Were legalizing marijuana and gay marriage on the same day God’s plan?

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Gay marriage was legalized in three states last election day, recreational pot in two. Is there a connection?
Mitt Romney

Bitter: Party of one. Mr. Romney, your table’s ready.

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Romney says Obama won by giving “gifts” to blacks, Latinos, youth. Others call it jobs, education & health care.

Delta terminates musician’s 40-year SkyMiles contract

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Granted, he was earning miles for his cello, but Delta’s own agents let him do it for years.
Papa John's logo

Papa John’s sued for $250 million over cell phone text spam

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Papa John’s CEO John Schnatter may have yet another problem on his hands as customers file a class action suit.
Nancy Pelosi

Nancy Pelosi to run again for Democratic House leader

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After much speculation, Pelosi to run again for House Dem leader, chooses Steve Israel to continue at DCCC.
isolate alone

Dear Texas: Leave, please.

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And take your drinking buddies, Alabama and Mississippi, with you.
Rich 1%

Obama’s Wednesday meeting with CEOs to discuss the “fiscal cliff”

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This is a week of “fiscal cliff” meetings for Obama. Wednesday it’s these CEOs, who have your interest at heart.
Nigerian Christian pilgrim

With religious right’s help, Nigeria trying to ban everything gay

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African country set to pass US religious right-inspired hate bill in ironic effort stop stop western influence.
Rick Perry

Let the South secede

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If Texas wants to go, let it — but make sure it pays us back the billions it took from us first.
fiscal cliff

What is the “fiscal cliff” everyone keeps talking about?

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The fiscal cliff is a big-monied effort to gut Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.

Adorable Yorkie puppy (video)

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Your moment of puppy zen.
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