Anderson Cooper talks Gaydar to Letterman (video)

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The second video is a beautiful one Yale students made for the LGBT alumni reunion next year. It’s lovely.

Romney “shellshocked,” fell for “unskewed” polls and Fox’s “unskewed” News

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Relying on his own pollster, who skewed heavily towards Republicans, Romney was convinced he’d won the election.
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Vatican frets gay marriage will lead to polygamy, frets less over own pedophilia

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The pedophile enablers at the Vatican should clean up their own house of child-rape before throwing stones.
Money politics corruption

2012 election spending topped $6 billion

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“The most expensive election in American history.” Here are some of the big spenders.

Simon & Garfunkel – Homeward Bound, Live 1967

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Simon & Garfunkel from the Monterey International Pop Music Festival, 1967.
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