Woman dying of leukemia says TSA humiliated her

Michelle Dunaj is dying from leukemia.  Her doctors have given her three to four months to live.  So she decided to take a once in a lifetime trip to Hawaii, something she’d always wanted to do.  What happened on the way, she says, was inexcusable.

Michelle says a female TSA agent felt her feeding tubes under her shirt and asked her to lift the shirt in front of other passengers. She said she’d rather do it in private. TSA, she says, refused. Then, she says one of the agents carrying one of her saline bags accidentally punctured it.

TSA says she’s a liar.  But you have to wonder why someone with three months to live would lie about something like this. And it’s not like TSA doesn’t have a history of these snafus, like the time TSA reportedly spilled a man’s grandfather’s ashes, and the time TSA allegedly molested a senior citizen. Though my personal favorite is the time TSA just had to frisk that man with the very large thing under his jeans (yes, you guessed it).

And finally, as for the suggestion that the fact that she didn’t complain to TSA, but rather contacted the media, somehow impugns her character, I got news for you. If I’ve only got a few months to live and a government official humiliates me, my first phone call isn’t to a government bureaucrat, so he can stall and run out the clock on me – it’s to the media.

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