Romney voters interviewed at a rally: “I see a lot of socialism” (video)

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“He’s a Muslim, he has a Muslim father, that’s his background, and he reads the Koran.”

Cher and Kathy Griffin: Don’t let Mitt turn back time on women

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Kathy Griffin: “This is Cher, bitches. Do what she says.”

Chance to win: Obama 83.7%, Romney 16.3%

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While the national numbers remain close, Obama is still doing better than Romney in enough of the swing states.
Hurricane Sandy NYC floods

Romney rally jokes about Hurricane Sandy flooding NYC

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Artur Davis, who made the joke, was a speaker at the Republican Convention, and is a top Romney surrogate.

California to vote on GMO labeling

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On Tuesday Californians will vote on whether or not GMO products will require clear labeling.
Sam Arora

Sam Arora tries to schmooze the wrong Maryland voter

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Sam Arora: Maryland Delegate, anti-gay bigot, hypocrite, got a well-earned earful from a constituent.
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