mass shootings at the new Twilight film and a Walmart.

If you compare his photo on the Facebook page with the mug shoot on CBS.  The shirtless photo was added  on August 24, 2012, long before he was arrested, which leads me to believe this is real.

Blaec Lammers mug shot and Facebook profile shot.

Blaec Lammers mug shot and Facebook profile shot.

The page is nothing too exceptional, though it is a bit odd. His profile photo is shirtless, and the only other photo on the site is a cartoon of a pig in overalls.

Interestingly, he has 249 friends, which isn’t nothing. But there’s nothing else on the page, no bio, no updates, nothing.  Just him shirtless and the happy pig. It’s a bit odd.

Facebook page of Blaec Lammers, alleged mass shooter wannabe

Facebook page of Blaec Lammers, alleged mass shooter wannabe

Here’s his mugshot:

Blaec Lammers mug shot

Blaec Lammers mug shot

I found an online dating profile of his as well, at  Creepy.  In it, he says he’s straight, and inclues more shirtless photos.  And photos with various tatoos.


The profile include numerous somewhat lonely efforts to meet girls:

Blaec Lammers Odd what you can find online about people nowadays.

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  • Why do we care about this? The pig is cute. Is that it? I’d rather watch pet videos.

  • Jackster 9 +

    I came across that page yesterday. Nothing particularly out of the ordinary. Some shirtless photos, trying to make a connection, boredom. I thought his drawings were actually quite good.

  • It does. He has it on private settings. I’m a friend of his. He really just a normal guy, which is why all of this is so weird.

  • iamlegion

    His parents have to bear some responsibility for naming him “Blaec”.

  • I think it just means he’s got his timeline locked down to the public.

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