Deepika Kurup

14 y.o. invents water purification method to address global problem

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Thankfully not every smart American student is prepping themselves to serve the 1%.

Sen. Leahy wants to read your emails without a warrant

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I’m pretty sure two weeks ago we didn’t vote for four more years of George Bush.

Gay men will marry your girlfriends unless you support gay marriage (funny video)

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A cute video about why every straight guy should support marriage equality.

Goldman’s multi-billion dollar bailout queen CEO insists on Social Security, Medicare cuts

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After receiving billions from taxpayers, CEO Lloyd Blankfein says “we can’t afford” Soc. Sec., Medicare.
marco rubio

GOP 2016 hopeful Marco Rubio did “not” just compare Obama to Castro, again. Really.

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And I did “not” suggest that the first time I saw Marco Rubio, I said to myself, “who’s that queen?”
BP Deepwater Horizon oil rig fire

US settles criminal charges against BP for Gulf spill — is it enough?

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Will the government’s BP settlement deter future criminal behavior? Why didn’t they lose their gov’t contracts?
Chris Christie

Fox’s Murdoch lobbied Christie to help Romney days before election

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Just in case you were confused and thought Fox was fair and balanced.
Creationist Museum - humans lived alongside dinosaurs

Marco Rubio on earth’s age: “It’s one of the great mysteries” (yeah, if you’re an idiot)

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GOP Senator Marco Rubio desperately wants to be president in 4 years. Good luck with that.
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