OBAMA WINS! Romney reportedly phones Obama to concede.

CNN says that Mitt Romney called President Obama and conceded.

CNN 335 vote difference between Obama and Romney with 73% of vote in.

CNN 335 vote difference between Obama and Romney with 73% of vote in.

Gay marriage passes in Maine and Maryland.

Fox says Romney lost:

LOL worthy:

FOX: “There is still a thin path for him to get there…”


“@seanbugg: A president who endorsed marriage equality for gays and lesbians was just re-elected. Suck it @NOMupdate (h/t @anamariecox for phrasing)”

CNN’s John King: Romney victory “almost impossible, completely improbable”

CNN: Obama wins Iowa.

CNN: Dems will retain majority in Senate

“@SrWHOfficial: Why are they playing “Nearer My God To Thee” at the Romney party?”

RT @JesseBerney At 11 p.m., Obama gets 78 EVs, putting him at 240. He needs 20 more. MN is 10. Just needs FL *or* OH + [NV, CO, IA, or VA]

LOL worthy:

“@kdrum: Megyn Kelly to Rove: “Is this just math you do to make Republicans feel better?””

RT @nbcchicago #BREAKING: Tammy Duckworth unseats @RepJoeWalsh in Illinois’ 8th Congressional, @NBCNews projects…

CBS calls Virginia US Senate seat for Tim Kaine over GOPer George “Macaca” Allen.

Carville: “If Florida goes [to Obama], the election is over.” Carville then said it looks like Obama is going to get Florida.  GOP consultant Alex Castellanos:”I hate it when he’s right…. Romney is hanging on to winning that thing by the top of his fingers… it’s looking very tough right now for Mitt Romney.”

Michael Barbaro @mikiebarb
The scene here at the Romney party is loud — but it’s not cheers. A band has started playing music. TV News volume has been cut off.

John King just said on CNN, and a good political friend just mentioned privately, that if Romney doesn’t win Florida, the election is over.

“@froomkin: If OH, FL & VA are remotely close, expect a blizzard of GOP lawsuits & no concession speech. GOP knows it’s all about the endgame.”

Senator McCaskill wins in MO over “Legitimate rape” Akin! So both rape guys lost.

French political observer friend notes that Scott Brown’s win in Jan of 2010 was heralded as the beginning of great GOP wave/Tea Party – remember they were wondering whether we should give up on passing health care reform.  Oh well.  Wave gone now. Buh bye.

“@marjoriepaillon: L’élection de #Brown avait lancé la vague GOP & TParty aux midterms de 2010. La reprise du siège au #Senat par une Dem est-il de bon augure?”

The demoralization on the right has begun to deepen:

TPCarney: I think any Electoral College map showing Romney winning at this point has to include Vancouver and Guam.

KevinWGlass: Warren over Brown is going to be more disappointing than Obama over Romney.

CNN: Says Elizabeth Warren DID win, and GOP Senate candidate Richard “Rape-babies are a gift from God” Mourdock lost in IN.

“@AntDeRosa: Bob Schieffer: “It is looking much more difficult for Romney to win””


538.com/NYT says Obama is leading in bellwether counties in Florida.

Dem Sherrod Brown wins Senate in Ohio.

FOX/NBC call WI for Obama. Ruh roh…

“@RomneyCentral: Not good, folks. RT @philipaklein: Fox projects Wisconsin for Obama”

Remember, Chuck Todd said that if Obama gets OH and WI, he wins the presidency.

Tammy Baldwin may have, or may not have, won yet in Wisconsin – hearing it might have been called too soon – stay tuned.

Fox and NBC call Pennsylvania for Obama!


“@JoshuaGreen: RT @mmurraypolitics NBC News calls that Republicans will retain the House — 240 R, 195 D, plus-minus 11 seats (218 needed for control)”

“@notlarrysabato: Obama exceeding numbers he needs in southside Virginia with a strong African American vote.”

RameshPonnuru: Sharp negative turn in the mood of conservatives on twitter.

This guy is the closest thing the Rs have to their own Nate Silver, and he’s not pleased:

SeanTrende: Would be very surprised at this point if Romney wins VA. Not getting the swings he needs.

RT @Toure: Laura Ingraham: “If you can’t beat Barack Obama w this record then shut down the party. Shut it down. Start new with new people.”

Okay this is interesting – keep in mind that Chuck Todd said earlier that a sign of a good night for Obama would be VA, NC and FL remaining too close to call:

“@ThePlumLineGS: Polling averages said FL, VA, and (less so) NC would be extremely close. They are proving extremely close. #Election2012”

“@thehill: #Obama narrowly wins bellwether #Indiana county http://t.co/1Izn68EQ by @cam_joseph”

“@DavidShuster: FL looking better and better for Obama.  He is + 100,000 over Romney with heavy dem Miami precincts still to come.

“@NKingofDC: Very interesting. National exits show Obama getting 74% of the Asian vote, up from 62% in ’08. Could be his biggest growth.”

Spock is manning the voter protection hotline at Obama HQ in Chicago – very cool:

Michael Grunwald @MikeGrunwald
Watching Fox is so much fun. O’Reilly is already trashing Mitt’s campaign, declaring the US a European nation of slackers & dependents.

“@politico: Democratic Rep. Chris Murphy has defeated Republican Linda McMahon in the Connecticut Senate race, the AP reports. #breaking”

Let’s use this as our area for the latest info, and the comments to chat.

I’m not covering the obvious stuff.  You can get the winners of states in which we already knew what was going to happen on the news sites.

“@marcambinder: Best gauge of the evening: the mood at Fox News. Just watch for a while.”

“@daveweigel: OH GOP Chairman going a rather sober “thank you to volunteers” speech http://t.co/zIxrpkaP”

“@DKThomp: RT @JoshuaGreen: I’ve not seen any swing state where Romney is overperforming expectations save *possibly* PA where exits have him down”

“@peterjwu: CNN’s Pennsylvania exit poll is Obama 52-47 Romney. #Election2012”

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  • hollywoodstein

    Goodbye, asshole.

  • but I’m allergic to seafood!

  • that IS good news!

  • the push for 2016 starts today…

  • Obama has repeated pushed the Justice Dept to crack down on ANY mj use, whether medical or state authorized. That’s not likely to change unless there’s a BIG pushback (think DADT)…

  • Now if only we could have gotten Michelle Bachmann kicked out. Alas. Can’t win them all.

  • G’nite all. Take care!

  • I heard it… definitely was not the smartest or most sensitive thing Tweety’s said — but it’s worth remember it was 3am on the east cost and he really looked like he needed to be in bed. As for the changeover to the new crew, I’m pretty sure that was scheduled beforehand.

  • citizen_spot

     I think I just heard Tweety say that he was glad that hurricane Sandy hit the east coast, “politically speaking”.  I stepped out of the room for a minute, and Maddow went to Tweety for a final statement to end the night’s coverage, and after Tweety’s shocking statement, they ended the coverage as fast as they could.  I am a bit gobsmacked.

  • FunMe

    It’s been YEARS since I’ve been to NewRepublic … I think it’s time to come over there. LOL

  • Dave of the Jungle

    Good Night Everybody

  • JamesR

    Not only that she wins but that she trounced Tommy Thomson that’s just swe-eeeet.

  • JamesR

    So the Governor of Colorado likes to munch on Cheetos and Goldfish after he tokes. Somewhere, to someone, this will be useful and relevant information.

  • douglas01

    Yes, VIrginia there is a God.

  • Angus King, I-ME, has said it is his signature goal as a junior Senator to push for filibuster reform. Here’s hoping.

  • Jim Olson

    Not likely. 

  • JamesR

    Yes, Thanks to John and everyone, to Americablog blog, and houstonray for posting the thanks. One of the most civilized places on the web for news and discussion. Good, Bad, Ugly, let’s have at it. THANKS.

    Now the real work begins. Again.

  • mf_roe

     Enough to rescind the filibuster if they were truly interested in good government. One simple majority vote could change a lot of things, My money says it want happen.

  • houstonray

    There’s always Tagg and Ben and Craig and Josh and Matt….LOL!

  • FLL

    Another casualty of the night: NOM. Of the four states with marriage ballot amendments, Washington State has always been the most solidly in favor of marriage equality. That would be four out of four—a home run.

  • mirth

    SO happy about her win!

  • Dave of the Jungle

    Ann Romney looked like a lizard. Egads.

  • Side note: Out of the remaining Senate races to be called, two of three may turn out D (Tester – MT incumbent, Heitkamp – ND). This would be a gain of two — which was totally unexpected given how many seats were being defended by the Dems this cycle.

  • Jim Olson

    Honestly, this concession speech is the most human I have ever seen Romney.  He’s off script, and speaking from the heart.  I’m still glad he’s not President though.  

  • Dave of the Jungle

    Buh Bye

  • houstonray

    Nate Silver, a pollster rock star is born (again).

  • I’d give anything for Trump never to appear on or be mentioned on TV ever again.

  • Liveblog comment-style: Looks like Romney is giving a gracious concession speech. (So far.)

    Short, sweet, and yes — gracious. I’ll give him credit for this much. Now here’s hoping we never, ever hear from him again.

  • I think the numerical offset was that Florida was literally 50/50, and Virginia only likely but not a lock.

  • FLL

    People didn’t think it was necessary for Obama to win Florida, but it’s just as well that he did.

  • Jim Olson

    NBC reporting that Romney has called the President to concede. 

  • Jim Olson

    Brian Williams: “…and now this, Donald Trump, who has driven past the last exit to relevance and on towards irresponsibility has just tweeted this…” I love Brian Williams.

  • LOL. Nah, I think it’s over.

  • Dave of the Jungle

    Even more than Nate Silver predicted.

  • mf_roe

    MSNBC reporting Romney has called Obama and conceded, expect the flip flop soon.

  • mirth

    It’s a 50/50 neck race right now, Michelle up by only 300-something votes. She loses and I’m driving to CO for a toke or two.

  • Florida will also likely go for Obama, which will make it 332.

  • MSNBC: Romney has conceded, via phone call and will make his speech shortly.

  • Dave of the Jungle

    Over 300 electoral votes, now.

  • Naja pallida

    I figured he was just waiting to download the latest Windows updates.

  • CNN just called Virginia for Obama.

  • Dave of the Jungle

    I will certainly shriek with wanton abandon.

  • MSNBC reporting Romney planning to speak at 12:55am EDT.

  • Two full layers of glass ceiling are shattered.

  • I think if Bachmann loses, my schadenfreude will well exceed safe limits.

  • davidinchelseama

    Remembering Michelle Bachmann’s bitchy voice saying they were going to make Obama a “One Term Presideeeeent !!!”
    Oh, well, Michelle. Guess you don’t get your way. BOO-FRIGGING-HOO.

  • Dave of the Jungle

    Obama wins Virginia. Romney a twit. News at 11:00

  • Naja pallida

    If he comes out saying he has political capital to spend on privatizing social security, I’m moving to Europe.

  • mf_roe


  • Dave of the Jungle

    Tammy Baldwin Wins

  • FLL

    Ah, the mystery of Willard’s refusal to concede (yet) is finally solved. MSNBC just reported that Romney never had a concession speech prepared. Apparently, he needs some time to write one.

  • In the Minnesota 6th, Michelle Bachmann leads but remains just a couple hundred votes within losing distance, with 43% left to count.

  • Dave of the Jungle

    Has his own planet to practice polygamy on pretty much guaranteed. That rocks.

  • FLL

    Likewise. I’ll never forget how John and Joe brought the loathsome defense of DOMA in June, 2009 to the light of day and kept the media focus on it. They pushed when pushing was necessary. Kudos.

  • He’s richer than Mammon. I have no sympathy for him.

  • mirth

    CO gov on legal weed:
    “The voters have spoken and we have to respect their will. This will be a complicated process, but we intend to follow through. That said, federal law still says marijuana is an illegal drug so don’t break out the Cheetos or gold fish too quickly.”

  • mf_roe

     We want have to wait long either, the Lame Duck session will be worthy of George Bush in terms of destruction of good programs.

  • Update 12:13am EDT: It’s actually looking like Obama will narrowly take both Virginia and Florida.

    With both Colorado and Nevada called for Obama, even if Romney took both VA and FL and upset every OH expectation, Obama would still have 272 EVs — which is 2 more than is needed to win.

  • Naja pallida

    That’s precisely it. I’m not happy Obama won at all. I’m happy Romney lost. Now we get to suffer for another four years until we go through this electioneering crap all over again.

  • Also ditto.

    I don’t always agree with John or the posters or the regular commenters all the time — but I appreciate having AmericaBlog as a place where I feel free to speak my mind, and to engage in honest and lively debate with exceedingly smart people. (And yes, bashing the occasional troll is hella fun.) Thanks John, Chris, Gaius, Nick and all you guys.

    (BTW, love to hear even more regular poster voices on the front page.)

  • Don Chandler

    Thanks for the update on the marriage equality initiatives! The republicans really got their base excited and mis-informed…not going to be pretty tomorrow. So much good news. 

  • mirth

    MA, CO, WA, OR legalize bud. :)

  • Dave of the Jungle

    Poor Mitt.

  • Dave of the Jungle

    Ditto, the above.

  • tsuki

     I’ve had on too many to even attempt. 

  • houstonray

    I would like to thank you John, and all of the great contributors at Americablog for being there these last 4 years.  It’s been lots of ups and quite a few downs but through it all, I always came back to Americablog for the good the bad and the ugly.  Thank you all for great work.  Now we have 4 more years to keep the pressure on President Obama to make this country even greater for our future.

  • They just called Colorado for Obama.

  • Nah, we’re just cheering how completely you Tea Bagger hyper-conservatives got completely thumped tonight.

  • FLL

    English: Hahahahahaha
    Spanish: Jajajajajajajaja

  • Dave of the Jungle

    It’s just that the alternative was so nauseating.

  • Guest1

     After all the complaints I know liberals would cheer for Obama again :P

  • mirth


  • Indeed — I actually take far greater comfort from all the progressive wins, and in seeing so many rabid Tea Baggers literally cost the GOP what would’ve been safe seats for them.

    Baldwin, Duckworth, Warren, Grayson — it was a very, very good night for progressives.

  • mirth

    Yep, that too; there are reasons to celebrate tonight.

    A part of me still feels that hope thing, that O may want to salvage his rep and deliver on some of his earlier promises in the next 4 years. For now, the XL pipeline becomes a less sure thing, ditto attacking Iran, and DoD budget cuts are more sure. 

  • mf_roe

     Wash your hands after you finish with the Donald. I’m going to jump in the shower soon because I’ve been watching the turmoil over at Fox, fun watching the denial but it leaves you feeling slimy.

  • Dave of the Jungle


  • Yeah, and think about it: Who would stay in line this late, in those specific locations? It’s gonna be lots and lots of pissed-off minority voters.

  • I think you’ve seen enough of my posts to know the answer to that.

  • What makes me happiest is to see progressives (currently) winning on all four state marriage amendments. Slowly, but surely, it seems like gays are no longer a weapon to be used in attacking progressive causes.

  • mf_roe

     Can’t concede if you intend to litigate.

  • A crude and off-topic open response to Donald Trump: “Why don’t you go fuck that ferret on your head, you tired old loony.”

  • FLL

    The polls are closed here in Broward County, Florida, but the polls are still open in Miami-Dade County. With 76% reporting, Obama is winning Ohio by 50-49. With 96% reporting, Obama is winning Florida by 50-49. WTF is up with Mittens?! An Ohio recount won’t change the fact that Obama has won Florida.

  • mirth

    It’s a shallow victory, I agree, but tonight let’s feel some joy that Romney won’t be the next president, if for no other reason than hideous Ann and their creepy boys will fade from view, and several teabagger/fundie incumbents are getting a pink slip.  

  • So far, yup.

  • Naja pallida

    Still contesting Ohio.

  • Dave of the Jungle

    Romney refusing to concede?

  • Not yet. As of 11:41p, Romney campaign isn’t conceding loss in Ohio. Even though nearly all the remaining votes are in Dem-leaning counties.

  • Also in marriage equality news:
    –  In Maryland, with 60.7% of the vote tallied on Question 6, in favor of marriage equality, For 51.2%; Against 48.8%
    – In Maine, with 34% of the vote tallied on Question 1, in favor of marriage equality, For 52%; Against 48%
    – In Minnesota, with 37% of the vote tallied on Amendment 1 which states, “Only a union of one man and one woman shall be valid or recognized as a marriage in Minnesota,” For 45%; Against 55%

  • Already used to it. But are you suggesting Mitt Romney would’ve less contemptuous? I mean, he’s the guy who thinks gay people shouldn’t be allowed to raise kids.

  •  ditto that

  • mf_roe

     Will Mitt Concede?

  • Folks, remember that contempt that Obama showed us on major issues in his first term?

    Get used to it. 

  • Naja pallida

    It’s hard to argue with God’s will.

  • Naja pallida

    As long as he is able to keep forcing 60 votes to fart in the Senate, he is winning.

  • mirth

    M Bachmann’s lead over J Graves, which was 53-47 a bit earlier, now only 50.4-49.4 

  • Dave of the Jungle

    Congratulations Everybody !

  • Dave of the Jungle

    Congratulations Everybody !

  • mf_roe

    Does this mean that Mitch McConnell failed?

  • HereinDC

    Thank you John!

  • FLL

    There is no joy on Kolob—mighty Romney has struck out.

  • mf_roe

    Mitt just sold his White Horse to China.

  •  The whiny little toad is lost in his own poison.

  • Dave of the Jungle

    WE WON? OMG !!!

  • mirth

    A Wilson loss…oh boy, do I ever want that!

  •  YEA !!!!

  • Kolob has a sad!!!!!!

  • mf_roe

    Fox calls it for Obama

  • Dave of the Jungle

    CNN calls the election for Obama !!!

  • MSNBC just called the election for Obama, with Ohio putting him over the top.

  • Yep, more NM good news. Looks like our congressional makeup will remain the same, with 2 Dems and one GOPer, not unexpected.

  • FLL

    Jeb Bush, George W. Bush’s brother and former governor of Florida, just told the Romney campaign that they have lost Florida. Hmm.

  • mf_roe

     Listen for me, I’m agnostic but share Jesus’s loathing of hypocrites.

  • FLL

    In Maine and Minnesota, it looks like a very bad night for NOM. Marriage equality is leading in Maryland with only a spread of two percentage points, which is still too close for comfort.

  • mirth

    Democrat Martin Heinrich in early lead over Republican Heather Wilson in the race for New Mexico’s open U.S. Senate seat.

  • FLL

    I’d love to believe that in an unexpected fit of honesty, Fox News was the first network to accurately call the race for Tammy Baldwin. I love the sound of glass ceilings shattering. First openly gay U.S. senator?

  • More good news:

    Colleen Lachowicz, the Maine Democrat and social worker, who was attacked for playing World of Warcraft, has won her race for the Maine State Senate. Besides online gaming, her other hobby is knitting.(h/t dKos Kossack ‘Grassroots Mom’)

  • Dave of the Jungle


  • lol. Love it.

    Todd Akin is giving his concession speech now. It’s wall to wall Bible-humping and God-shouting.

  • mf_roe

     Nice strong voice willing to speak truth to power, glad to get him back!

  • All righty!

    Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn.

  • Dave of the Jungle

    Let’s all pray for Mitt, shall we?

  • mf_roe

     “You Don’t Own Me” is a popular song by Lesley Gore from 1964,Read more http://www.kgbanswers.com/who-sang-you-dont-own-me/10863221#ixzz2BVLyzWly

  • MSNBC: Reporter onsite at Romney campaign has reported they’ve gone into invisible lockdown mode, refusing to answer any questions. 10:40p PDT.

  • Oh, also in the land of good news: Alan Grayson has been elected to return to the House of Representatives, from the Florida 9th, 62% to 38%.

  • Dave of the Jungle

    Obama holding 0.6% lead in Florida through 70 –  80 % of the count. Seems to have converged.

  • mirth

    From CNN:

    Rep. Marcy Kaptur (D) defeats Samuel Wurzelbacher (R) in #OH09. You may know Mr. Wurzelbacher better as “Joe the Plumber.”

    Obama has taken the lead in Florida, with 87% of the vote counted. He’s up 50%-49%.

    Sherrod Brown defeats Mandel in Ohio Senate race.

    Jim Acosta: “Jumbo screens at Romney HQ flipping from network to network. Each time it flips to a diff channel room grows more subdued.”

  • mirth

    Sad news in MN, with Bachmann 53-47 percent lead over Jim Graves. But the night is young, I say hopefully.

  • Or as I saw on dKos (paraphrasing): Helpful hint to Republicans in future elections, “Do NOT talk about rape in any context!”

  • tsuki

     Yes!  Take that Timmee. 

  • Yeah, I dunno. In my compulsive surfing this evening, I haven’t taken a ‘projected winner’ as confirmed until I see it on at least two non-coordinating media sites, and so far Fox News (WTF?!) is the only one projecting Baldwin’s win, among the places I could find.

  • JamesR

    AWESOME thanks Mirth.

    I am one beer away from tuning into Fox newz to watch the crying, tantrums, and blame…

  • mf_roe

    Romney is in the lead in the total vote,  I would love to see him win the total vote and lose the EC.  If the Tea Baggers target the EC maybe we can get rid of it.

  • Bob Kerrey lost in Nebraska…but given how much of a DINO he was, I’m not sure that was much of a loss to the Dem caucus.

  • mf_roe

     Romney has sons, if he had daughters as I do he might have seen the War on Women as the loser strategy.

  • mirth

    In IL, Tammy Duckworth 10% lead over Joe Walsh.

  •  Mr. God has abandoned them in their hour of deed.

  • Dave of the Jungle

    Subdued mood at Romney HQ.

  • Hallelujah!

  • FLL

    At 9:51 pm, a post that Andy Towle uploaded said that Tammy Baldwin had won. Can anyone confirm that the race has been called for her? Glass ceiling broken?

  • Jinx! Buy me a Coke.  ;-)

  • Dave of the Jungle

    Claire McCaskill Wins !!!

  • Senate Candidate Todd “Legitimate Rape” Akin goes down, Senator Claire McCaskill projected to win re-election.

  •  Good job, my Demo family in Santa Fe!

  • mf_roe

     With Obama’s policy of Federal Drug War trumping State Reforms it want amount to as much as it should.

  •  YES!!!!

  • Some serious demoralization on the right.  Just posted Laura Ingraham’s tweet ;-)

  • MattNYC

    Enthusiasm gap, my ass.  In PA today volunteering for OFA, I came across Obama voters wearing their “I Voted” stickers on their faces!

  • Unrelated to the candidate: Massachusetts is also projected to have legalized medical marijuana, at current numbers overwhelmingly.

  • CBS, CNN and MSNBC have all called MA for Warren, and there are multiple reports that NBC has as well, including their website:

  • Dave of the Jungle

    Nyuk Nyuk Nyuk…

  • Dave of the Jungle

    One fine human being, for sure.

  • I know — amazing news! She’s gonna be a hell of a Senator, and a worthy successor to Ted Kennedy.

  • May he accept God’s will and raise that Fail Baby all the way to term.

  • FunMe

    Elizabeth Warren wins! :-) 52% over Scott’s 48%!

  • So… the Chuck Todd estimate (even though I think he’s a GOP-leaning hack) he said Romney needed to worry if VA, FL, or NC were deemed too close to call, and if OH and PA were called early.

    So at 9:30p EDT, VA and FL are both said to be too close to call, and PA was called early. And Obama is leading strongly in Ohio.

  • FunMe

    Sheep for sure!

  • Dave of the Jungle

    Obviously what God intended.

  • mf_roe

    Mourdock loses!  Wonder if he will accept god’s will?

  • Drew2u

     Don’t underestimate the public to be severely uninformed. The way I see it, people tune in to the local news for less than an hour a day and during which the spin we get is, “Romney the businessman ran a successful business” and “both sides do it”.
    So while the media is complicit in getting those commercial-dollars, by selling their journalistic integrity, they also play off of the ignorance of the masses who, naively, trust what the media tells them.
    Two things need to happen: The news media need to stop bowing to the corporate dollar and grow a journalistic backbone and 2). The populace needs to become actively informed and gain critical-thinking skills to judge the quality and veracity of what they hear.

  • Dave of the Jungle

    Elizabeth Warren Won !!!

  • BlueIdaho

    NBC has NOT called the Senate race in MA.  It is an erroneous twitter message going around.

  • PA = my home state.  :-)

  • HereinDC

    “@DavidShuster: FL looking better and better for
    Obama.  He is + 100,000 over Romney with heavy dem Miami precincts still
    to come

    I switched to FOX and saw this on their screen.  WOW.    Obama has more votes now then he did with Mccain in 2008! WOW! 

  • Dave of the Jungle

    So much for Mitt’s delusion.

  • HereinDC

    I turned to FOX.  They predict Obama wins Pennsylvania

  • Dave of the Jungle

    When they call my state of Arizona for Romney, I’ll probably just burp.

  • An_American_Karol

     Jim, I agree.  I have not been able to watch the news in months.  I just can’t stomach the spin.

  • Well, they just called my state of New Mexico for Obama. Zero surprise there.

  • FunMe

    Just got home from Palm Springs. Figuring out my vote for propositions. I have a few hours but want to be done in 30 minutes. 

    Voting my protest vote against the politicians who are turning our country into an oligarchy. I will vote Green. I DETEST with a passion Romney, and it was tight I may just vote for our President. But  Obama is going to win California so my vote won’t get romney in.

  • Jim Olson

    News on both sides want a close race because it makes good news, gets eyeballs on screens, and makes money.  This is not a liberal or conservative effect.  The news on both sides has been shocking in how blatantly they want this to be a tie.  Every time one of these talking heads shows us how the states can line up for a tied Electoral college score I want to scream.

  • An_American_Karol

    Waiting to see how badly the American people have been manipulated and lied to by the “liberal” news in its projections on the race for president.  I may have to eat my words, but it will be interesting to see if there had ever been a close race. 

  • HereinDC

    Nice to see the Independent to win Maine…..Kind of sets the mood …if…ya…think.

  • Dave of the Jungle

    Poor things.

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