14 races for gay and trans people to watch today

Chris Geidner of Buzzfeed walks through the 14 elections that gay and trans people should be watching today:

1. PRESIDENT: Obama. Obama expected to win.

2. SENATE: Lesbian US House member Tammy Baldwin running for Senate against GOP former governor Tommy Thompson. Dead heat.

3. HOUSE: Gay US House member Jared Polis, up for re-election. Expected to win.

4. HOUSE: Gay Democratic US Rep. David Cicilline. The race is close.

5. HOUSE: Gay Democrat Sean Patrick Maloney running for US House from NY.

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6. HOUSE: Bi Democrat Kyrsten Sinema running for US House from Arizona.

7. HOUSE: Republican Richard Tisei running for US House from Massachusetts.

8. HOUSE: Gay Democrat Mark Pocan expected to take Tammy Baldwin’s old House seat in Wisconsin.

9. HOUSE: Gay Democrat Mark Takano running for US House from California, Takano slightly favored.

10. WA STATE: Washington State ballot referendum whether to keep gay marriage legislation passed by the legislature earlier this year.  We might not know the results tonight.

11. MARYLAND: Maryland referendum on gay marriage to decide whether to uphold the legislatures passage of marriage equality earlier this year. Very close.

12. MAINE: Maine initiative to legalize gay marriage, we’re ahead 52-45, but it’s still considered close.

13. MINNESOTA: Minnesota amendment to put a gay marriage ban in the state constitution. Close, though PPP shows it 52-48 for us.

14. IOWA: Iowa effort to throw Supreme Court judge David Wiggins off the bench for ruling in favor of marriage equality (because the theocrats don’t like democracy).  The religious right, with the help of the Republicans, has already unseated three other judges who ruled our way.



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2 Responses to “14 races for gay and trans people to watch today”

  1. vejo says:

    Why can people vote for judges in America?

  2. confusion says:

    I was always nervous about risking progressive elections on gay marriage…looks like I was wrong.

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