Reader Pets: CeCe the Cat

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“CeCe woke me up 3 years ago to tell me my son had slipped into a coma… We had only had the cat two weeks.”
Lisa Biron

Religious right lawyer Lisa Biron arrested by FBI on child sex charges

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Worked for “the” lead religious-right family-values legal group tied to Focus on the Family, Coral Ridge.

George Will to Mitt Romney: “Quit despising the American people”

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Funny how the Republicans never spoke out against despising the American people before the election.

Chinese grandpa becomes sensation after modeling teen-girl clothes for grandkid’s store

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Granddad in drag has gone viral, sales quintuple. Coolest grandfather ever.
PA machine won't let vote for Obama

It’s time for a federal takeover of national elections

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The federal government should create an independent, non-partisan body charged with administering elections.
Mark Begich

Support Begich bill to strengthen Social Security w/o salary cap

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Finally a bill to make Social Security stronger, removing the salary cap, adjusting COLA to increase benefits.
abortion rally dublin Savita Halappanavar

10,000 march in Dublin for woman who died after being denied abortion

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GOP’s Walsh: “With modern… science, you can’t find one instance [of pregnancy harming mom’s life].” Found one.
Some People Are Gay - Get Over It bus campaign

UK bus-driver abandons bus because of pro-gay ad on side

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The ad read: “Some people are gay. Get over it!” The bus driver, sadly, did not get over it.
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