GOP Sen. Lindsey Graham running campaign ads on Benghazi tragedy

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That was awfully nice of Ambassador Stevens to help Lindsey Graham out by dying.

The end of the Twinkie?

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Is it finally the end of an era with Twinkies and cupcakes bidding us farewell as Hostess closes shop?
Blaec Lammers Facebook page

Blaec Lammers’ Facebook page, dating profile. Said to plan mass shooting at Twilight film, Walmart.

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Blaec Lammers was arrested for planning mass shootings at a Twilight showing, and then a Walmart.
Six or Eight Black men, Dutch Christmas

Maine GOP chair: “I play basketball every Sunday with a black guy”

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“When you see a lot of people who are black, like six or eight… people, you think, ‘Wow, where do they live?'”
money farm

Top farm subsidy areas overwhelmingly supported Romney

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Farmers wants stuff.
thief businessman

Budget-cut hero Erskine Bowles promotes Soc. Sec., Medicare cuts at chichi Schwab conference

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When will the budget talks include someone who would actually be affected by the budget cuts?

Obama meets today with Congress, liberal non-profits re fiscal cliff

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Obama meets Friday with congressional leaders to “fix deficit problems.” I.e., cut Soc. Security and Medicare.

“Hispanics are… socialists,” that’s why they vote for Dems, religious right leader says

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GOP presidential candidates, congressmen, regularly appear on the AFA’s Bryan Fischer’s radio show.

Taxpayers to pay $3.5m to Lockheed ex–CEO fired before taking job

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Lifestyles of the .001% — Pentagon’s largest contractor Lockheed gives golden parachute to fired executive
man losing face old

McCain skips Benghazi hearings to hold presser demanding Benghazi hearings

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The very hearings he’s been demanding were taking place in his own committee during his press conference.

Is “twink” the new n-word?

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And can you really be oppressed if you’ve never been oppressed?

Cat gets head stuck in box, freed, gets stuck again (video)

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Helpful human intervenes.
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