The 100th day of the Romney administration (video)

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A look at what the First 100 days of the Romney administration might mean to Americans.
Oil drilling

Romney’s horizontal fibbing on oil drilling

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Yet another last-minute lie from Mitt Romeny, this time about the supposed panacea of horizontal drilling.
marco rubio

Marco Rubio making anti-gay swing-state robocalls to help Romney

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GOP Senator Marco Rubio is doing anti- “gay marriage” robocalls in various swing states in order to help Romney.

A tale of two hurricanes: Obama comforted victims, Bush ate cake

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Hurricane Sandy: Obama comforted victims in NJ. Hurricane Katrina: Bush ate cake in California. Any questions?

Gingrich email: Obama’s gonna win

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An email was sent out to Newt Gingrich’s list yesterday informing subscribers that Romney is going to lose. Oop
Il Giornale

Romney offends another ally: Italy

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Romney’s insult of Italy yesterday made the front page of all the important Italian dailies.
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