A wonderful animation of Obama, Michelle, Hillary and Biden

I’m not sure who made this, but I’m in love.

Someone sent it to me today, and I googled around, but can’t find any provenance. I did find a post from four years ago about this video, but it too didn’t include an author. I love that they’re in a Jeep, considering Romney’s last-minute Jeep lie during the last week of the campaign.

I could watch this forever.

Obama, Hillary, Biden, Michelle in Jeep

Obama, Hillary, Biden and Mrs. O in, of all things, a Jeep. (author unknown)

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  • cole3244

    thats the way i felt tues night, thanks for the reminder.

  • hollywoodstein


  • FunMe


    I really hope this time they’ll stop seeing politics as a game and start working for ALL Americans instead of just the 1%.
    And they better not even touch Social Security nor Medicare. I mean it!

  • hollywoodstein

    And after that, Smells Like Teen Spirit.

  • hollywoodstein

    There’s also this thing all the kewl kids are watching called Gangnam Style. 

  • hollywoodstein

    Fun SPark style animation, but yes 4 years old.  Get with it fellas. 

  • jrpdx

    Don’t care if it’s so 4 years ago or whatever. Still love the video, the people in it, and what it captures.  But then I’m a 60 y/o woman (progressive, of course) who drives a Jeep Wrangler and love it, so maybe that explains it. Must be a girl thing;)            

  • As Cay notes, it’s derived from clipped scene from Zoolander, a Ben Stiller film about a dim and extraordinarily self-absorbed male model. Soon after, they stop at a filling station and Derek Zoolander’s three male-model friends & roommates discover the tragic unintended consequences of having a gasoline fight.

    But yes, it’s a funny and mesmerizing animation.

  • Orange Mocha Frappuccino!!! 

  • Interesting, so it IS from four years ago.  Though even that page calls it “fabulous,” which makes it sound like they didn’t create it.

  • cay
  • cay


  • HolyMoly

    Michelle’s facial expression cracks me up the most. Also funny: Obama’s hands are white and Hillary’s hands are not. I’m too much like Monk sometimes LOL

  • houstonray

    Now THAT’S funny!

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