OBAMA WINS! Romney reportedly phones Obama to concede.

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FOX: “There is still a thin path for him to get there…”
PA machine won't let vote for Obama

2nd Pennsylvania voting machine won’t let people vote for Obama

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Mysteriously, it wasn’t removed from action until several people’s votes were miscast.

Which states Romney and Obama need to win, what to look for

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Chuck Todd walks through which states each candidate needs, and how to tell who’s having a better night.
swedish-chef-dracula-Thomas Peterffy

Thomas Peterffy, Dracula or the Swedish Chef?

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He grew up in a socialist country, and he sounds like a cross between Dracula and the Swedish Chef.
Nate Silver

Nate Silver, NYT/538 election poll expert, on Stephen Colbert

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Nate did not answer the burning question on everyone’s mind: Is he a witch?

Video: PA voting machine, push “Obama,” get “Romney”

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And the poll watcher, of course, wasn’t concerned.

State-by-state election analysis: Cliff Schecter and Jay Ackroyd on Virtually Speaking

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It’s election day at last. Here’s an excellent state-by-state and race-by-race analysis from Virtually Speaking.

Conservative David Frum: America’s voting system is a disgrace

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“When the polls close in most other democracies, the results are known almost instantly.” Not in America.
Mitt Romney misspells America

Romney “Where to Vote” Web tool broken on election day

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Only latest in online SNAFUs. Earlier today, Romney emails black Democrat telling him to vote tomorrow.

Romney’s plan to steal the election

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Team Romney is reportedly already planning to challenge an Obama electoral, but not popular, vote victory.

Sarah Palin should vote for Obama

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“Alaska received more stimulus dollars per capita than any other state in the nation.” Smells like socialism.
gay peace shutterstock

14 races for gay and trans people to watch today

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Races in the US House, US Senate, Maryland, Minnesota, Maine, Washington State, and Iowa.
Stained glass church religion

1,600 pastors broke law by backing political candidates in sermons

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Many US preachers are tired of the law that prevents them from pushing politics, so they violate it.
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