Reader Pets: Mr. Sullivan, the cat

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“He was the greatest cat – the Winston Churchill of cats.”

Jon Stewart’s election coverage (video)

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Stewart: “Wisconsin elected Tammy Baldwin, the first open-lesbian Senator — sorry, Lindsay Graham.”

First Asian-American woman elected to Senate, Mazie Hirono

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113th Congress will see 20 women Senators, a historic high.
Michael Moore

Michael Moore: Election was “total rebuke of Neanderthal attitudes”

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Michael Moore: “This country has truly changed, and I believe there will be no going back. Hate lost yesterday.”
crying sad baby

Religious right laments end of (their) world

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“Tuesday was a devastating day for pro-family advocates.” Heh heh.

Did the 2012 election put a stake in the heart of GOP extremism?

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Is it time to stick a fork in the religious right and the Rush Limbaugh, Donald Trump types?
tea party

“Shut down” Limbaugh and Trump, GOP’s Steve Schmidt tells “party leaders”

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Schmidt lays down a marker, trying to wrest party control from the billionaires and AFP types.

Will Obama move Supreme Court to the left?

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For the first time in decades, Democrats may be able to re-take control of the now conservative Supreme Court.
furious lady angry

Irate Romney supporter takes to YouTube, hilarity ensues

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LIstening to this rant is the definition of “schadenfreude.” Go ahead, you’ve earned it :)

California’s Franken-food labeling initiative loses badly

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Franken-food won the day yet again on election day, no labeling in California.
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