A wonderful animation of Obama, Michelle, Hillary and Biden

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Mesmerizingly fun.
Mitt Romney concedes

Mitt Romney’s concession speech (video)

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Mitt Romney’s concession speech in the 2012 presidential election.
Lauren Ashburn and Howie Kurtz

Is the media still playing catch-up on last night’s huge gay rights victories?

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Only a bit of ancillary reporting from the media on last night’s huge gay marriage and congressional victories.

Racist Ole Miss students riot over Obama win

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Racist University of Mississippi students shouted racial epithets, burned Obama signs, as police swarmed.

Brokaw blasts banksters angry about Obama win: “Yeah, I don’t have a lot of sympathy for them.”

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“The fact is, they’ve done pretty well in the last four years, all things considered.”

Andy Cobb’s hysterical election coverage from Ohio (video)

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Andy finds multi-hour lines to vote in black neighborhoods and no lines at all in white ones. Imagine that!
Chad Griffin

Gays win marriage in WA State too! HRC’s Chad Griffin on LGBT landslide.

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HRC’s Griffin: “LGBT equality won a landslide victory… nothing short of a pro-equality mandate.”

Marijuana reform had a big night

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Colorado, Washington state and Detroit all legalized recreational marijuana, and Massachusetts approved medical.
Ronald Reagan RIP

Ronald Reagan is Finally Dead

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The voters are no longer falling for the knee-jerk GOP electoral panacea of tax cuts, intolerance, and war.
O'Reilly on Romney losing

The Sad Faces of Fox

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Bill O’Reilly, Sarah Palin, Brit Hume, Laura Ingraham, Karl Rove were sad last night. Here are their faces :)
Karl Rove

Must-watch video: Karl Rove melts down on Fox

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In one of the more pleasurable moments of the campaign, Karl Rove melts down on Fox News over Ohio results.
Obama victory speech

President Obama’s victory speech (video)

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Video of President Obama’s 2012 election victory speech.

Straight and gay, we all won last night

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We’ve gotten, and will get, more under this President than we ever would have gotten under McCain or Romney.
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