1962 video of Kennedy urging Americans to vote on Nov. 6

From the Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza (located at the spot where Lee Harvey Oswald shot and killed President Kennedy).

Three days after the informal end to the Cuban Missile Crisis, President John F. Kennedy filmed a public service announcement urging Americans to vote. His message was filmed on October 31, 1962, in the Fish Room (now the Roosevelt Room) in the West Wing of the White House. In the 46-second, black & white address, President Kennedy reminded viewers of the importance of voting to show the strength and importance of American freedom and democracy.

The film, one of an unknown number of copies, was obtained by The Sixth Floor Museum and is now preserved in its permanent collection. Since the President referred to the specific date of the upcoming midterm election – Tuesday, November 6 – the film’s message was immediately outdated after that day. Now, 50 years later, the exact same day and date mark another significant election, making President Kennedy’s message even more timely.

The museum noted that this was filmed in the Roosevelt Room of the White House, three days after the unofJFK Election Messageficial end of the Cuban Missile Crisis.

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