OBAMA WINS! Romney reportedly phones Obama to concede.

CNN says that Mitt Romney called President Obama and conceded.

CNN 335 vote difference between Obama and Romney with 73% of vote in.

CNN 335 vote difference between Obama and Romney with 73% of vote in.

Gay marriage passes in Maine and Maryland.

Fox says Romney lost:

LOL worthy:

FOX: “There is still a thin path for him to get there…”


“@seanbugg: A president who endorsed marriage equality for gays and lesbians was just re-elected. Suck it @NOMupdate (h/t @anamariecox for phrasing)”

CNN’s John King: Romney victory “almost impossible, completely improbable”

CNN: Obama wins Iowa.

CNN: Dems will retain majority in Senate

“@SrWHOfficial: Why are they playing “Nearer My God To Thee” at the Romney party?”

RT @JesseBerney At 11 p.m., Obama gets 78 EVs, putting him at 240. He needs 20 more. MN is 10. Just needs FL *or* OH + [NV, CO, IA, or VA]

LOL worthy:

“@kdrum: Megyn Kelly to Rove: “Is this just math you do to make Republicans feel better?””

RT @nbcchicago #BREAKING: Tammy Duckworth unseats @RepJoeWalsh in Illinois’ 8th Congressional, @NBCNews projects…

CBS calls Virginia US Senate seat for Tim Kaine over GOPer George “Macaca” Allen.

Carville: “If Florida goes [to Obama], the election is over.” Carville then said it looks like Obama is going to get Florida.  GOP consultant Alex Castellanos:”I hate it when he’s right…. Romney is hanging on to winning that thing by the top of his fingers… it’s looking very tough right now for Mitt Romney.”

Michael Barbaro @mikiebarb
The scene here at the Romney party is loud — but it’s not cheers. A band has started playing music. TV News volume has been cut off.

John King just said on CNN, and a good political friend just mentioned privately, that if Romney doesn’t win Florida, the election is over.

“@froomkin: If OH, FL & VA are remotely close, expect a blizzard of GOP lawsuits & no concession speech. GOP knows it’s all about the endgame.”

Senator McCaskill wins in MO over “Legitimate rape” Akin! So both rape guys lost.

French political observer friend notes that Scott Brown’s win in Jan of 2010 was heralded as the beginning of great GOP wave/Tea Party – remember they were wondering whether we should give up on passing health care reform.  Oh well.  Wave gone now. Buh bye.

“@marjoriepaillon: L’élection de #Brown avait lancé la vague GOP & TParty aux midterms de 2010. La reprise du siège au #Senat par une Dem est-il de bon augure?”

The demoralization on the right has begun to deepen:

TPCarney: I think any Electoral College map showing Romney winning at this point has to include Vancouver and Guam.

KevinWGlass: Warren over Brown is going to be more disappointing than Obama over Romney.

CNN: Says Elizabeth Warren DID win, and GOP Senate candidate Richard “Rape-babies are a gift from God” Mourdock lost in IN.

“@AntDeRosa: Bob Schieffer: “It is looking much more difficult for Romney to win””


538.com/NYT says Obama is leading in bellwether counties in Florida.

Dem Sherrod Brown wins Senate in Ohio.

FOX/NBC call WI for Obama. Ruh roh…

“@RomneyCentral: Not good, folks. RT @philipaklein: Fox projects Wisconsin for Obama”

Remember, Chuck Todd said that if Obama gets OH and WI, he wins the presidency.

Tammy Baldwin may have, or may not have, won yet in Wisconsin – hearing it might have been called too soon – stay tuned.

Fox and NBC call Pennsylvania for Obama!


“@JoshuaGreen: RT @mmurraypolitics NBC News calls that Republicans will retain the House — 240 R, 195 D, plus-minus 11 seats (218 needed for control)”

“@notlarrysabato: Obama exceeding numbers he needs in southside Virginia with a strong African American vote.”

RameshPonnuru: Sharp negative turn in the mood of conservatives on twitter.

This guy is the closest thing the Rs have to their own Nate Silver, and he’s not pleased:

SeanTrende: Would be very surprised at this point if Romney wins VA. Not getting the swings he needs.

RT @Toure: Laura Ingraham: “If you can’t beat Barack Obama w this record then shut down the party. Shut it down. Start new with new people.”

Okay this is interesting – keep in mind that Chuck Todd said earlier that a sign of a good night for Obama would be VA, NC and FL remaining too close to call:

“@ThePlumLineGS: Polling averages said FL, VA, and (less so) NC would be extremely close. They are proving extremely close. #Election2012”

“@thehill: #Obama narrowly wins bellwether #Indiana county http://t.co/1Izn68EQ by @cam_joseph”

“@DavidShuster: FL looking better and better for Obama.  He is + 100,000 over Romney with heavy dem Miami precincts still to come.

“@NKingofDC: Very interesting. National exits show Obama getting 74% of the Asian vote, up from 62% in ’08. Could be his biggest growth.”

Spock is manning the voter protection hotline at Obama HQ in Chicago – very cool:

Michael Grunwald @MikeGrunwald
Watching Fox is so much fun. O’Reilly is already trashing Mitt’s campaign, declaring the US a European nation of slackers & dependents.

“@politico: Democratic Rep. Chris Murphy has defeated Republican Linda McMahon in the Connecticut Senate race, the AP reports. #breaking”

Let’s use this as our area for the latest info, and the comments to chat.

I’m not covering the obvious stuff.  You can get the winners of states in which we already knew what was going to happen on the news sites.

“@marcambinder: Best gauge of the evening: the mood at Fox News. Just watch for a while.”

“@daveweigel: OH GOP Chairman going a rather sober “thank you to volunteers” speech http://t.co/zIxrpkaP”

“@DKThomp: RT @JoshuaGreen: I’ve not seen any swing state where Romney is overperforming expectations save *possibly* PA where exits have him down”

“@peterjwu: CNN’s Pennsylvania exit poll is Obama 52-47 Romney. #Election2012”

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