Freaky, the Scary Snowman

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Guy dresses up as as a scary snowman and scares the bejeesus out of people on the street. An all-time fav video.
Home's Christmas lights synchronized to Gangnam Style

Home’s Christmas lights synchronized to Gangnam Style

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It’s actually really cool. I love this kind of stuff. :-)
gay marriage

NV judge: If gays can marry, straights will decide not to, and the human race will die

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Btw, if that’s your bf’s reason for not getting married, HE’S JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU.

Guy who got Romney tattoo on face now wants it removed

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Romney’s comments about Obama voters wanting “gifts” was last straw. (Also got yelled at by strangers, a lot.)
Supreme Court on the day they heard Bush v. Gore (photo by John Aravosis)

“The most significant cases these 9 Justices have ever considered, and probably… will ever decide”

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SCOTUSblog on the Supreme Court’s imminent decision on considering several historic gay marriage cases.
Rick Santelli melts down

CNBC host Rick Santelli melts down on cam over taxing the 1% (video)

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The bridesmaid of the 1% is vewy vewy upset that the President is trying to raise taxes on the rich.
Mitt Romney

Romney would have won if all you stinking homeless people didn’t vote for Obama

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Romney’s campaign manager explains why Mittens lost. Basically, life in America is too easy for black people.
BP Deepwater Horizon oil rig fire

Chevron CEO: Let us drill everywhere, and we’ll hire a million workers

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So long as workers to clean up our oil spills, and lawyers to block our damages, count as “jobs” too.

Whale watching from a canoe (video)

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A father and daughter have an amazing encounter with two whales off the coast 0f Queensland, Australia.

Retiring grocery store owner to give stores to his employees

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He has 3 grocery stories in MN and ND, will soon retire and transfer ownership to his employees.
Hurricane Sandy NYC floods

Scientists confirm sea levels rising 60% faster than projected

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Despite what Fox News claims, the sea levels are rising and the problem is serious.
Stephen Colbert: There is no Santa Claus in Canada

Stephen Colbert: There is no Santa Claus in Canada

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“Why do you think people come from all over the world to live here? Our health care? No. We have Santa.”
Russian police detain a gay rights activist during an attempt to hold the unauthorized gay pride parade on May 28, 2011 in Moscow, Russia. kojoku /

Russia to consider “ban everything gay” law

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For the children, of course. Though I think it’s more for the adults who pine for the old communist dictators.
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