Stephen Colbert on Romney’s pledge to abolish FEMA (video)

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“Who better to respond… than the state whose infrastructure has just been swept out to sea?

Touching video: Obama comforts distraught marina owner in NJ

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A touching moment when the President met Donna Vanzant, whose marina was damaged by Hurricane Sandy
JFK Election Message

1962 video of Kennedy urging Americans to vote on Nov. 6

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The video was filmed 3 days after the end of the Cuban Missile Crisis, for the election on Nov. 6, same as ours.

Ryan camp leaks post-election plans that don’t involve being VP

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Sure sign Team Ryan fears they’re going to lose on Tuesday.
African-American senior vote

“Glitch” wipes out 1,000 early votes in black FL neighborhood

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First they said “computer glitch,” now it’s “human error.” Uh huh. Always at the minority polling places.
Elderly Medicare Social Security seniors

Which members of Congress oppose cuts to Social Security, Medicare

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Latest headcount of which members of Congress support “No Cuts” to the safety net after the election.

NYT blasts Romney auto lies, while Ryan backs away from bailout

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“It takes an especially dishonest candidate to simply turn up the volume on a lie and keep repeating it.”

Maryland gay marriage initiative heats up in final days

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Polls are tightening from a significant lead a month ago, but we can still win this with your help.
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