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DOD elite live extravagant corporate 1% life

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They have jets, palatial homes, drivers, aides to carry their bags and press their uniforms, and gourmet chefs.
Nate silver

So Nate Silver is gay. Huh.

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Some of you, I know, will ask, “why does it matter?” It matters because it matters. Let me explain…

Dolphins being killed with screwdrivers, shot in Alabama, Louisiana

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Authorities are asking for help to find those responsible for brutal attacks.
village people

Repealing “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” made Petraeus cheat on wife

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General Petraeus’ adultery is all the fault of the gays, says Family Research Council. Damn we’re good.

Lee Atwater’s infamous “n*gger, n*gger” interview

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GOP super-strategist explains southern strategy of subtly reaching out to racists in coded language.

Blondie on ToTP – Sunday Girl/Dreaming

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Was anyone really cooler than Blondie in 1979?
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